Free mattresses and free beds for single mothers and low-income families

Free Beds And Mattresses For Low-Income Families

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Furniture Assistance for Low-Income...
Furniture Assistance for Low-Income Families

Many places give away free beds or mattresses for low-income families, and if they cannot give them to you for free, they will provide you with outstanding discounts so that you can afford the beds.

You may have a job, but your monthly income is too low for you to afford some essentials due to circumstances. As you can imagine, many of the free beds and low-income families programs run by charities and assistance programs have requirements that need to be met.

Also, at the end of this article, we show you some places you can find free beds and mattresses near you!

Free Beds And Mattresses

Why is free furniture donated to low-income families?

People donate furniture to charities and organizations either because they want to do goodwill or because they don’t need their furniture anymore for whatever reason. These charities and organizations donate furniture to low-income families and individuals to provide what they need and cannot afford. 

Here are some examples of people who need this kind of support:

  • The program of rebuilding families after natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc., benefit from these charities and federal grants to assist families.
  • Disabled people, veterans, and senior citizens also get free furniture based on their individual needs.
  • A family which requires furniture for their new or existing home.
  • Low-income parents, single fathers, and single mothers can get free furniture for their newborn babies.
  • Immigrants and unemployed people also get help from such organizations and charities.

Get free beds and mattresses for low-income families

Numerous non-profit organizations provide free beds and mattresses for low-income families to those families who face financial crises. Some of them are listed below provides free mattress for low income:

St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store

Go and get furniture for your place for free from St. Vincent De Paul Thrift Store. Here your dream comes true to have a place where you can happily live, eat, and sleep with facilities.  

All the applications must meet the eligibility criteria to get free beds for low-income families. 

The applicant can be a person, family, or senior citizen with a money crisis or can have an emergency for the need for furniture. 

Also, you have to apply for low-income family furniture vouchers. And in return, according to your needs, you will get a free sofa, table, chair, free mattress for low income, and couches.

Furniture For Families

As a Free furniture applicant, families or individuals need to go through the screening process. The Human or Social service agency does it by using the FFF Referral Form. 

After that, you provide the FFF number. You have to give it to the caseworker. And if you are eligible for their free beds for low-income families program, you would be awarded a brand new bed.

Love Inc.

Love Inc. works with the local groups. With the help of people, they offer free beds for low-income families who don’t have them. Even, they also offer free food and transportation to needy ones. 

Other than that, if you do not have a table and chair in your house, you can get it provided if you are ready to pay for the one-time household repairs — the eligibility checks with the clearinghouse phone center by Love Inc.


Beds4Kids is a privately owned charity, and they offer a mattress for free. They help adults and children get a free bed under the free beds for low-income families program. 

As an applicant, you need to submit your photo ID compulsory. They serve based on a first-come, first-serve. 

Plus, it is a self-serve program that means you have to carry, lift, or transport your set of free mattresses by yourself. They do not provide any transportation service. 

For each household, you can get a maximum of three sets of mattresses. It means you can take a single also. The program runs Monday to Friday. 

The timings are from 10 AM to 5 PM. Connect with the organization via Facebook and get all the latest updates.

Cribs for Kids

Cribs for kids provide you with a Graco pack and play crib, which is portable. You have first to qualify to get a portable crib for your kid. The office is at 457 State Street in Binghamton, New York. 

You can call them or visit them to get more information. The organization aims to prevent the sleeping death of children by providing free beds for low-income families and to those who can’t afford it. 

Even parents have to know that how important safe sleep is. Once you call them on 1-800-231-0744 or send the request to [email protected], you will get a reply that stated the qualification to apply to the program. 

If you are fulfilling it, then you will get a free crib for your child.

Samaritan House

Samaritan House is headquartered in Binghamton, New York. They offer free furniture and other stuff for free to children. If you are facing issues getting residence proof or ID, they even offer support for such people. Under this program, they do not give large appliances and furnishing like stoves, refrigerators, dryers, etc.

You can ask for help once in six months with the furniture. Possibly, you will get your free bed provided under their free beds for low-income families program.

Non-Profits Organizations

NPOs and charities are a good source to get free beds for low-income families. The majority of NPOs have a website, whereas some operate offline. Some online charities include Freecycle or Free share. You can get help with various services, including furniture assistance for low-income families.

Some famous charities that provide free beds for low-income families are United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Salvation Army, and Goodwill. National Furniture Bank Association focuses on furniture vouchers for low-income families only.  They have many branches in many cities all over the United States.

How can I get free beds and mattresses near me?

