Single Mothers Grants in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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This page presents programs and grants that are dedicated to helping single moms in need in the Oshkosh area, Wisconsin.

Grants for single moms in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

Cash Assistance

The W-2 assistance program helps single mother residents of Wisconsin by providing employment and cash help. Only eligible single mothers who have minor children and are ready to take part in program-related work are qualified for this program. Call the Wisconsin Works Office at 855-757-4529 or visit their website to apply for the program.

Help With Food

The Wisconsin FoodShare program helps qualified families buy nutritious foods with electronic benefits. Call the FoodShare Member Services at 1-800-362-3002 or visit their website to start your application.

Help With Shelter and Housing

The Oshkosh County Housing Authority assists single mothers with finding affordable housing or with their rental payments. To apply for their affordable rental housing assistance programs, call their office at 920-424-1450 or contact them online.

Help With Energy and Utilities

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program helps families make home energy costs more affordable by giving weatherization programs and energy bill payment assistance. To see if you are eligible for the program, call their office at 1-866-432-8947 or contact their Energy Helpline online.

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Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

The LifeLine Telephone Discount Program can provide roughly $9 monthly savings on your landline services fees. To apply, contact a registered service provider in your area, SafeLink Wireless. Call 1-800-723-3546 or visit their website to start your application.

Help With Childcare

The Wisconsin Shares program is for single mothers who are on a limited income and need help with the payment of child care services. You may apply online or call the Child Care Coordinator’s Office at 920-729-2743.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

BadgerCare Plus provides healthcare services for free or at low costs for eligible single mothers and their families. Call the Healthcare Helpline at 1-888-409-1979 or apply online on their website.

Help With Legal Matters

Legal Action of Wisconsin provides help for qualified low-income single mothers who have non-criminal legal matters. Call the LAW at 920-233-6521 or visit their website to see how they can assist you.

Legal Matters

Help From Other Groups

The Women’s Fund helps women who are facing financial problems and aims to help them become self-sufficient. Call them at 920-426-3993 or visit their website to know how they can help you.

We hope that you have found a program for single mothers in Oshkosh that best suits your need for help.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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