Popular Charities That Help Single Moms

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Single mother life can be tough. It can be extremely difficult to care for your child while also dealing with the stress of being the sole caregiver. There are so many popular charities that can help single mothers when it is difficult. These are just a few examples of such groups.

General Help Charities

Helping Hands

This charity is based in Phoenix and Dallas. Its primary mission is to assist single mothers achieve financial independence. They help single mothers who are enrolled in college to achieve financial freedom.

  • Unrestricted scholarship money
  • Emergency funds
  • Professionals
  • Single Moms support group
  • Dental, medical, and eyecare help
  • Vehicle repair assistance
  • Legal counsel
  • Budget management tips

Community Action Organizations 

The CAO is one of the popular charities that is responsible for helping families in crisis with everything, from job training to utility bill assistance. You can find one close to you by visiting their website.

American Red Cross 

The American Red Cross provides support to military families, assists with utility costs, and aids individuals in times of emergency. You can find the nearest chapter to get in touch with them.

Modest Needs

Many families live below the poverty line and therefore are not eligible to receive government assistance. These grants are short-term, and you can use them to pay off debts. These grants are from creditors directly for the benefit of the families.

Single mothers can get help with their bills from Modest Needs, including regular monthly bills, healthcare expenses, funeral expenses, and household appliances. They also have the option to assist with irregular monthly bills like vehicle and home repairs.

Like other charities that assist single mothers with their bills, Modest Needs eligibility requirements depend on where you live. All applicants must be employed and have a minimum of one year’s income. Your household must also have at least one bank account and have filed a tax return within the last two years. You will need access to a scanner and fax machine in order to scan and upload supporting documentation.

Catholic Charity 

Another example of popular charities is the Catholic Charity. Over 3,000 Catholic Charity offices are available to provide financial assistance. They assist families with their utility bills and energy bills, regardless of their backgrounds. There are many types of funds that can be used. They vary from one state to the next. This web page will help you locate a local office.

Food and Meals Charities

Feeding America 

Feeding America has a presence in every state. They provide food for single mothers in need. For more information, call (800) 772-2303. Feeding America already has more than 200 food banks and over 60,000 food pantries across the country as of the time this article was written.

These food banks are not available to single mothers. It’s clear that these food banks have been a tremendous help to parents struggling to feed their families.

No Kid Hungry 

This Organization is dedicated to ending America’s child hunger. They collaborate to provide food for children during summer months via various food banks and other programs. Call (800) 969-4767 for more information.

Shelter and Housing Charities

Mercy Housing

Another in the list of popular charities is Mercy Housing. It provides low-cost housing for seniors, single mothers, the disabled, and families with low incomes. You can find one near you by visiting the website or calling (303) 830-3300. Mercy Housing has regional offices across the US and is a leader in the fight against homelessness. Women, including single mothers, account for more than 60% of the adult residents in their transitional housing.

This charity takes a holistic approach to ending homelessness. They offer housing assistance, but also programs that empower the homeless to turn their lives around.

National Coalition for the Homeless 

This group is made up of charities, organizations, and groups that all work together to help single mothers who need housing information. They can help those who are fighting eviction and anyone looking for temporary housing or emergency shelter. Contact them at (202) 462-4822. 

The National Coalition for the Homeless does not provide support for single mothers, unlike many charities on the list. They are however leading the charge to raise awareness about homelessness. Their research and studies helped to create better policies to address homelessness. They also offer resources to homeless people on how to get help.

Bridge of Hope

Bridge of Hope is committed to helping the homeless. They collaborate with churches and other religious organizations to prevent families from being evicted and foreclosed. The Bridge of Hope Neighborhood of support is a long-term solution to homelessness. It lasts anywhere from a year and a half to two years.

This is to allow families the time and space to plan for long-term change. You must be homeless or very close to being evicted to qualify.

Fellowship Housing

Fellowship Housing is a program that helps single mothers in crisis who face foreclosure or eviction. It is located in Chicago but similar programs can be found all over the country.

Medical and Dental Care Charities

Children’s Health Fund 

Children’s Health Fund provides free healthcare for children in America who are medically underserved. They can help you with costs and services, regardless of your ability to pay. You can reach them by calling (212 535-9400).

Dispensary of Hope 

The Dispensary of Hope helps those who cannot afford to buy prescriptions to obtain them at a fraction of the cost. Instead of drugs being wasted, manufacturers donate them. Manufacturers give doctors more samples, while pharmacies receive the medications they need to provide care to patients who are in dire need. Call (888) 428 HOPE for more information.

Financial Counseling Charities

GreenPath Debt Solutions 

GreenPath Debt Solutions provides counseling to customers in the areas of mortgage payments, home loans, and past-due medical bills. Credit card debt can also be addressed. You can reach them by dialing 1 (800) 554-1961.


MAIA Moms is a non-profit organization and one of the popular charities. It aims to empower single mothers through financial assistance and mentorship programs. There are many mentorship programs available that match single mothers with mentors who can support them through pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. Single mothers can also receive financial assistance through monthly grants. These grants can be used to pay utility bills, childcare costs, transport costs, and other expenses.

Education Charities

The Single-Parent Project

The Single Parent Project is an organization that offers financial support and mentoring to single parents. They have a program for single mothers looking to return to school. It matches them with mentors with experience in the area they are interested in.

This project hosts an annual scholarship competition for single parents and provides financial assistance in the form of grants to single parents who are having difficulty making ends meet.

Single Parent Project allows mothers to apply for financial assistance. Single parents must complete a free financial evaluation, submit proof of income, and then fill out an application. Although the application process can be time-consuming, they promise to respond within one week.

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