The Top 5 Best Art Scholarships for Women

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Being a woman in 2021 is still challenging, but times are improving. Women can vote, be moms, CEOs, industry leaders, artists, visionaries, farmers – they can be whatever they want to be. Education for women is now not only allowed but encouraged. Most importantly, for this article, there are scholarships available for women in every major you can think of, including art.

In this article, we take a look at the things you should consider before applying for an art scholarship, as well as the top 5 art scholarships for women. This, of course, includes single women, married moms, older women, single moms, and anything in between.

Did you know? 

Being a woman gives you the advantage of having access to minority gender scholarships and scholarships within the art, music, and film industry, specifically for women. 

Do you have a parent that was in the military? Are you a survivor of a disease, like cancer? Are you a single parent? Do you have any disabilities? 

Don’t miss out on other opportunities; look for unique scholarships for your situation. There are so many scholarships out there that have specific requirements and go unclaimed every year (this means less competition for you & a higher chance of you getting it!) 

The 2 Types of Scholarships: 

1. Need-Based Scholarships

These scholarships target women who come from low-income households. In other words, women who need financial aid to pursue their studies. Some scholarships offer total funding and even pay for your textbooks (if you’re lucky, you’ll get a laptop too), boarding, and transport costs.

We highly recommend you start applying with the federal government first Federal Student Aid. It’s an easy, free process, and you’re going to need a report from them if you are interested in applying for other need-based scholarships.

2. Merit-based scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are for the high achievers with exceptional GPA, winners of competitions and awards, anything related to academic performance and merit. 

Requirements for Art Scholarships:

Level of Education

Most scholarships require their applicants to be in high school or preparing to enter university currently. An exception- they can also be their first year of undergraduate studies looking for financial assistance in their next academic year.

The guidelines vary so, please read carefully and only apply to scholarships that suit your specific situation. 

Flexibility in Studies

Right now, you may want to apply for an art scholarship, but two years down the line, you may not be enjoying art, drama, or film anymore. Can you change your major? Will you still be financially covered by your sponsorship? 

The good news is that, yes, many scholarships (but not all) are flexible and will allow you to change your field of study. If you’re not 100% certain of the degree you want to pursue, opt for flexible scholarships. 


This aspect is a significant factor to consider when applying for scholarships. Certain scholarships require applicants to reside in a specific area, state, or country. A handful of scholarships only allow applicants to study at a particular university.

What does this mean for you? Know where you want to study; it will help you apply for the right scholarships.

Academic Performance (GPA)

A good GPA is essential when applying for both need and merit-based scholarships. You don’t have to be the top student, but your GPA is an influencing factor. 

Our Top 5 Choices: Art Scholarships for Women

The College Art Association

This scholarship is any artists’ dream – an opportunity of a lifetime. Here, you are inspired to delve deeper and be wholly absorbed into the world of art.

Their only requirement is that you need to be majoring in art or the history of art. Successful applicants will receive $5 000. 

The World Studio Foundation

This is a need-based scholarship (so you will be required to prove that you are in financial need) designed specifically for low-income and minority groups. It’s an opportunity only available to undergraduate or graduate applicants. The award varies between $2 000 to $3 000 every year. 

The Union League Civics & Art Foundation

These sponsorships are only available to full-time students currently enrolled in a Chicago school and are pursuing a visual arts degree. The award changes every year, so keep a close eye on their website. The best part? The Foundation will display the artwork of sponsored students.

The Handweavers Guild of America

This sponsorship applies to crafty, creative women pursuing a career in the art of textiles at either an accredited or unaccredited program. The award changes every year, so the amount is not set in stone. 

The significant part is that the foundation offers more than one award every academic year, making it less competitive than scholarships that only give out one award per year. 

National Sculpture Society, Inc.

Are you a hands-on artist? Is chiseling, carving, and casting second nature to you? Then this sponsorship opportunity was sculpted just for you! 

Awards of $2 000 each are available to figurative or representational sculpture students. The money is paid directly to the university the applicant has enrolled in (in this case, you won’t have access to the funding for personal expenses). The application deadline is the 31st of May every year.

Love the course and want to intern at the society? That’s 100% possible. Internship programs are available to provide you with the best of the best experience the industry has to offer.

A Few Final Tips

  • Jot down a list of your top 50 (or more) sponsorships where you tick all the boxes. 
  • Put a reminder on your calendar (or cellphone) of all the deadlines, and make sure you apply at least a week before the cut-off date!
  • Ensure you have your requirements in order ( essays, recommendation letters, resumes, etc.).
  • Complete each application separately because they all require different things.
  • Last but not least, monitor your applications to see your progress.

In conclusion, we hope that this article gave you valuable information and insights in finding the right scholarship for you. For more information on scholarships for women or scholarships for single moms, follow the appropriate links.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!