Child Support Louisiana: What You Need to Know

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Child support in Louisiana is the obligation of parents to support their child financially. This is particularly important for parents who are no longer together and cannot bear the financial burden of supporting their child. Child support ensures that the child lives a better life.

The Process For Child Support After Divorce

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) administers the Louisiana child support program. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) manages the Louisiana child support program. Custodial parents can apply online for child support or by paper. Complete the application, and find details on the paper application and instructions on the procedure online. So, parents who do not receive public financial assistance will have a $25 application fee. It’s important to pay for the fee before processing of applications.

The custodial parent must fill in the application with personal information and details about the other parent. The information, which may include the name, address, and work address of the noncustodial parent, could be useful in moving the case forward. The information is important as it could be useful in locating the noncustodial parents and is essential for the case’s progress. So, custodial Parents can use a Child Support Enforcement locator for $10 with their Social Security number (SSN), or $14 without the SSN.

After Non-Custodial Parent’s Location Confirmation

Non-custodial receive a notice that a child support case is against them. Until the establishment of paternity, the father is not liable for child support payments if the child was not born to a married couple. You can do this in one of two ways. The first is an Affidavit Of Acknowledgement, which the alleged father can sign in order to acknowledge that he is the father.

Unmarried parents must sign acknowledgment of paternity at the birth. The court can order genetic testing to confirm the paternity. The court must determine the probability of paternity using the test. This is the highest standard in America, and it must be at least 99.9%. Paternity tests cost $62 per individual.

After Non Custodial Parents Location Confirmation
Non-custodial receive a notice that a child support case is against them.

The court will then award child support according to state guidelines and take into account the incomes of both parents. A parent can request a modification to the child support order if there are changes in circumstances after the establishment of the child support orders.

How To Receive Child Support in Louisiana

Direct deposit is a way for parents to receive child support funds via the DCFA. This allows for safe and simple receipt of funds. However, ustodial parents must have a checking or savings account. To make this possible, they need to fill out the Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Further details on the direct deposit arrangement are available online.

The Maximum Amount That Your Family Can Receive

There are many important factors to consider when determining the amount of child support payments. The court will consider the income of each parent, their cost of raising the child at different income levels, the number and special needs of the children, pre-existing child support obligations, child support obligations, special circumstances, as well as how much time the child spends together (in the case of joint custody). This is taken into consideration if one parent pays for the child’s medical insurance. You can find full list of the guidelines online. The court can use all of the information to determine the amount of child support.

Enforcement of Child Support

There are many ways to enforce child support. For example, you can use coercion tactics to force a parent into paying child support. The money is often taken directly from the income of a non-custodial child and used to pay the custodial parent. This is how over 65% of Louisiana child support cases are handled. Other actions can be taken such as interception or withdrawal of tax refunds and interception of winnings from lottery games, suspension of vehicle registrations and suspension of professional, recreational, and passport applications. Extreme cases may lead to court action, which could result in jail sentences. Publication of details about parents who have not paid child support in six months is also possible.

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