Grants for Single Mothers in New York City and Buffalo

New York City, no doubt, ranked top among the cities with the highest cost of living. This, mainly for single mothers trying to provide for their families, should really be a challenging one.

Are you a single mother battling to make ends meet in New York City or Buffalo? There are a number of services designed to support households with limited pay and people with certain basic necessities. Here’s a variety of benefits in New York City and Buffalo that provide single mothers aid.

Food Banks in New York City and Buffalo

New York City and Buffalo are home to many foodbanks giving food aid to low-income individuals and families. Their services are intended to facilitate a healthier diet for those whose earnings may be insufficient for their families to have good nutrition. Enjoy the benefits of this nutritional support if you are a single mother in New York City and Buffalo. Other than just providing healthy meals for good health, this might help single parents save efficiently on food. Many provide those in need with hot and delicious meals; groceries may also be provided. Access to run to the nearest food bank.

Cash Assistance for Single Mothers in New York

A variety of aid programs are provided to single mothers in New York by various non-profit groups. The Salvation Army, New York, is one of these groups aimed at giving various types of services to help needy households, like single-mom-led households. This organization offers services like cash grants, rental assistance, utility support through its various locations across the city of New York. Visit to locate the different New York sites.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York, may also offer those in need any sort of financial assistance. Emergency financial assistance is provided to single mothers in debt, depending on the resources available. Nutritional support, job referrals and training, eviction prevention, and many more are additional supports that they have. At, find out how you can also benefit from this program too.

Highbridge Community Life Center is a service hub that facilitates rental fees, energy bills, and housing with monetary grants. Their headquarters is at 1434 Ogden Ave, The Bronx, NY 10452. They can be reached at (718) 681-2222 by phone.

New York City Housing Authority

Through New York City Housing Authority, single moms in New York City could find a place to live. In the metropolitan area of New York, NYCHA is the biggest supplier of quality housing for limited and moderate-income families. Single moms will find the shelter they desperately need with different housing developments and programs throughout the state of New York. Visit https:/ to find out all the resources that this organization offers.

The Community Service Society of New York (CSS)

In various ways, the CSS of New York City serves the community. This group’s main objective is on fighting homelessness in New York City, which is visible in their campaigns. Rent payment grants, avoidance of eviction, income support, relocation assistance are just some of the programs that they provide. For further details, single mothers should check or reach (212)-254-8900 for queries.

Free Legal Help

This an avenue available for New Yorkers to receive free legal services and information across the state. Low-income individuals can apply for this program. A series of New York City law firms help citizens with statewide legal support. Legal Services of New York City has several branches in New York City which could offer legal assistance to single mothers. Their staff includes attorneys, paralegals, and other professionals who are ready to take up the case at all times. Seek out more at for specifics.

Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo – Since 1912, this firm has been operating, so they have a great deal of experience in legal matters. On foreclosure, housing, employment, and education, single mothers in Buffalo could get legal representation and counseling. By contacting 716-853-9555, you can book an appointment or access the Legal Aid Buffalo website at

You should take advantage of these benefits to reduce your legal service costs if you’re a single mother residing in New York City and Buffalo.

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority

This initiative provides low-budget households with public housing equipment. These families can also be assisted by the housing program to acquire section 8 vouchers. The initiative helps to cover a portion of your house rents and you pay what’s remaining, depending on your earnings. Consult, or ring (716) 855-6779 for further updates on the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

General Assistance in Buffalo

When it refers to assistance services, single mothers in Buffalo City have a lot of options to choose from. During their time of need, groups like the Salvation Army, Buffalo (716) 883-9800, St Vincent de Paul (716) 836-0011, and Catholic Charities Buffalo (716) 896-638 could help out. Cash grants, rental aid, bill payments, housing support, and even food are among the ways they can support. Need to be in contact with any of the above-mentioned groups to quickly get the necessary support.

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