How Single Moms Support Groups Arranged By Communities Works

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As a single mom, I’ve often heard the age-old saying, “it takes a village to raise a child.” But, with a support group for single moms, that village might be closer than you imagine.

Let’s be honest, as a single mom, you tackle the challenging task of raising your child without the support of a traditional village. Because of this, many single moms, including myself, often find ourselves juggling the responsibilities of getting our kids to school, heading to work, and ensuring our children are well-fed and clothed.

It’s a burden that might even be too heavy for Wonder Woman herself to carry. However, I want you to know that support groups for single moms can make a significant difference. Joining one isn’t just a big help for you; it benefits your children immensely as well.

How Exactly Does A Support Group For Single Moms Work? 

These support groups are typically run by nonprofit organizations, hospitals, clinics, as well as religious and community organizations. They provide a valuable opportunity to connect with people who are navigating the same journey as you. As the saying goes, “sharing is caring,” and as a single mom, you can share your joys and sorrows with others who truly understand. This emotional support from fellow single mothers can be incredibly uplifting.

support group for single moms work

It’s even possible to receive encouraging advice from other single mothers who have walked the same path you’re on right now.

What Are The Positives For Single Moms Support Group?

Building A Support system

One of the most remarkable benefits of joining a support group is the creation of a valuable support system for single moms. It provides a network of people who genuinely understand your experiences, ensuring you never feel alone. Additionally, this support system can greatly alleviate the emotional and mental stress that often accompanies the challenges of single-handedly raising a child.

Additional Childcare Solutions

Every single mom has encountered challenges in securing reliable childcare while they’re at work. Perhaps your regular babysitter had to cancel unexpectedly, or you lack family or friends who can assist with childcare in your absence.

That’s where joining a support group for single moms can be a game-changer. These groups often facilitate babysitting exchanges among members, providing an excellent opportunity for your children to socialize with other kids and single moms.

Celebrating Together With Fellow Single Moms

During the holidays, many support groups organize special celebrations for their members. These gatherings are especially meaningful for single moms who wish to avoid spending the holidays alone or who may not have the opportunity to celebrate with friends.

Taking Trips with Other Single Moms in the Support Group

Long summer vacations and even Spring Break can be a challenging time for any parent, not just single moms. Your children are at home all day while you’re at work. You may not have the luxury of depending on family members or friends to assist with childcare during these periods.

Support groups frequently organize vacations for their members and their children. This provides an opportunity to make new friends and create cherished memories for both you and your children.

What Are The Benefits For Children In Support Groups for Single Moms?

Make New Friends

Support groups also provide an excellent opportunity for children of single parents to build friendships. Sometimes, your children might not have many chances to make friends, especially if they don’t spend much time with other kids or if they feel self-conscious about living in a single-parent household.

When your children join a single-parent group, they can make friends with other children who truly understand their experiences.

Boosting Your Children’s Confidence

Forming friendships with other kids who share similar experiences will significantly boost your children’s confidence. It will enable them to approach new situations with self-assurance, knowing they have friends who understand and support them.

Providing Your Children with Role Models

Are you concerned that your children might be feeling neglected? Do you sometimes wish there was someone they would listen to when they don’t listen to you?

Becoming part of a single mom support group can introduce your children to new adults who can become valuable role models. Seeing other adults facing similar situations to their parents can aid children in adjusting to life after their parents’ divorce.

Online Support Groups for Single Moms

There are numerous support groups available in the US, both for you and your children. Some are hosted by churches and community centers. If you prefer not to leave your home, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of support groups available ONLINE! You might be wondering, “WHERE can I find these online support groups?”

Well, we’ve managed to find some support groups just for you! 

Single Mothers By Choice

Did you choose to become a single mom? Are you a single mom who decided to provide a loving home to children who needed it? If so, the Single Mothers by Choice online community is the right choice for you! 

The best part of joining this support group is connecting with other women who made the choice to become single parents. Women from across the US can join the group and exchange their experiences with fellow moms. The best part? It’s entirely ONLINE!

Exclusive Chat Rooms for Single Parents

Thanks to the invention of the internet, there’s an abundance of online message boards and chat rooms tailored for single moms and dads. The greatest advantage of joining these chat rooms is that you don’t need to go anywhere. You can connect with other single moms right from the comfort of your own home.

Platforms like BabyCenter and The Bump offer single-parent message boards with chat rooms exclusively for single parents! They boast over 2,000 topics and options to choose from. There’s something for every type of single mom, whether you’re newly single or a veteran with a wealth of wisdom to share. If you’re grappling with the tragedy of losing a partner, you’ll find support from other parents who have navigated similar challenges.

Community-Based Support Groups for Single Moms

Support group for single moms arranged by communities

Single Mom Network

If you’re a single mom in Atlanta, Georgia, you should consider joining Single Mom Network. Their mission is to establish a secure space for single moms to flourish and learn from one another. Within this group, over 150 single moms actively share their experiences and offer support. Members have coordinated meetups, and outings, and even collaborated on initiatives like providing school supplies for their children. So, what does this mean for you as a member?

You’ll connect with fellow single moms who can share the load of single parenthood. You’ll participate in events, meetups, and group trips with other single moms.

San Diego Single Parent Meetup (SDSPM)

In San Diego, California, single moms have access to the San Diego Single Parent Meetup (SDSPM). This vibrant group boasts THOUSANDS of members who come together for social gatherings, ranging from a Coronado Bike Ride to a delightful Pajama Breakfast. What does this mean for you?

You can meet other single moms over PANCAKES!

There are even events exclusively for parents! You can enjoy these events while providing support to other single moms.

Churches Offering Support Groups for Single Moms

Battle Creek Church: A Welcoming Space for Single Moms

This church warmly embraces the title “the perfect place for imperfect people.” If you happen to be a single mom in Broken Arrow, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, I strongly encourage you to visit Battle Creek Church. They host numerous support groups, including those designed for single moms like you.

Lake Avenue Church

If you’re a single mom residing in Pasadena, California, you may find the Lake Avenue Church to be an excellent option. This support group is dedicated to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for ALL types of single mothers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an unmarried single mother, divorced, have experienced the loss of your child’s other parent, or if you’re an adoptive, foster parent, or grandparent raising your grandchild as a single parent.

This group gathers on the second Saturday of each month at Villa 500 in Pasadena from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. As a member, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other single parents and engage in a rich calendar of activities, including a festive Christmas party and creative arts and crafts classes, among others. Moreover, you’ll gain valuable life skills through insights shared by the church’s Christian community and professionals who deliver talks during group meetings.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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