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Every woman wants to experience a stress-free, complication-free, and joyful pregnancy. However, many women have to worry about having a roof over their heads, their bank balance, and where their next meal will come from. Besides, if you are one in many pregnant women who is looking to find homeless shelters, please read on.

This stress and anxiety put the unborn baby’s well-being and the soon-to-be mom at risk. Such stress is common in young moms, single mothers, and moms from disadvantaged communities.

The government and a few businesses provide community housing, homeless shelters, and resources to help the homeless with the housing problems they are facing or may face. Unfortunately, homelessness is a major problem in the U.S. due to numerous factors, including housing instability, domestic violence, mass unemployment, and Covid-19.

Facing homelessness alone can cause great emotional and physical stress. As a single mother, you may need a safe and healthy housing arrangement that will benefit both you and your unborn child or children. But, there is hope.

In this post, we answer all of these questions:

  • How can I get housing while I am pregnant?
  • Is there emergency housing available for single pregnant women?
  • Where can homeless women go for help?

Where Can Pregnant Women Find Homeless Shelters?

Destitute women of all ages can find safe and decent housing, whether long-term or short-term. This is especially important during pregnancy and once your baby is born.

If you have nowhere to sleep, you can make an application to your local council, which is legally responsible for providing you with housing depending on your case.

It is recorded that there are 11,241 community housing and homeless shelter businesses in the U.S as of 2021.

Emergency Shelters For Pregnant Women

Pregnant women are usually victims of violence, domestic violence, and homelessness. If you were forced to give up your house because of abuse and need a stable place to stay, here is a list for you.

During a crisis, it is difficult to look for help or make decisions, so contact your local domestic abuse advocate, who will help you with the navigation of finding the necessary resources and the right place to stay.

Lotus House (Safe Haven Program)

Lotus House is a non-profit organization that runs the Safe Haven Program in Florida. They provide women of all ages with a safe home and support structure. However, the focus is on supporting women and young females with vulnerabilities such as being victims of domestic abuse and poverty. Housing and food insecurity etc. Accommodates homeless women, female youth, and their children.

For immediate assistance, call 305-438-0556 or email

Covenant House

Covenant House is a home located in numerous states in America. The home particularly cares for pregnant and parenting youth and their babies. Providing food, shelter, clothes, safety, child immunizations, life skills, education, and emotional/social support.

Here are a few states where Covenant Houses are located:

For immediate assistance, contact any of the listed houses in your local area.

Our Lady’s Inn – Maternity Homes

Our Lady’s Inn, located in St. Louis City and St. Charles County, is a maternity home. Providing shelter, resources, and support for pregnant women and their dependent children through the residential program. Additionally, residents receive case management services to assist women with their health, educational and psychosocial needs.

For assistance, please call 314-351-4590 for services in St Louis or at 636-398-5375 for services in St. Charles County.           

Elizabeth House Provides Shelters For Pregnant Women

Elizabeth House provides shelter and services for pregnant women and their children experiencing homelessness. Located in Pasadena, CA, this home focuses on giving pregnant women and women parenting the opportunity to change their family legacies. Through creating a community for residents to enjoy their pregnancy and parenting in. This home takes about 15-20 women into their residential program giving them a safe and healthy environment to raise their babies in. 

For assistance, contact (626) 577-4434 or email

Women alone and homeless stay awake through the night and sleep in public places not fit for a pregnant woman desperate for safe shelter and food. Care is critical for pregnant women. Without it, the soon-to-be mom and unborn baby are at higher risk for various issues.

Guidelines When Searching For Support And Shelters For Pregnant Women

  1. Do not give up
Do not give up

Keep on applying and contacting community housing and homeless shelter businesses/organizations. We know it’s hard for pregnant women to do everything by themselves, but don’t give up in finding shelters for you and your baby.

  1. Contact your local domestic violence program advocate or counselor first.

These individuals are there to help you search for a suitable place. Before contacting a shelter, contact your domestic violence advocate or counselor who might be able to place you at the right location.

  1. Gather as many resources from different places, programs, and organizations

There is help. You need to know which doors to knock on; once you know, call, email, or visit the organization for assistance.

  1. Have all essential documents ready

Chances are, when you apply for any form of assistance, you will need to produce your ID, birth, utility bills, etc. These are to show that you are really in need of assistance.

  1. Be patient

It may be too much to ask for if you are already homeless as we speak, but stay calm throughout communication with the organization. You may have to repeat your story over and over, so be prepared for that.

The joy of bringing a child into this world is unmatched (At least it should be) But, the harsh reality of a safe and healthy pregnancy is put in jeopardy when a mom is left to worry about finances, housing, safety, and food.

No matter what age, your desired location, your situation, or background, there is hope for you!

Additional Resources For Pregnant Women In Crisis

If you know a woman in crisis or you are a woman in crisis, here are a few numbers to call and a couple of websites to visit to get help.

In conclusion, we hope you take heart to know that there are many people out there who are willing and able to help you. However, if you’re looking for a more permanent housing arrangement for your family, take a look at our housing for single mothers page.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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