Free Laptops For Students From Low-Income Families

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Laptops are an essential tool for students. Students use laptops to complete various activities, from conducting research, submitting assignments on student platforms and many other academic activities. Especially since 2020, after almost the entire world experienced almost a global lockdown. College students had to continue their studies online by attending virtual classes on digital platforms like Zoom. However, this does not mean all students can afford to buy laptops. Well, the good news is there are many ways students from a low-income family can get free laptops.


Why Students Need A Laptop Nowaday?

To this day, a lot of lessons remain online. Some universities and colleges only offer online courses. In this case, having a laptop is a necessity. Laptops also provide students with the freedom of getting their work done at any time from anywhere, which is essential if you are a student with a part-time job. 

A good device is a must-have, especially for those who don’t pay for essay online on EssayHub and should complete their academic assignments themselves. A laptop should have a good display, a convenient keyboard, and many other things that will not derail the progress.

As a student, it can be challenging to keep up with your educational expenses, like your tuition fees, textbooks, and many other academic costs. So how will you be able to afford a laptop? They are certainly not the most affordable items and not in a student’s budget range. So how are you expected to manage this? 

How To Get Free Laptops As Students From Low-Income Families?

Many options are great because if you do not qualify for one, that does not mean you are entirely out of luck! 

The options include:

  • Applying for a laptop from the government directly or from a non-profit organization, 
  • Getting in touch with government organizations, 
  • Making a list of universities or colleges that give you a free laptop when you join their campus. 

This article also includes alternative options for getting a laptop if the ways listed above are not suited for you. 

Keep in mind to contact your local authorities before accepting a free laptop from any of the organizations listed below, as this may affect your government assistance benefits. 

Free Laptops From The Government For Students 

You do have the option of applying for a free laptop from the government. However, they are pretty strict with their eligibility criteria. This is because they want to help the low-income families that need a computer the most. 

Eligibility criteria:

  • US citizenship
  • A valid proof of ID
  • Proof of address
  • You will need to prove that you have a low-income status using a Tax Return document or your salary slip. 

If you are worried that you may not qualify for this option, don’t worry! There are plenty more options that we have included below which may be better suited to your needs. 

11 Organizations That Help Get Free Laptops As Students

With Causes Charitable Organization  

With Causes Charitable Organization has many initiatives to help people in need. One of their initiatives includes providing laptops and computers to people who can’t afford them. They do this by providing students with donated laptops. You will need to submit an online application to determine if you qualify for their program. 

Free Laptops for Students
There are free laptops for students in low-income families!

Eligibility Requirements:

  • From a low-income family
  • A veteran or a member of the military 
  • Live in a women’s shelter for women who are survivors of abuse

Visit the With Causes Charitable Organization website for more information about their laptop program. 

Computers with Causes

Although the names are very similar, Computer with Causes is a different organization than With Causes Charitable Organization. This organization only focuses on supplying laptops and computers to those in need. They have a reasonably strict application process consisting of a background and reference checks. This ensures that they help people who need assistance the most. 

You can go ahead and begin your application process online. However, you will first need to fill out basic contact information and include why you need a laptop. The organization states that they will get back in touch with you. But, this can take a bit of time as they have many computer requests with a low amount of volunteers to help them out. 

If you would like to start your application process today, visit the Computer with Causes website. is entirely a non-profit organization that uses an online platform to provide those in need with free items. The organization aims to keep things out of landfills by donating them to people who could make use of them.

Currently, the site has over 9000 members and over 5000 local towns; it is a very community-orientated online platform worth checking out. To find a free laptop, all you will need to do is become a member, a free process, and search for a computer. As a member, you can also request when you need an item and wait for another member to respond to your request. If you are not comfortable with having a background check done, this may be the best option for you to get a free laptop as a student!

To become a member, visit the website.

Computers 4 Kids

Computers 4 Kids is a non-profit organization that provides computers to people in need who are in Los Angels and the Orange County area. The laptops and computers donated by the organization are ones that they receive from individuals or companies that no longer use them.

The organization refurbishes the donated items for the use of those who need them. Suppose you can’t renovate the granted things. In that case, the organization sends these items to a recycling facility. The organization aims to build a computer lab to benefit from a better education. 

For more information on their program, visit the Computers 4 Kids website.