Flea Market with free beds near me
You can find free beds near your place!
  • Flea markets
  • Hotels and apartments
  • Thrift shops and furniture stores


It is all about a free bed or mattress for low-income families. It is tough to decide and pick one thing for the home when you have a money crisis. Apart from furniture, you have to cover many other primary needs of family members like food, health, education, etc. But it does not mean that you can’t get a comfortable life. If you really struggle with your mattress, as a temporary solution, you can also soften your old mattress with a mattress topper.

There are many charities, NGOs, and other government programs that are always ready to help for free beds for low-income families in all possible ways.  From such a known organization, you can get free beds for low-income families, or even housing grants, free laptops, free gas, free cars, etc. What it needs is proper documents and eligibility according to criteria. If you have both, then you will surely receive help from such groups and organizations.

12 thoughts on “Free Beds And Mattresses For Low-Income Families”

  1. My name is karrie Nash and I stay in a monthly. Motel in Las Vegas and and am in very much need of a mattress for my bed and have been patient with the manager to give me a new one and have been waiting for 3 months and I have sickle cell and sever pain each day.please can someone help phone number is 9166404607

  2. I roll off my mattress in the morning, every bone in my body feels broken, on a bad morning I can’t bend down. been me I thought it was medical problems, then this morning I realized I’d been sleeping on a mattress on the floor for years and now my body’s done, how do I go back to not waking up feeling like a bus just hit me ? I’m so relived I now know my aches and pains are not serious, but where do I sleep tonight ? on the couch ? I can’t sleep for another night and wake up like that now I know !!!!!!!!

  3. Evella jackson

    So how do I sign up cause me and my children need at least 1 full size and 1 king size mattress and bedspring

  4. We are disabled and are seniors. Our mattress is over 30 years old & I’ve had to place boards under the dents in the mattress so our back pain is a bit less when we wake up. Don’t want/need anything fancy but due to my back & neck injuries I do need to try it out please. Spring/foam combination. We have no way to bring or lift one. My husband is in a walker diabetes heart disease age 70 I’ll be 68 soon
    We can’t lift one. Big Lots doesn’t allow returns if after a couple nights I awake in pain having bought the wrong type. We can’t afford monthly payments or delivery fees. We are good people. Our rent keeps going up. Please if you know how we can please freeze or lower it cam you please let us know who can assist us. Clark County residents. Our apartment has grass for my 12 month old puppy I’m trying to train to be my 2nd licensed medical assistance dog to alert to my migraine onset, psychdog,. My first assistance dog also alerted my husband when his blood levels were off. Diabetes heart disease. We need help to feed hee too. 2 bags a month 12 ounces 10 cans dog good vegetables. I haven’t eaten beef in a year it’s too expensive for me to buy. Ww stay inside go to doctor appointments, pharmacy, markets for food can’t afford gas. Please I would like to know where I can find coupons for these things please. We don’t have a couch in our apartment and we’d like to know where we might be able to maybe rent or find a free one but we don’t have access to a truck. We can’t lift it either. A used or plastic Target-like dresser for my clothes. A used small desk & chair hopefully has a few drawers for records, etc. A uses or clearance store like lamp.. a used slender stand for cd’s. About 18″ wide bookshelf 9′ tall my books or a bit larger for the living room. If you know where I might find a 2nd used dresser but we have no access to a truck. I’m very sorry. My husband is bedroom I’m disabled but am his caregiver
    Can you please let me know how coupons work where to find them. Ikea dented or damaged furniture, bedding, towels, kitchen items,. A bed for my young dog, 12 mo old
    If you know of someone who can help me train my dog not to pull on leash & stop barking no professional needed or maybe a non profit dog group to help seniors low income family and help pay for Parr of her food or Authority dog food please
    Buy most of all we need a queen size mattress a box spring if possible. Thank you so much for your time and patience.

    1. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

      Hi Becky,

      We are really sorry to know about your situation. So, for low-cost/free dog training, you may consider We also have information about diabetic grants: For free furniture vouchers:, or you can visit thrift store.
      There are even programs for cars: as some charities like 1-800-Charity Cars ( gives away 9000 cars/year.

      We cannot help with direct reference as we don’t have such services or expertises so we really hope these information helps.

  5. Mishka Williams

    Hi I live in Niagara falls, and have a bed bug problem and wanted help with beds for my kids, or if you can lead me to a program that can help me please, cause Ontario works can’t help me.

    1. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

      Hi Mishka,

      Sorry for the late reply. These programs are for US citizens. If you are living in Canada, we suggest you can try as they have the free beds program for “legal guardian of the child or children ages 3-17 years old”. We cannot guarantee anything but we hope this information helps.

    1. Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

      Hi Christina, for the free beds/mattresses, we attached the link directed to the organisation provided these supports. Please visit their website and they have guidelines for application. For example: will lead you direct to the application page. Hope this helps! All the best to you and your kids, Christina!

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