Resources for single moms in Milwaukee and Madison, WI

Grants for Single Mothers in Milwaukee and Madison

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Single mothers often have a double-load of everything in life, which is why we focused this article on resources for the single-parent families in Milwaukee and Madison. Regardless of where you are in your life, we could all use a little help now and then.

Have a detailed look at the different awards and financial assistance programs described in this document. Additionally, find out whether the government or other non-profit organizations sponsor them and how you can apply and benefit from each of them as a single mother.

If you are looking for grants for single mothers in Wisconsin – or a different state – follow the link for more information.

Single-Parent Resources in Milwaukee and Madison


Food Assistance

Friedens Community Ministries – Despensa de la Paz Food Pantry

The Friedens Community Ministries’ goal is to provide the hungry people of Milwaukee County with nutritious, wholesome meals and food products. They are open on Saturday to support the poor (10:00 am-12:00 pm). You may visit the pantry at 1220 W Vliet Street, Milwaukee, WI – 53204. To learn more about their facility, call at 414-289-6030 or visit their website at this link.

Good Shepherd Trinity Gathering Space –  Sherman Park Food Pantry

Give them a ring at 414-871-9440 for information concerning the hours when they are open to help. To participate in their food program, you must come with an ID each as a member. Their address is at 3302 N. Sherman Blvd, Milwaukee, WI – 53216.

Medical Assistance

Angel of Hope Medical Clinic

The Angel of Hope Medical Clinic primarily offers free medical services to struggling clients without medical insurance. They are open every Monday-Friday to assist (9:00 am-3:30 pm). Operating on the First Come, First Serve policy, by fixing an appointment with the physician first thing by 9:00 am, one can get medical attention. You may contact them at 414-385-5394 or go to their location at 209 W. Orchard St., 2nd Fl., Milwaukee, WI  53204.

City on a Hill

Also functioning under First Come, First Serve, the City on a Hall provides eligible families and individuals with free medical services like checkups and eye and oral examinations. They are open from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm every second Saturday of the month to facilitate. To learn more about their free medical assistance programs, visit their website here or call their line at 414-931-6670. You may also directly go to their address at 2224 W. Kilbourne Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53233.

Utility, Rent and Housing Assistance

Milwaukee Rent Assistance Program

Only a minimal number of households living in Milwaukee have access to the Milwaukee Rent Assistance Program. By paying the balance of a house rent to the landlord after the family has spent about 30 percent of its income on the mortgage, they provide rental assistance. To find out more about their service, you may give them a ring at 414-286-5650 or visit their website at this link.

Emergency Assistance Grant

The Grant offers housing aid to single moms, couples, and seniors who take care of at least one child. They help with the payment of energy bills, security deposits, and leases that can lead to private or public housing evictions or other unforeseen circumstances. You may check their website here.

Now that we’ve covered the resources for the single-parent families in Milwaukee, let’s take a look at what the city of Madison offers its single moms.


Food and Clothing Assistance

Helping Hands Outreach Ministry Food Pantry

Just once a month, the HHOM food pantry provides food assistance to struggling individuals and families. If you are a new user in their pantry, you will need to have proof of residency and a photo ID. The pantry also renders clothing pieces and books available for selection. Call them at 608-446-2718 or visit them in their facility at 7475 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI – 53717 if you want to ask for assistance. If you want to know more about their services, you may check on their website at this link.

Bethel Lutheran Church – Bethel Food Pantry

The pantry runs on the volunteers’ donated funds. It provides registered households and citizens free food assistance once a month, Monday through Friday, from 12:00 to 3:00 pm. You will also need to call their telephone number (608-257-3577) to sign up to get help from their pantry, starting at 9:00 am the day you want to receive support. Their address is 312 Wisconsin Avenue, Madison, WI – 53703. If you want more information about the services offered, please visit their website here.

Medical Assistance

Our Lady of Hope Clinic

Our Lady of Hope Clinic is a free health clinic. They strive to provide qualifying Madison clients without medical insurance who need to get examinations and treatments with primary health services. You would first need to book an appointment to access their primary care services. For inquiries, please call them at 608-819-8544, or you may go to their clinic at 6425 Odana Road, Suite 13 Madison, WI 53719. To know more about how to apply and book appointments, visit their website at this link.

Public Health Madison and Dane County

Medical care programs such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) medication and screening are provided to Madison citizens, either with or without medical insurance, at little to no cost. Visit them at 2705 E Washington Avenue, Madison, WI 29913. They are open Monday through Friday for assistance. For more information about their hours, call their line at 608-266-4821 or visit their webpage here.

Utility, Rent and Housing Assistance

Madison County Housing Authority

The Housing Authority also administers a federal housing program called Section 8. Therefore, they assist low-income families, veterans, disabled, and single moms who need funds to pay for affordable and quality housing. Clients who are eligible for this service are given the freedom to choose any house. However, they must meet the criteria. To find out more about the service, call them at 618-345-5142 or you can also visit the webpage here.

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