Single Mothers Grants In Roy Utah

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The State of Utah offers a variety of assistance programs. We’ll show single mothers in Roy, Utah how and where to apply for grants.

Grants For Single Mothers In Roy, Utah

Cash Assistance

The Family Employment Program, funded by TANF helps single mothers apply for cash loans for short-term financial assistance in paying basic expenses like rent, housing, or utilities. Determine if you are eligible for assistance, apply online, or by calling the Workforce Services Office at 1-866-435-7141.

Help With Food In Roy, Utah

Food Stamps provides supplemental food assistance to households with very low incomes. Call the WFS Office at 1-866-435-7141 or use the online eligibility calculator to find out if you are eligible for food stamps benefits.

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Help With Energy and Utilities

HEAT, Home Energy Assistance Target Program assists single mothers and families in need with heating costs. Get assistance with weatherization programs that can reduce your monthly service fees too. Learn more about the program and apply online for benefits by contacting the Workforce Services Office at 1-866-435-77414, or through their website.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

LifeLine is a program that allows single mothers to cut down on their monthly phone bills. Receive a monthly discount preloaded onto your bill under the federal program. You will need to apply through a registered program provider. To apply for LifeLine discounts, visit SafeLink Wireless website or call the office at 1-800-723-35446.

Help With Childcare In Roy, Utah

The Department of Workforce Services provides child care assistance for low-income families that meet income requirements and have work requirements. This program may help you cover the cost of childcare. For more information about the program and to apply, please call the office at 1-866-435-77414 or visit their website.

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Help With Medical and Dental Care

Medicaid, administered by the Utah Department of Workforce, is a federally funded program that helps single mothers make sure they have enough healthcare coverage for themselves and their children. Online you can check if you are eligible for benefits, or call the office at 801-526-950.

Help With Legal Matters

If you have a non-criminal legal matter, the Utah State Bar Association Pro Bono Project will assist you with low-cost or free legal assistance. They provide a variety of services that can be helpful in a range of legal issues. For more information, call the office at 801-531-9177 or visit their website.

Help From Other Groups In Roy, Utah

Catholic Community Services of Northern Utah offers a variety of assistance services to single mothers to help them make ends meet. These services include food, shelter, clothing, and payment of bills. Learn more through their website or call 801-394-5944.

We hope this page will be a good resource material to assist single mothers in Roy, UT in finding the assistance they need.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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