Single mom government benefits in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo

Grants for Single Mothers in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo

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Many single moms are looking for government benefits in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo. Do you feel like you’re struggling to make ends meet?

Hey, no worries. Many projects offer these basics either for free or at a small price, whether it’s federal, state, county, and private. Apply and save huge on your rent, housing, utility costs, schooling, wellness, legal, and other services for all these programs.

Are you looking for state grants for single mothers in Ohio or another US state? Visit the links to learn more.

Benefits for Single Moms in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo:

Caracole, Cincinnati

Caracole provides low-income individuals with free, confidential, and anonymous Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV testing. Whether or not you have health insurance, you could benefit from this program. Check out their website contact 513-761-1480 to learn how to use their service.

Neighborhood Health Association of Toledo, Ohio

They provide dental assistance, medical care, WIC, and medicine to Toledo people. You may contact them at (419) 255-7883 or browse on their webpage.

Landmark Cincinnati Church 

Here’s a religious group that gives those in crisis-free supplies of fresh garden products. You can schedule an appointment to benefit from this – they only assist once a month. Contact 513-771-0960 or access their website.

Pathstone Corporation

The Pathstone Corporation is a non-governmental agency providing rent, utility services, and food support with one-off support. They also have transportation services, affordable homes, and much more. Contact them at (800) 733-6436 or explore more on their services by visiting their webpage.

Christ’s Community Ministries

Are you a single mother experiencing an eviction risk in Cincinnati? Feel free to accept support from Community Ministries of Christ. To avoid eviction, they assist tenants with deposits or make special agreements with community agencies and property owners. Learn more about this service by visiting their website.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

This charity group provides a Family Emergency Guidance service. They help families and individuals on lower earnings with rental and financing aid. They also offer training for both the budget and credit. Also, they manage a food aid project. View their site for further precise details or dial (419) 244-6711.

Cincinnati Community Action Agency

For low-income people and households, this department offers temporary housing services. Access their website and reach 513-569-1840 to learn how to benefit from this program.


The Madisonville Education and Assistance Center carries out initiatives in clothing, services, rental, and food to provide immediate assistance. Dial 513-271-5501 to obtain support from this service or visit the MEAC page.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

This famous organization is known to provide various assistance to those with little pay. You, too, could use this resource well. The link will guide you to utility and rent assistance near you. Call 513-421-0602 to learn further about their activities.

Legal Aid Society of Greater, Cincinnati

In the legal aid society of Greater Cincinnati, low-wage earner single mothers could take the key. They provide individuals who can not afford these programs with housing, child welfare clients, job assistance, and heating service. Please tour their webpage for much more details.

St. John’s Mercy Health

They provide a rental or service bill that supports an eviction and homelessness prevention program. Regardless of their financial situation, they help people stay in their current homes. To single moms in Cincinnati, Ohio, this growth is good news. For any more information, dial (513) 981-5800 or consult the Mercy Health Foundation page.

Catholic Charities of Cleveland

This nonprofit religious institution helps meet the needs of those in Cleveland who are less fortunate. The system operates multiple projects that cater to a broad range of conditions. They provide families and individuals with necessities, ranging from feeding, homes, and many more. They also operate a pantry facility in Causgrove and emergency relief programs.

Medical Care, Greater Cleveland

In Cleveland, several free and low-cost medical clinics exist. The Free Medical Clinic provides families in need of free medical care. Explore their website for more information. Metro Health is yet another Cleveland health system that connects low-income households in need of health care through support and health advice.

David’s House Compassion

This center assists HIV/AIDS-infected people. They give immediate financial help, rent payments, housing schemes, case management for these affected people and provide them with guidance on how to receive government support. Dial (419) 241-9444 for more information.


The Percentage of Income Payment Plan is a service assistance program located in Hamilton County. By having suitable families and individuals pay a piece of their monthly wage for energy and gas services, they prevent homes from the utility service disruption. It is available all year round to enroll in the program.

However, applicants must live within Hamilton County for qualification and must have evidence of low household earnings. Call CAA for more details.


An economic planning association, EOPA, is giving financial assistance for rental payments. EOPA is a monetary planning association that offers financial support for rent payment. They also provide referrals and resources that can help individuals with immediate needs to get the aid they need.

The team has social workers who register for rental assistance and government funding to help households with low-income, working poor, single mothers, and handicapped. Contact (419) 242-7304 to reach the top non-profit.

For any other questions on the benefits for single moms in Cleveland, Cincinnati, or Toledo, please visit these websites or give the organizations a call. These people are kind-hearted and here to help.

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