Housing For Homeless Or Low-Income Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy is meant to be one of the happiest nine months of a woman’s life. However, these 9 months are filled with much worrying and anxiety for many pregnant women. In this article, we explore the different housing options available for homeless pregnant women.

There are many benefits for single moms offered by government and private organizations, including access to:

In this article, we explore all the safe and affordable housing options available.

Housing for Pregnant Women

Several housing assistance programs and grants assist homeless pregnant single mothers and families. This includes shelters, emergency housing, permanent housing, low-income housing, and rental assistance.

Camillus House

Camillus House - Housing for Pregnant Women

Camillus House offers emergency shelter for homeless women. This housing program offers upgrades to permanent housing. The program duration is for 6-12 months and aims to upskill and empower single mothers. This housing assistance program is designed for homeless addicts, victims of domestic violence, and those in need of valuable career development, life skills, and food clothing. 

Camillus House Supports Single Moms who:

  • Need immediate shelter,
  • Have problems with substance abuse, mental health, employment, and other major issues, and
  • Hold a job and demonstrate that they can pay back the monthly fees before enrolling in the program.

Camillus House Provides:

 Emergency Housing provided for a period of up to 90 days, including: 

  • Transitional Housing mid-term housing for up to 6-18 months
  • Permanent Housing for a longer-term
  • Career Help
  • Treatment
  • Healthcare
  • Direct Care

How do I apply?

Fill in the online application form on their website, or you can also call 305.374.1065 {305-CAMILLUS}.

HUD Public Housing and Grants for Single Parents

Low-income families can apply for low-cost rental housing from the HUD Public Housing Assistance Program. HUD Public Housing also serves all States and territories. Various organizations make this program a success providing local housing assistance for single mothers. By negotiating for affordable rent costs, a single parent can afford to live in safe and non-discriminatory housing. 

HUD Supports Single Moms who:

  • U.S. citizens or eligible immigration status,     
  • Public housing is limited to low-income households,
  • Single parents, elderly and disabled individuals.

HUD Provides:

  • Decent and safe public housing rent assistance. 
  • Non-discriminatory housing. 
  • Affordable rental amount, also known as the Total Tenant Payment (TTP). Based on 30% of your monthly adjusted income and 10% of your monthly income.

How do I apply?

Contact your local public housing agency, or call the Service Center at 1-800-955-2232. You can also visit the website for more information.

Also, check out the Housing Choice Section 8 Voucher.

housing for pregnant women

Final Words About Housing For Pregnant Women

As a mother, you are looking after another life, and for the first few days, months, and years, they are fully dependent on you. We hope you can use this resource to create the best possible environment for your pregnancy. Finally, as with all our programs, the only way to know if you are eligible is to apply.

In conclusion, we hope you found some great options for you and your growing family. However, if you’re a single parent in need of assistance, start by looking at our housing for single mothers page for more information.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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