Help With Bills In Kentucky For Single Mothers

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Programs that help low-income single mothers with bills in Kentucky to lower their costs is the assistance program offered by many organizations. These services are available not only to single mothers but also to all members of the community, including veterans, the elderly, and people with disabilities. They can reduce their spending, which allows them to live comfortably for their children.

Utility Bills Help In Kentucky

The Louisville Water Foundation 

The Louisville Water Foundation

Their mission is to provide water education and assistance. The Foundation supports programs that provide safe drinking water and water education. They receive a portion of all donations to help low-income families and single mothers to maintain their water supply. 

The Foundation can help clients who are late on their water bills. Customers can get financial planning and budgeting advice from them. They can help with unexpected emergencies and prevent more from ever happening.

The Team Kentucky 

These resources are available to assist families and individuals needing assistance with utility bills. These funds can be accessed through state and public housing authorities. The Healthy at Home Relief Fund’s objectives are:

  1. Reduce the number of eviction cases
  2. Heating bills assistance
  3. Allow landlords to receive rent-back payments
  4. Arrears on utility bills should be cleared

Healthcare And Transportation Bills Help In Kentucky

The Healthy Kentucky Organization 

The Healthy Kentucky Organization works to address the health needs of the community through effective health policies, increased access to care, reduced disparities and increased health equity. They identify and invest in the best opportunities to address single mothers’ health needs. They assess the effectiveness of programs and adapt the approach to meet the needs of those most affected.

The Kentucky Helping Hands

The Kentucky Helping Hands

A non-profit foundation that aims to connect all resources in order to provide support and access for all, including single mothers. This assistance covers housing, healthcare, transportation, financial aid, and transport. They assist clients in identifying their needs and creating a plan that will permanently alter their lives. Numerous assistance programs are available, including shelter, food, transportation, and shelter.

Food And Meals Help In Kentucky

The Jessamine County Food Pantry 

They distribute food to the hungry. They offer fast and easy food distribution. The applicants must show a photo ID along with a valid utility bill showing the address to be eligible for the assistance.

Household Items And Clothes Help In Kentucky

Amen House 

They provide personal and household care as well as items for the home to those who are eligible. They provide support through cash, food and household items. Single-mom families may benefit from community partners and other in-house programs. Together, they can offer assistance to beneficiaries who want to move from poverty to self-sufficiency. You will need to have a photo ID and proof that you are earning income in order to be eligible.

The Brighton Center 

The couple manages a Clothing Closet thrift shop that sells quality clothing and household goods to single mothers in need as well as to those looking for bargains. Donations and items at a discount from other shops help to sustain the store. People in need can shop at the thrift store. Cash-paying customers are not eligible for the assistance provided by the thrift store. 

The centre assists individuals and families in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from becoming independent. The centre offers a variety of services and programs that include basic needs, workforce development and affordable accommodation. They also offer counselling and monetary education.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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