Grants for Single Mothers in Chicago

U.S. single-parent families appear to be rising with each day. 80% of America’s working parents are single mothers. In reality, taking responsibility for the family could be quite stressful for single mothers.

Fortunately, some Chicago-based financial instruments are a real blessing to low wage earners, specifically to single mothers in Chicago, stretching from healthcare to food, legal, utility, shelter.

Feeding Assistance for Single Mothers in Chicago

Though America claims of being “the land of abundance,” many people barely have enough to survive. No doubt, nutrition is a big challenge for single parents who find it difficult. A handful of charitable organizations help to provide people in need with feeding services. Feel free to discuss and save on nutrition with these available deals.

Community Kitchen

It’s a kitchen for everyone, as the name suggests. Community Kitchen serves each day, and to everyone in need, tasty and nutrient-rich meals.

In addition, they provide nutrition for families and children, nutrition education, and a food pantry. To discover out more about their feeding services and associated programs, check the site of Community Kitchen at or, get in touch with them at 773-262-22977.

Food Circle

Here’s a campaign selling supplies from local retailers to low-income earners. The Food Circle produces products from the shops and spreads through packs to less privileged families and individuals, particularly groceries. Through a lottery method, the campaign does its distribution. Interested persons between 12:00 p.m and 12:15 p.m, are expected to gather numbers. Mondays and Thursdays, respectively.

Speak to Food Circle at 773-313-0075 for more details or follow their Facebook page at

Ravenswood Community Services

Single mothers may connect to this group feeding program to minimize feeding costs. They provide support through traveling food pantries and food banks for single mothers and other low-income workers.

Tour to discover everything about their feeding plans or call 773-768-0282 if you need feeding assistance.

Foreclosure and Eviction Support for Single Mothers

Obviously, in Chicago, housing is just another important concern for single mothers. Here’s a little summary of useful housing aid programs to relieve their financial burden.

Chancery Advice Desk

Here is great news when you’re a single mother defending yourself in a case ongoing in the division. All the legal services you’d need are provided by the Chancery Advice Desk. At no charge, surprisingly. In order to offer competent legal advice and assist with fundamental pleadings in court, qualified lawyers are on the field. Remember, though, that during court hearings, lawyers can not stand for clients.

Visit the Chancery Advice Desk located at Richard J. Daley Center located at CL 16 50 Washington. They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mondays through Fridays. No Reservation for an Appointment. No Calls.

Lawyer Committee for Better Housing (LCBH)

To support low-income home renters, LCBH provides legal and related aids. They plan to fight for everyone’s right to get everyone in Chicago to have a good, secure, and cost-effective home. They provide renters, particularly low-income earners, with free legal help. With all elements of the eviction rule, they will provide assistance.

LCBH frowns against homeowners who don’t even follow the rights of tenants. They also assist renters in understanding what the law says about their case. Check for some more information or contact 312-347-7600.

Utility Support for Single Moms

You’re not alone-don’t feel uncomfortable if you’re a single mother having trouble paying your utility bills. The same is felt by millions of single moms out there. Aid to eligible low-income individuals and families is offered by the following groups. Feel free to use any of these facilities and spend even less on your utilities.

Chicago Transit Authority Saving (CTA)

Through a variety of services, CTA provides qualifying individuals discounted or free rides. Single-parent students can qualify for discounted fares for transportation. They also provide free rides for veterans, service members, and handicapped people. For more details, contact TTY 888-CTA-TTY1, CTA at 888-YOUR-CTA, or check online at information/fares/reduced.aspx

Emergency Funds

It consists of five programs. Among these, three give eligible individuals financial assistance to pay their utility bills. To check out how this organization will help out with your utilities, tour, or call-877-426-6515.

Peoples Gas

Like all other firms, Peoples Gas knows how hard it might be to meet basic needs. Therefore, they provide a variety of financial and energy aid to individuals with any financial burden. Feel free to visit or ring 877-426-6515 for qualifications and other criteria.

Legal Assistance for Single moms

If you need legal assistance, but can’t pay one, it can be frustrating. With this in mind, some lawyers and legal aid agencies provide qualified individuals with no-cost support.

Center for Disability and Elder Law (CDEL)

For people with disabilities and low-income earners, CDEL provides free legal aids. They provide divorce consulting services, financial exploitation, power of attorney, eviction, and much more. For more about their programs, see or reach 312-376-1880.

Legal Assistance Foundation LAF

LAF provides, at no expense, legal assistance to poor single mothers. They provide legal assistance, including accommodation, childcare, public services, and workers’ rights, to eligible individuals and families with cases.

LAF’s programs do not, however, cover criminal cases. Access or dial 312-341-1070 for further details.

Free Medical Help for Single Mothers in Chicago

Community Health Organization

Enjoy the benefits of this community health program for an uninsured single mom. Learn more when you call 773-395-9900 or through exploring their website at

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