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One’s life can be severely affected by experiencing homelessness. They are more than just losing their home. Single mothers who are homeless worry constantly about their children’s safety and future. Many agencies offer a variety of ways to help. Many rental assistance services include counseling, case management and food assistance. We will be discussing a few such Arizona organizations and the requirements for eligibility to these rent assistance program.

A New Leaf’s Rapid Re-Housing Program (RRH) 

RRH offers housing solutions to homeless families with young children, single men, and minor-aged kids. The program’s goal is to help households become self-sufficient. These programs provide support services and temporary case management. Participants can use this assistance to solve their problems and maintain long-term housing stability. Each month the assistance is reviewed. The individual’s eligibility to the program will depend on their needs and progress toward self-sufficiency in rent and utilities.

Community Legal Services, Inc.

These legal services are available to single mothers with low incomes to help them protect their health and livelihoods. Citizens can access civil legal aid, which includes legal representation and assistance as well as court-based services, mutual assistance centers, free legal clinics, pro-bono assistance and access to online material and forms to help them navigate complicated legal proceedings.

Community Legal Services Inc

UMOM Offers Rent Assistance In Arizona

The UMOM New Day Center, a non-profit organization, offers affordable housing and shelter services for individuals and families who are homeless. This shelter offers a variety of programs and activities that act as barriers to substance abuse, medical conditions, and violence, which can otherwise occur when someone is homeless.

Community Home Repair (CHR)

This non-profit organization aims to provide rent assistance for homeowners in home improvements in Arizona. This includes repairs like roof repair, heating or cooling repairs and replacements as well as gas, water, drain plumbing, electrical repairs, and doors and windows. CHR aims to use all its resources to support the safety and health of beneficiaries. The programs aid low-income homeowners and single mothers who urgently require assistance. They also aim to make it possible for people to live comfortably in their own homes. Income guidelines must be met by applicants:

  1. Assume sole ownership of the property they own
  2. Submit an application to the service
  3. For this assistance, one must also verify income by submitting Social Security award letters, pay slips and direct-deposit bank statements.

The Interfaith Community Services (ICS) 

The Interfaith Community Services Ics

They provide financial assistance for individuals and families. The financial aid provide necessities for single mothers in crisis while they attempt to get back on their feet and become independent again. You can use the Emergency Financial Aid to pay for housing, utilities, medication, and short-term case management. A crisis can be caused by a loss of employment, an injury or illness, or during the waiting period to receive other forms of public assistance. ICS financial assistance also offers counselors who can work with applicants one-on-one to help identify obstacles to sustainability and create goals for change.

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