World Computer Exchange 

The organization works with governments, NGOs, schools, and libraries to provide free or refurbished computers and laptops to those in need. To receive a free laptop from World Computer Exchange, you will need to contact them and submit a request. 

When submitting a request to the organization, you will need to explain your condition and why you require a laptop. If the organization believes that you are genuinely in need, they will send a free laptop to you. To find out more information, you can find their partners. 

It is crucial to keep in mind that the World Computer Exchange organization’s main aim is to help developing countries. However, it is still worth a try to submit a request. 

Visit the World Computer Exchange website for more information. 


This program is available from the government throughout different states. It will be under various names, but the program offered is the same. The programs aim to provide low-income families with a free laptop. There are different criteria requests for eligibility through the various states. In California, you will need to have an income that is less than $45000 to qualify for this program. 

For more information, visit the Smartriverside website. 

Accelerated School Program 

Accelerated School Program allows you to get a laptop on a loan basis. The program aims to help low-income families by giving them access to laptops for furthering their education. 

To take part in this program, you will need to apply through the government for a free laptop. Then you will need to deposit $100 to get a computer on a loan basis. As long as you return the laptop to the program in the condition that you received it, you will get back your $100 deposit. The program can also help you access the internet, which is a must for a student in need of a laptop! 

Visit the Accelerated School Program website to check out more information or contact them at 1800-724-6653. 

Technology for the Future

The non-profit organization has partnered with different organizations and families across America and Canada. The organization aims to help students in need access resources needed to be successful in the 21st century. Specifically resources like laptops that are necessary to complete their education. 

To participate in this program, you will need to email the organization at to find out how you can apply. 

For more information, visit the Technology for the Future website. 

The On It Foundation

The On It Foundation understands the importance of students having the technology to have a successful future. The belief that it is unfair that students who do not have access to technology are at a disadvantage of excelling in their education. The organization has provided students from grades K-12 in need with 2000 free laptops so far and 7500 hours of computer training! (WOW!)

You will need your parent or guardian to apply for a computer for you. They will need to provide contact information, and they will need to sign ‘The Letter of Request‘ and a statement from your school to get a free laptop. Your parent or guardian can either mail the letter or email it to the organization. 

Visit The On It Foundation website for more information. 

Alliance for Technology and Refurbishing and Reuse 

Alliance for Technology and Refurbishing and Reuse has a straightforward goal: to provide people in need with laptops. The organization provides you with a ‘Map Locator‘ on their website, which you can use to find a computer. However, not all laptops will be free, but they provide affordable options worth checking out. 

Visit the Alliance for Technology and Refurbishing and Reuse website for more information.

The organization aims to improve the education of those in need by offering maximum help to students, parents, and teachers with the necessary resources like a free laptop. Besides providing refurbished laptops to individuals in need, Cfy.Org also offers free internet packages and learning software. These users have access to a free IT helpdesk.  

To find out more information, visit the Cfy.Org website. 

Alternative Organizations to Contact for a Free Laptop as a Student

Contact your local Goodwill 

Goodwill is well-known for helping those in need. Get in touch with them to see if they can help you get a laptop for yourself. 

Visit their website to get in touch with Goodwill in your area. 

Contact the Department of Social and Health Services 

If you are having trouble applying or are unsure which program will best suit your needs, get in touch with the Department of Social and Health Services. The Department can help you connect with local organizations that can help you get a laptop. 

Visit the Department of Social and Health Services website to get in touch with them.  

7 Colleges that Offer Free Laptops for Students 

But wait, are these laptops free? What’s the catch? 

Yes, these laptops are usually free for the students. These colleges can do this as it comes out of technology grants which allow the colleges to get digital devices like laptops for free. However, universities may offer a laptop labeled as free to their students in some cases. But, it’s still part of the tuition fees that you pay over time.

You may be thinking, ‘How am I supposed to pay for these expensive college tuition fees when I’m having trouble getting my hands on a laptop?!’ 

Well, these universities and colleges do offer financial aid, so all you will need to do is a little research and find the best one suited for you. 

Check out these 7 universities and colleges that offer free laptops for their students.

Chatham University 

Based in Pittsburgh, Chatham University is a top-ranked university for student support. They provide their students with free laptops. Laptops are an essential tool in the university as they try to integrate technology into their instruction. The Chatham University’s free laptop for college students provides free laptops to new first-year students with a MacBook Air.

