Free Dental Implants For Disabled And Low-Income People

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Special dental services for the disabled to help them with their financial problems

Special dental care for the disabled can be provided through financial assistance (like free dental implants). Implants are costly cosmetic procedures that include tooth bleaching, enamel bonding and removable dentures. Individuals with disabilities might have difficulty getting in and out of the chair or surgery.

Although many dentists are happy to treat patients with special dental needs, some people find it difficult to access the surgery. Because this can lead to additional costs. Special arrangements, like free dental services, helps disabled people improve their financial capabilities.

Free Dental Implants Cover The Cost Of Dental Treatment

It is possible to get free dental implants for people with disabilities. Moreover, t takes only a little research to discover ways to grant grants, charities, clinical trials, local dental schools, and other health services. Social Security has two programs that can replace people’s wages with permanent disabilities.

  1. Firstly, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is for disabled people with limited resources who have never earned it. To receive dental services, SSI beneficiaries can participate in Medicaid.
  2. Secondly, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – SSDI is for disabled people who have worked and paid FICA taxes. After two years, the recipients are eligible for Medicaid. Once they graduate from Medicare, you will need to enrol in an Advantage plan to pay for dental services.

How To Get Free Dental Implants For Disabled?

You can get dental implants at no cost if you cannot afford them. That’s why get free dental implants for the disabled through various programs and funding from state agencies. 

Below are list of some Dental Services provide these programs.

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Free dental services for the disabled?

Free Dental Implants For Disabled Programs

Donated Dental Services

The American Dental Association Foundation is one of the respected organizations that approves the Donated Dental Services program. In short, he Dental Lifeline Network funds them and provides free comprehensive services for the disabled, elderly, and veterans.

You will not automatically get implants if you participate in the program. Actually, the professional performing the procedure will determine the best treatment for you. So, so ou can apply online by visiting the ADA website.

Click on the link to submit an application. Complete the form and attach any documents to prove your disability. You’ll see your name in the waiting list once you’re qualified, if not, you’ll receive a denial letter.

After several months, you will be matched up with a volunteer dentist who will determine your eligibility and [procedures] to proceed with the treatment.

Give Back a Smile


Give Back A Smile provides dental care for disabled people who have been victims of domestic or sexual violence. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a charitable foundation, funds this organization.

The 10 hour work can be done instead of paying the $20 application fee. This makes the treatment completely free. The preliminary exam determines the type of work that is required. Give Back a Smile volunteers do not treat negligence-related issues. They also do not perform any prior dental work.

The applicant must meet several requirements. You can download and mail the application online. Referrals to a volunteer dentist within 200-miles of the applicant’s location are made once they have been qualified. The dentist will determine eligibility and then propose a treatment plan. For more information, visit their website. 

Free Dental Implants From Clinical Trials

Clinical trials allow practitioners to test new drugs or techniques in order to discover solutions. You must ensure that the risk is managed when applying for dental clinical trials.

Clinical trials often require patients with specific dental conditions. The requirements may vary depending on which experiment they are. It is essential to find a clinical trial that addresses your treatment needs. Visit the US National Library of Medicine to see current practices.

Dental Schools

Students in dentistry need patients to practice. Hence, they are under a licensed professional’s supervision and watchful eye. Dental schools offer free dental implants to disabled people who are already facing financial difficulties.

So, to find affordable treatment, contact nearby dental schools. Sometimes, dental schools participate in programs that offer free implants.

Explore State and Local Dental Societies

You can find information about pro bono dental implants, clinical trials, and other dental work at your state or local dental society. Many of these societies have their own foundations that can provide dental implants free or grant funding. You can find more information by using the ADA search engine.

Moreover, if you are having debt or bad credits, and wondering about your dental expense. We got you covered with your dental financing for bad credits.

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