How To Find Or Start A Local Single Moms Group

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Being a new and single mom is difficult to take all in. You don’t feel the same way as the other mothers since you encounter different challenges. It’s hard to relate to your other friends who are married. So, it’s nice to seek out a local single moms group to find people you relate to.

Looking For Local Single Moms Group?

Online searches are the best place to begin. Facebook is a great place to start. Type single moms (or moms, depending on where they are), and then select the region you live in (or vice versa).

Try a simple Google search. You never know what you might find! You can also ask people from the area. Ask your community nurse, GP, or library if they know any local support groups for single mothers. Local news spreads throughout the community. 

What If You Find Nothing?

What if you search endlessly and still find nothing? There are three options for you.

  1. Do nothing.
  2. Travel a great distance to find them.
  3. My local group of single mothers can be started.

It’s best to choose the third option. 

Starting The Local Groups Of Single Moms 

How will you spread the word? Facebook will be your main source of information to help you find single mothers or charity groups in your local area to support. You can join online mother’s groups, many of which have thousands of members. 

It’s also best to keep an eye out for posts relating to single motherhood in these groups. Many of these posts were from distressed single mothers looking for other single moms. You can leave comments and provide a link for them to your group.

Reasons To Start Or Find A Local Group Of Single Moms

Find A Local Group Of Single Moms

The Advices

This is perhaps the most important thing. You feel like you are entering the unknown when you become a single mom. It is extremely helpful to have people around you who have been through the same thing as you with child support and, worst of all, court.

Tinder is another option. Many people find dating difficult. It’s a new way to date after having children. Talk to your tribe about this.

They Can Understand You Better

Even if you speak to your closest friends and family, nobody will truly understand what you’re going through unless you are a single mom. You may have broken up with your partner and are now alone with your children. This is a very emotional and difficult time for all involved. There can be a lot of conflict and toxicity. Sometimes, you want someone to vent with who is going through the exact same thing.

Weekend Activities

Single moms often have less time to socialize and play with their children than their friends who are married. You will never feel lonely again on weekends by making friends with single moms. On weekends that aren’t child-free, someone is always available to play with you or pour you a glass of wine.

Housing Sharing

The cost of living is rising; let’s face the facts. It is almost impossible for single mothers to rent a place to live with a single or no income. You can help each other by sharing a larger apartment with a single mother and, therefore, paying less rent. The added benefit of the adult company is that you have someone to help with the chores and an adult around in an emergency.

It’s Good For Your Child

These days, there is no normal family unit. Your child can have friends whose moms and dads are separated, together, or divorced. There are friends, two moms, one dad, and one friend. While anything is normal, it is more common for children with a dad and mum who are together, especially when they are young.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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