Arkids Application For Arkansas Healthcare

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The Arkids website is where you will find all the information and links that will take you directly to an online form created by the Department of Human Services of Arkansas. There are many options when it comes to Arkids Application for Arkansas Healthcare:

Arkids Application For Arkansas Healthcare 1
  • Apply online and you can also fill out the form to determine if you’re eligible for ARKids plans.
  • Send a written request is also possible. Request an application form, call ARKids at 1-888-474-3257. You’ll be sent a mail copy. You can fill out the form, then send it back. Or you can bring it with you.
  • Find application forms at your local health department. This is another way to obtain your copy.

To be approved for one of the ARKids plans of insurance, you will need to provide certain documents about you and your family. These documents are what you need:

  • Birth certificate
  • Pay stubs for all family members with a job
  • Social Security cards
  • Bank books
  • Any other documents that will prove your financial situation

These documents are necessary because they will help you to be eligible for one of the ARKids’ medical insurance plans. 

Eligibility Requirements

ARKids First Application

A medical insurance policy that’s intended for families with low and moderate incomes. There are two plans available: ARKids A, which is for low-income families, and ARKidsB (for middle-income families).

ARKids A Application

Arkids A Application

A split plan that offers two options: one for children younger than 6 years old and another for those aged 6 years and older. You should not be above the plan’s limit based on your family size or annual income. You can check those limits through a chart. The plan covers many possible medical services that are not covered by your insurance.

ARKids B Application

For families with moderate incomes, it has similar eligibility requirements to the previous plan. Your family must have a higher income each year. You can find these income limits here. These are the maximum monthly or annual income figures. This means you will need an income that is higher than the limit for ARKids Plan A, but lower than the limit for ARKids Plan B.

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