Financial Support For Single Mothers During COVID-19

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Everyone’s been affected by the pandemic, but many single moms are searching for financial relief grants since the start of Covid. Every cent counts for single mothers, especially if they are the breadwinner of their family and need to cover all expenses on one income source. But, saving up has become difficult for everyone because of the Coronavirus crisis.

Doing household chores, taking care of their families, doing errands, having to homeschool friends – does this sound familiar? All this while navigating an already strained job market is among the challenges single mums face now.

However, single mums shouldn’t lose hope as many efforts come from various sources to provide single mums’ financial support.

Covid Grants For Single Moms

We’ve looked at Covid-19 grants and assistance programs in a few states so far, if you live in any of the states below, feel free to follow the appropriate links for more information.

Supporting Single Moms’ Small Businesses During Covid

The purpose of PPP is to enable single moms with small businesses to continue paying their workers and to cover other costs during coronavirus outbreaks. Please find out more on their website.

Single mothers with a small business can apply and benefit from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), so they can overcome financial challenges during this difficult time. The government has already released $350 billion to fund this program. Single mothers who have small businesses can continue paying their workers and cover other costs during the coronavirus outbreak.

Supporting Single Moms Small Businesses During Covid

U.S. Department Of Commerce

Apart from the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act, the US Department of Commerce provides support to single mums through grants and other resources during this COVID-19 outbreak.

To get more information about the CARES Act, you can visit this site:

Department Of Economic Administration (EDA)

Former Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, announced that the Department of Economic Administration (EDA) will now start helping single moms.  They accept applications from eligible grantees for EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance to support single moms during Covid-19.

Through the CARES act Recover Assistance, the projects that EDA include:

  • Economic recovery planning and preparing technical assistance strategies to address economic dislocations caused by the coronavirus pandemic
  • Preparing or updating resiliency plans to respond to future pandemics
  • Implementing entrepreneurial support programs to diversify economies
  • Constructing public works and facilities that will support economic recovery, including broadband deployment for purposes
  • Supporting telehealth (remote medical check-up and consultation) and remote learning for job skills

Other Grants To Help Single Moms During Covid

The pandemic has made life difficult for many low-income families, especially single mothers who stay in rented houses or apartments. Besides taking care of your family, doing your job, doing groceries and errands – you’ll now have to worry about paying your rent during a pandemic.

However, government agencies like the CFPB, FHFA, and HUD are working to help single mothers’ lives by helping homeowners and even renters during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the housing finance market, leaving many families struggling or unable to pay for their homes or rent. However, the FHFA is updating the policies and guidance to ensure the Federal Home Loan Banks provide market liquidity. This will enable single mothers and their families to survive during this difficult time.

However, they encourage single mothers and those facing financial hardships to contact or approach their landlords or mortgage servicer. They might qualify for the payment relief scheme.

You can visit their website to see which options for mortgage and rent payment relief can work for you and your family.

Federal Housing Finance Agency Fhfa 1

Help For Single Mom Homeowners

Single mothers who cannot settle their mortgage may be eligible to delay their monthly payments for a mortgage. There will be a certain period during where there’s no penalty for making late payments. Similarly, they will suspend foreclosure and other legal proceedings.

Use “loan lookup” tools to check your eligibility. Those who have Fannie Mae or others who may have Freddie Mac, visit the appropriate link for more information.

But remember, single moms must immediately contact their mortgage servicer to let them know their current circumstances. You may even be eligible for additional financial assistance if you can’t pay by the end of the relief period.

Beware Of Grants Scam For Single Moms During Covid

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has led to increased fraud and scams.  You’ll need to stay safe during this period by asking questions, reading resources, and, most importantly, avoiding any solicitations that require up-front cash payments. For single moms who have been victims of a scam or have concerns with Federal Home Loan Bank involving fraud, contact the Inspector General of FHFA. Call them at 800-793-7724 or visit their website.

Support With Credit Card

Single mothers who cannot pay their credit cards may need to talk to their credit card companies to let them know of their current circumstances. Some credit card companies offer flexible payment schemes, and you may qualify for relief.

You may also talk to your credit counselor, who will help you develop a proper budget that satisfies your needs during this pandemic.

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