New-Mom Playlist: Songs for Baby Boy from Mother

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Songs for baby boy from mother help express their feelings, and listening to these songs makes them feel heard. It’s nice to find a song that you can relate to, or a song that makes you feel like you can sing it to someone because you feel like it can express what you feel.

Songs for Baby Boy from Mother

songs for baby boy from mother

Sweet Baby James

Song by: James Taylor

Released date: 1970

A lullaby song about a young cowboy as his life revolves around working, and sleeping. This song was dedicated to his nephew, James.

Forever Young

Song by: Rod Stewart

Released date: 1988

Music Album: Out of Order

Just the Two of Us

Song by: Will Smith

Released date: 1997

Music Album:  Big Willie Style

A song that focuses on the relationship between a father and his son. This song was inspired by the song with the same title by Bill Withers and Grover Washington Jr., which is a love song.

Along Came You

Song by: Gloria Estefan

Released date: 1996

Music Album: Destiny

A song about how a parent thought they knew everything, and they thought they knew what love is. However, the parent becomes in awe when they meet their child because they realize they didn’t know everything until they met their child.

Pony Boy

Song by: Bruce Springsteen 

Released date: 1992

Music Album: Human Touch

As a young boy, Bruce’s grandmother would sing him “My Pony Boy”, a popular song dating back to 1909.

Little Star

Song by: Madonna

Music Album: Ray of Light

Released date: 1998

This song is about her daughter and she sang it pouring her heart into it.

Baby, Baby

Song by: Amy Grant

Music Album: Heart in Motion

Released date: 1991

This song came out when Amy Grant had young children at home and was still learning to balance the life of a pop star with being a mom.

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