Where to Get Free Christmas Gifts for Single Moms

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You shouldn’t have to worry even for a second about where you will get the money to make Christmas extra special this year. We found all the best places where you can get free toys, gifts, money, and more to make Christmas a wonderful celebration.

As a single mom, you are already a superhero, and Christmas is a job for Santa. There are plenty of programs and resources to help you make Christmas extra special for yourself and your children because every child deserves a jolly Christmas.

How to Get Free Toys and Gifts for Christmas

How To Get Free Toys And Gifts For Christmas

These programs and resources would help make life easier for you this Christmas, even if there were financial setbacks you and your family have had to face this year. If you cannot provide the “perfect Christmas,” you can get Christmas assistance.

Thanks to these charitable organizations and businesses, every house has gifts to put under the Christmas tree, making Christmas merry for everyone.

Everybody deserves a jolly Christmas, given the year 2021 has been for the nation. If you don’t think you’ll be able to afford Christmas this year, do not lose hope. Several holiday assistance programs help single or struggling parents by giving free toys, Christmas meals, clothes, and many more to needy families. This is where you can get free toys for Christmas.

Make sure you apply early because these charities receive a flood of applications, especially closer to the festive season, so the sooner you apply, the better.

The Top 10 Charities to Get Help From This Christmas

1. The Salvation Army Angel Tree Program

Offers free toys for children and financial help for paying all your bills. Contact your local Salvation Army office to find out if you are eligible

for the program and contact your local representative to sign up for aid. Click here to find a list of all the local offices.

2. Toys for Tots

Collects thousands of unwrapped toys from donors and distributes them to boys and girls (up to age 16) in need during the holidays.

Apply for your child online by clicking here to select your location and contact a local representative with your toy request.

3. Catholic Churches 

A network of organizations that offer assistance to needy families during Christmas. You can get gifts, toys, children’s clothing, and necessities for your home to make sure you have a joyful Christmas.

If you need help, contact your local Catholic Church.

4. Food Banks

Find a food bank in your community through the “Feeding America” program. Search your zip code to locate and contact your local food bank. You will find a few organizations that offer free toys and presents for Christmas to low-income families.

5. The Freecycle Network

This non-profit organization connects members to give away different items free of charge with people who would like those items. For Christmas, you can get free toys and gifts.

6. Win Free Toys for Kids Online

Win Free Toys For Kids Online

During the festive season, writers on the Internet frequently offer competitions on their sites for toys and other items provided by manufacturers.

Search Sweepstakes for Christmas giveaways or giveaways with specific toys and gifts. It can be time-consuming, and you will be required to share your personal information. Giveaways generally don’t have many entries, so the chances of winning are high.

7. Social Media Contests 

Find toys you believe your child would like, like, and follow the companies on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Frequently visit their pages to see any contests around the festive season and apply.

8. The USPS Operation Santa Program

The Operation Santa program grants children their Christmas wishes. Post office employees open all mailed letters to Santa and sort out those from children in need. Letters are copied and personal information removed. These are then made available for the community members who can pick up letters at participating post offices to fulfill the children’s Christmas wishes.


National organization YMCA has local branches that host toy drives each holiday season. YMCA is a great place to start looking in your community for holiday help. Find your local branch by entering your zip code on the main page.

Requirements for qualifying for the free toys vary depending on the branch. In general, you’ll need to demonstrate that your family is in a difficult financial situation. Age requirements for kids also vary based on the location.

10. Urban League

The Urban League adopts over 300 families during the holiday season. These families receive numerous boxes containing bed linens, clothing, shoes, appliances, etc. Families also receive gift certificates and financial aid. So this is the perfect place to look if you need overall holiday assistance more than free toys.

Once you’ve sorted out the Christmas gifts, you may also want to look through the different food assistance programs to help you these holidays. You can contact your local food bank to apply for a Christmas food box or apply with the Salvation Army Food Pantries, which helps families throughout the year and during the Christmas season. Your family also deserves a warm and hearty Christmas meal.

If you need help finding free toys or gifts for the 2021 holidays, we are sure that this will help you. Most of these programs operate at Christmas and Thanksgiving, so make sure you make use of them this year!

Remember to enjoy Christmas. Spending time with you is all your children will really remember forever. Make this Christmas a memorable one for you and your family.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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