The free laptop comes with free repair services, a warranty for theft or damage, and a backup laptop with the university’s logo on it. Sadly, undergraduate students do not qualify for free laptops. Still, the university does offer financial aid to help students who are unable to afford them. 

For more information about their free laptops, visit the Chatham University website. 

Rochester University 

The university had been the first university in Michigan to offer a free MacBook to their students back in 2008. The university-based Rochester Hill, Michigan, has a very generous free laptop program worth considering.

 All first-time freshman students and transfer students with a minimum of 29 transfer credits qualify to choose between having a MacBook Pro or an iPad, which is not even the best part. As long as the students complete all 6 semesters, they are allowed to keep their MacBook Pro or iPad! (NOW THAT IS GENEROUS!) 

For more information about this generous program, visit the Rochester University website. 

Wake Forest University 

Based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, this university offers the Wake Forest University Technology Grant program. This program aims to aid students in need of financial help by providing these students with free laptops. However, not all students qualify for this program, only students with merit scholarships, need-based aid, or athletic scholarships. It is only for students in need of financial assistance. 

However, the students who may not qualify for the Wake Forest University Technology Grant program will still be able to get a discount on their WakeWear device. The deal includes tech repair services and insurance, which goes to the students who qualify for a free laptop from the university. 

For more information about the university’s program, visit the Wake Forest University website. 

Moravian College 

Founded in 1742, Moravian College is one of the oldest colleges in America. Despite being one of the oldest colleges, it is a very technologically forward institution. The college has now moved towards a more technologically based learning approach. Both the university’s faculty and students are encouraged to use technology. 

The university has an All-Apple initiative which means all their technology is mainly Apply products. The All-Apple initiative helps the university promote its mission for more collaboration between its students and its faculty. The university offers all their new freshman students a MacBook Pro and an iPad! 

For more information about the All-Apple initiative, visit the Moravian College website. 

Stevens Henager College 

Stevens Henager College provides their undergraduate students with laptops during the time as students at their college. It lets its students keep their devices once they have graduated. The college has chosen to offer this to remove the financial burden for some students. The students in their School of Graphics Art receive a MacBook to use during their time. 

Visit the Stevens Henager College website for more information.

Seton Hill University 

The university offers free MacBooks to all their full-time undergraduate students through their Mobile Learning @ The Hill Program. They are well-known for being a fully Apple campus due to its partnership with Apple and offers its students on-campus AppleCare support.  

For more information, visit the Seaton Hill University Website. 

St. John’s University-New York 

St. John’s University believes that all students deserve equal rights. They started the St. John’s University Academic Initiative (ACI) with that belief in mind. The university aims to try to make university affordable for all students from various economic backgrounds with this initiative. The university wants to provide the youth who come from complex backgrounds with education to build a better life for themselves. 

The ACI is a laptop program that provides laptops to freshman and transfer students that want laptops. Every student that chooses to participate in the ACI program will receive a computer, repair and teach support, a loaner laptop if their one breaks, and a warranty. However, the university does state that the laptop will be added as a small fee to the student’s tuition fees. 

For more information about this program, visit the St. John’s University website.

It may also be worth checking out The Open Education Database; the database has tons of online colleges listed that provide students with free tech devices like laptops.

Alternatives Options Of Getting Free Laptops As Students 

The options of getting your hands on a free laptop do not end there! There are plenty more courses of action that you can take to get yourself a free laptop. All it will take is some initiative on your part and a little research. We have listed some alternative options that you can try below. 

  • Keep an eye out for discounted laptops. Some websites will help you find the best-discounted websites out there. It may not be free, but it could be your best option. Some stores that offer well-discounted include; eBay, Amazon, Dell Refurbished, Facebook Marketplace, and there are many more. 
  • Earn gift cards that could help you pay for a laptop; you can win gift cards like these on the reward website. It is worth checking out. 
  • Take part in free giveaways; there are plenty of free giveaways online. However, it is vital to make sure that you enter a legit competition. 

Keep in mind

Be extra careful when looking for a free laptop as a student online. There are a lot of scams out there, so be cautious. Good luck, you will find a laptop for yourself. DON’T GIVE UP!

Moreover, from such known organizations, you can get free beds, or even housing grants, free laptops, free gas, free cars, etc., for low-income families.

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