Single Mothers Grants in Youngstown, Ohio

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This page is designed to assist Youngstown residents in finding the information they need to apply for single mom grants in their local area.

Single mom grants in Youngstown

Cash Assistance for Single Mothers

Ohio Works First provides a once-off cash loan to your family in need of assistance and is on the path to self-sufficiency. The Ohio Job and Family Services department administers the OWF program and is funded by the federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families grant. For more information or to apply for benefits visit the website, or call the OJFS office in your area at 330-740-2600.

Food Assistance for Single Mothers

Second Harvest Food Bank Mahoning Valley provides food assistance programs and emergency food supplies as part of its plan to eliminate hunger. Start your application online or by calling their office at 330-792-5522.

Help With Shelter and Housing Assistance for Single Mothers

Catholic Charities has a Housing Opportunities division. This division aims to help those who are homeless. They can provide emergency shelter and help you apply for federal housing assistance. Their website has more information about the programs. For any questions, call the office at 330-744-8451.

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Help With Energy and Utilities

The Mahoning County Community Action Partnership manages a variety of utility and energy assistance programs. These include Emergency & Planned Assistance, General Energy Assistance and 7 other types of assistance. The website provides all details and requirements. Apply for utility and energy assistance by calling their office at 330-747-7921.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

AT&T can help qualified applicants in accessing discounted telephone services through the federal LifeLine. Find more information about the program by visiting the website. Call the AT&T Help Line at 1-888-256-5378 to start your LifeLine Application.

Help With Childcare

The Job and Family Services division offers public child care assistance to eligible low-income families with children below 18. Visit the website to see if your family meets the program requirements, or call the office at 330-740-2600 to start your application.

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Help With Medical and Dental Care

The Ohio Medicaid program, administered by the Department of Job & Family Services provides access to affordable, high-quality medical and dental care under the federal healthcare plan. Call the ODJFS at 330-740-2600 to apply for Medicaid or submit your online application.

Help With Legal Matters

Community Legal Aid, which specializes in low-cost and pro-bono legal assistance services in Central Northeast Ohio might be able to help you with your legal issues if you are unable to afford a lawyer. To find out if they can help you, call 330-744-3196 or visit their website.

Help From Other Groups

Rescue Mission of Mahoning Valley offers a variety of assistance programs, including counseling programs, transitional housing, education services, and employment assistance. Visit their website to learn more or call 330-754-5486.

We hope this page helped you find the most suitable help in Youngstown in your times of financial troubles.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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