Child Support Process and Calculator in Delaware

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Raising children can be expensive and difficult with only one income. Delaware has child support laws that help custodial parents pay for the cost of raising children. It’s a requirement for the non-custodial parent to make monthly payments to help cover some of the costs associated with the child’s education. So, in this article, we will discuss about Child Support Process and Calculator in Delaware. However, not every states in the US enforces child support. You can find the full list from “Which States in the US do not enforce child support?“.

The Process For Child Support Calculator After Divorce in Delaware.

The Process For Child Support Calculator After Divorce In Delaware
The Process For Child Support After Divorce.

The parent who is seeking support to start a child support case must file a support petition. This is a court order that requests support be paid by the other parent. The court order will require that the other parent be located and served with legal papers before the process can begin. The state has many resources to help locate the other parent. A person applying for support must provide information such as an address, full name and a picture. This will speed up the process of locating the person. To get further information, visit the Delaware website.

Once the other parent is located, legal papers can be served. In the event of a case against the father of the child’s child, it may be necessary to establish legal paternity. Delaware has a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity Program that allows both parents to easily decide on paternity. They can sign an acknowledgment form and agree to it. The program allows parents to withdraw their consent or change their mind within a period of 60 days. Delaware’s voluntary acknowledgement helps to name the father without going to Family Court.

If the father of the child claims that the child isn’t his, the court will order a DNA test to establish parentage. You can use the tests can be determine the paternity of the child with as high as 99% accuracy. The court will then calculate child support once the establishment of paternity.

How Do You Receive Child Support

There are many options for parents who receive child support in Delaware. They have the option of direct deposit, checks or a Stored Value Card.

To cash the checks, checks can be mailed or issued to the parent who is receiving child support. They do not recommend mailing checks as there are many possibilities for problems, including someone taking the check out of the mailbox. Additionally, there are fees when someone cashes checks.

Direct deposit allows parents to receive their child support entitlements in the form of direct deposits. These payments are made directly to their bank accounts. Direct deposits are possible when a parent opens a bank account and designates it as the reception point for child support entitlements.

A Stored Value card is the last option. Parents who do not have a bank account or don’t want to open one in Delaware can still receive child support payments through a state-issued card. The prepaid card is issued after the non-custodial parent has paid their support obligation. You can use the card to withdraw or make purchases at places that accepts MasterCard.

How Do You Receive Child Support 2

For further information on the options available for receiving child support payments, visit this page for direct deposit and the Prepaid Credit Card website.

The Child Support Calculator and Maximum Amount For Family

The Delaware Family Court determines how much child support a parent must pay. The calculation takes into account the number of children, special requirements of the child (if applicable), and the salary of each parent. Because both parents have an obligation to support their child, the salary of each parent is taken into account. Details on the child support formula calculation can be obtained here. The court will determine the exact amount based on the evidence presented by each parent. The child will not turn 18 until the payments stop. The payments will continue until the child turns 18 years old, or the child graduates from high school.

Enforcement of Child Support

The Delaware Department of Child Support Services may petition parents who are in default with child support payments. The court hearing may require the parent who defaults to pay more than the original pay requirement. The state can deduct payments directly from the parent’s wages once they identify the parent’s employer. Other options for the DCSS include credit reporting and suspension of licenses. Suspension of licenses in the parent’s possession, interception and refunding of tax, among others

Additionally, any parent with child support payments exceeding $2500 will subject to refusal of passport applications. Visit this page for more information on these enforcement options. 

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