Help for Single Mothers in Vermont

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Vermont’s single mothers are no different than those in other states of the United States. Most single mothers’ primary concern is raising their children, which is why most of the help and guidance they receive goes toward them. Vermont has designed programs to help single mothers achieve self-sufficiency.

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)

Vermont is one of 26 states in the United States who have added their own EITC to the federal program. Vermont’s government has “Piggy Banked” federal EITC by adding a 32% credit to the state, which is the most any state could offer. This federal/state-funded program, with the right management, has helped families gain enough to meet their needs. 

To be eligible for this program, applicants must earn less than $ 44 648. Families with at least 2 children living in Vermont who qualify for the Vermont EITC are automatically eligible for food benefits. Click the online portal for an application for Earned Income Tax Credit.

Reach Up

Reach Up is Vermont’s version of the “welfare to work” program. It is designed to assist families by providing cash assistance in order to allow them to meet their basic needs, and eventually achieve self-sufficiency. Before enrolling in the program, you will be asked to provide information about your income, assets, living expenses, and ability to work. 

Families with three children could also be required to receive monthly grants of up to $64. Single mothers who have a child younger than 6 years old are automatically eligible, but they are required to work 20 hours per week after approval. Visit the “My Benefits” online portal for more information.


It is also called the Vermont Food Stamp Program. The program was created to help qualified individuals afford a nutritious, healthy diet. The children born to families that qualify for the program receive free school meals. This program is based on your family size, income, and expenses. 

This program provides $355 per month for a family of three. All eligible applicants receive an EBT card, which they call the Vermont Express. It allows them to use their food stamps. The card can be used at any approved farmer’s market or grocery store. Check out Vermont 3Squaresvt Program to apply.


This is an insurance program for families with low incomes in Vermont. Vermont’s Medicaid program is sometimes referred to as “the green mountains care” due to its ability to cover a wide range of people living in the state. As it stands, the state is expanding its Medicaid program. This means that many uninsured adult adults aged 19-64 that fall into the 133% FPL category are automatically eligible for the program. Visit Medicaid in Vermont to apply.

Fuel Assistance Program

The Home Heating Assistance Program is another name for this program, which assists qualified individuals to pay a portion of their home heating bills. The way the program is designed, low-income earners are given special privileges. Participants must meet the FPL guidelines of 185% to be eligible for the program. 

Families who qualify can expect to receive $543 or even more, depending on their eligibility. This program is open to interested participants during the winter months, which usually begins in November. For more information, you can call 1-800-479-6151 or visit the Fuel Assistance Program online platform to learn how to apply.

Rental Assistance Program

This program offers rental subsidies to assist families, particularly low-income ones, in finding a decent, comfortable house. The Vermont government will cover the difference between 30% and their income for the participating families. 

Those interested in the program must meet the FPL guidelines. The targeted groups include disabled people, children, and the elderly. The Vermont Rental Assistance Program is available to those who meet the FPL guidelines. This program targets the disabled, children, and the elderly.

Unemployment Insurance

The program’s purpose is to provide workers with a temporary replacement for lost wages. To qualify, beneficiaries must prove that they are not responsible for the wage loss. Unfortunately, this program will never be permanent.

Participants must have worked for Vermont for a minimum of 18 months to be eligible. The maximum benefit per week is $458. For more information on this program and to apply, please visit the Portal of Vermont claimant or call 1-877-214-3330.

Incentive Grant

This program provides grants to residents who are enrolled in a postsecondary institution that participates in the federal Pell Grant Program. The amount of financial assistance that participants will receive depends on their assessed needs. The minimum grant currently ranges between $1000-$12200. Please note that the grant is only available to Vermont residents. Visit Incentive Grant in Vermont for an application.

Vermont Dr. Dynasaur (SCHIP)

Dr. Dynasaur, a program in Vermont, offers low-cost and affordable health insurance to uninsured Vermont children from birth up to age 18. Dr. Dynasaur also offers coverage to pregnant women.

The benefits include doctor visits, prescription medications, dental and vision care, immunizations, and services specifically for pregnant women, such as laboratory work, tests, and prenatal vitamins, among others. Pregnant women may pay up to $15 per month in premiums. Families with kids can pay up to $60 per month. There are no copayments, deductibles, or copayments.

Vermont Lifeline

From November 1, 2017, you will no longer be eligible to use Reach Up or Fuel Assistance to prove your Lifeline eligibility. The Vermont program allows low-income Vermonters to receive a reduction of up to $13 on their monthly phone bills. Credits appear on each recipient’s monthly bill.

You may be automatically eligible for this program if you qualify for any other government benefits. The income criteria for eligibility may also change year-to-year.

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Bottom Line: Help For Single Mothers In Vermont

There is a big variety to choose from when it comes to asking for assistance. The federal government and nonprofits work hard to support the community they are in, the best that they can. To learn more about other assistance offered to help single mothers in the state of Vermont, visit these articles:

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