Tennessee welfare and food stamps in Nashville and Memphis

Grants for Single Mothers in Nashville and Memphis

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Nashville and Memphis are two of the largest cities in Tennessee, so we compiled a list of the welfare, food stamps, and medical assistance these cities offer to single mothers. As a single mom, especially if you are a low-income employee, carrying the monetary obligations can be a challenge.

Different utility bills like rent and food have a significant impact on your income. Because of this, many people struggle to make ends meet. However, you can get the financial assistance you need by joining one of these programs at no cost.

Tennessee Welfare, Food Stamps and Medical Assistance

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers Living in Nashville

Cash Assistance

1) Catholic Charities of Tennessee

The Catholic Charities of Tennessee give monetary help to households and locals who are in immediate need of money. No matter your religion, they settle for one request or the other.

Housing, food, child education, etc., are some of the requests they often grant. You can call them at 615-352-3087 for more information regarding their programs. You may also visit their website at this link.

Rental and Utility Assistance

1) Ladies of Charity Welfare Agency

The Ladies of Charity Welfare Agency provide financial help to households and individuals. They assist those who require cash to lift themselves out of a monetary situation.

The organization does rental settlement for those in need of shelter and fails to pay, other than the cash help rendered. To know more about the rental assistance services they have within your area, you may call their line at (615) 327-3430 or visit their website here.

2) Martha O’Bryan Center

Martha O’Bryan Center, a foundation of Christian faith in Nashville, Tennessee, dispenses immediate rent assistance to Nashville residents receiving small or no income at all. You can call them at (615) 254-1791, or visit their website at this link.

Free Food Assistance

1) Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

This facility gives free food assistance to more than 40 counties, including the Nashville area. Residents and families at different places across Nashville are receiving good food. Non-perishable groceries like canned meat, canned vegetables, canned fruits, beans, and rice are the package’s goods.

Call their number now at (615) 329-3491 to know their nearest bank location where you can get free goods.

Medical Assistance

1) Interfaith Dental Clinic

Making oral health and hygiene better for the jobless, elderly, and those low-paid locals and their families is the ultimate goal of the Interfaith Dental Clinic.

The facility offers oral and dental services for less or no cost. If you search for free dental services, call them right now on their line at (615) 329-4790. If you want more information, you may visit their website here.

2) Vine Hill Community Clinic

The Vine Hill Community Clinic offers different essential care services such as immunizations and prolonged disease management to locals without health insurance at a lesser fee. Single mothers who don’t earn much can take advantage of the said services and get great discounts.

You may ask their available providers for more information at (615) 292-9770, or check their website at this link.

Nashville is an influential city in Tennessee, so it has excellent welfare, food stamps, and medical assistance programs. Next, we explore what the city of Memphis offers single mothers in need.

Financial Assistance for Single Mothers living in Memphis

Employment Assistance

1) Memphis Urban League

Memphis Urban League provides resources like computer education and current skill training. The training will give individuals the necessary skills to shine in their field. Similarly, they have several projects that assist job-seeking locals in finding jobs. Call (901) 272-2491 to join them and find the perfect job for you.

2) Workforce Investment Network- Memphis Downtown

As a community program, Workforce Investment Network assists in finding jobs and work chances for job seekers living in Memphis. Therefore, they provide specialized programs to equip the applicant well enough for what one job requires. If you seek their assistance, call them at (901) 707-8419 or visit their website at this link.

Free Food and Clothing Assistance

1) Calvary Baptist Church

There’s a local food pantry found in Memphis, Tennessee – The Calvary Baptist Church. As a result of their caring attitude, they serve groceries to starving individuals in need of food to survive. You can grab one at 3812 Kirby Parkway Memphis, Tennessee 38115. But, if you are not near the area, ask for help by calling them at (901) 795-5407 or visit their website.

2) Church of the Holy Names

Because their priority of attendance is households in absolute food crisis, the Church of the Holy Names gives different food and clothing help programs to less fortunate individuals and families in the area. As a result, single mothers living in Memphis are eligible for these projects. If you need help, you may reach them at (901) 525-9870.

Medical Assistance

1) Life Choices of Memphis

The Life Choice of Memphis provides cost-free preventive services like Women Health Counseling, Pregnancy tests, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) testing, and treatment, and HIV/AIDS testing and counseling in the absence of health insurance.

The service is open to locals and families regardless of their income. You can call them now and get help at (901) 388-6262 or check their website at this link for inquiries.

2) Church Health Center

The facility gives numerous kinds of medical assistance to uninsured locals and households of Memphis, who are earning a small amount of income. The price assessed for the contribution depends on the amount of salary acquired by the patient. You can call them at(901) 272-0003 for more information.

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