Grants for Single Mothers in San Francisco

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As a single mother who has personally benefited from San Francisco’s support programs, I can attest to the wealth of assistance available for low-income families in this vibrant city. San Francisco offers a range of welfare and community aid initiatives designed to uplift those in need, including valuable grants tailored to single mothers like me.

Many of these services are for low-income individuals, families in need, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Single moms may also qualify for these services and profit from them.

Find grants for single mothers in California‘s other cities below:

SF Welfare and Community Assistance

San Fransisco Community Assistance Program

This service is for people of San Francisco with low incomes. It offers a 15% and 35% deduction on water and sewer bills to the members. Those whose names are on the utility bills are the ones that qualify for this service. If you wish to enroll in the program, there is also an income guideline that your income must reach.

In San Francisco, I’ve found that the income threshold for receiving these valuable services is set at 5% of your annual gross earnings. When applying for benefits, applicants go through a thorough WISE (Water Evaluation) assessment conducted by a specialist. This evaluation not only identifies water leakage issues but also provides personalized recommendations on reducing water usage, saving you money. For more in-depth information, you can easily reach out at 415-551-3000.

DAHLIA – San Francisco Affordable Housing

I’ve personally benefited from DAHLIA, a vital program in San Francisco offering affordable housing solutions. To get started, visit their official website where they have a straightforward eligibility test. Completing this test determines your eligibility, making the process transparent. Afterward, you can easily apply through their user-friendly online portal, streamlining the process.

For listing and application questions, contact the agent displayed on the listing. For general program inquiries, you may call MOHCD at (415) 701-5500 or visit their website.

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The Salvation Army Golden State Division

I’ve personally seen the positive impact of the Salvation Army Golden State Division’s collaboration with PG&E in San Francisco through their Energy Assistance Program. This program is specifically designed to support low-income individuals and single mothers who struggle to cover their power bills. To be eligible, you’ll need to have an established residential account with PG&E and provide sufficient evidence of your financial need, including an income at or below 200% of the federal poverty level.

You will also need to give sufficient evidence that you cannot bear the expense of paying for your energy bill. An earning at or below 200% of the federal poverty level is one of the qualifications. Also, you must not be acquiring assistance from sponsored housing. For more information, you may check their website.

San Fransisco Catholic Charities Assistance

Having faced financial challenges myself, I know firsthand the invaluable support Catholic Charities provides to low-income single mothers, disabled youths, and adults in San Francisco. Their Assisted Housing & Health Program, for instance, offers crucial rent assistance to those with AIDS or HIV, a lifeline for many in our community. This program can help participants pay for their medical invoices with the Saint Joseph’s fund. They also have the Homelessness Prevention Program that aids with back rent in eviction.

The 10th and Mission Family Housing Program is a lifeline for those facing eviction, providing essential household assistance services. To access this program, visit their official webpage, where you’ll find comprehensive information on eligibility, application procedures, and how it can prevent families from becoming homeless.

Hamilton Family Center

This service supports people and families who have been issued eviction notices but do not have the money to pay. Hamilton Family Center is a faith-based non-profit institution that has been assisting San Francisco’s homeless people since 1985. First Avenues: Housing Solutions for households is one of the services offered. Not only does this service aid the needy, but it also helps keep families from being homeless.

This service provides training in financial management, counseling, and mediation between the landlord and the tenant, and they also provide financial assistance. Single mothers with low wages may also benefit significantly from this initiative in San Francisco. To learn more about the service, you can call 415-614-9060 or check the webpage.

Compass Family Services

Living in San Francisco, I’ve personally witnessed the incredible support this service provides to low-income individuals and single mothers. If you find yourself struggling with a low income and facing a mortgage crisis or unpaid energy bills, you’re eligible to apply for this critical assistance. Applicants for a Rental Assistance Project (RAP) loan without interest can be approved. Also, they may provide aid for the payment of past-due energy bills. You can call 1-855-234-2667 to learn more about this service or visit their webpage.

Larkin Street

Having faced hardships as a single mother in San Francisco, I’ve come across the invaluable support provided by Larkin Street Youth Services, available to young people aged 12 to 24. This project offers guidance and counseling, which I believe can help not only young individuals but also single mothers like me in finding a meaningful path forward in life.

But, this service is available to single mothers who are not older than 24 years of age. The program supports education, health and wellness, employment, and housing opportunities. Most importantly, they focus on the fact that more young people are selling drugs, stealing, alcohol, and sex.

The purpose of this program is to get these young individuals off the street. You can call 800-669-6196 to learn more about this service. You may also want to check their webpage.

Free or Discounted Health Care

I understand the financial challenges many families face in San Francisco, where reliable healthcare services can be financially burdensome. It’s a matter of utmost importance for individuals and families to access affordable healthcare, and there are over 800 clinics in the city offering free or subsidized healthcare to help alleviate this financial burden.

Access to affordable healthcare is a critical issue, especially for families in San Francisco. With over 800 clinics in the city offering free or subsidized healthcare services, it’s reassuring to know that individuals and families can find support to manage their healthcare expenses, a significant relief in these challenging financial times.

Moreover, some non-profit organizations distribute free diapers to assist low-income single mothers. Uninsured locals can also apply for medical and oral care from those state-sponsored health services. Also, several non-profit organizations help San Francisco residents with oral care for those who need immediate dental treatment.

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