Mental Health Support for Struggling Children

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Studies have shown that adult children are prone to depression and other mental health problems. This is due to social and hormonal factors. Adult children are just above the adolescent age, ranging from early teens to about eighteen. It is only necessary for society to develop ways to support these “adult children” with mental health.

Knowing how to support grown-up children with mental health issues should be the priority of any parent, medical practitioner, therapist, and even society. There are many research-inspired ways to cope with a grown child with mental illness. These many ways are not impossible to implement.

For example, you can find an essay or book-based studies on depression and mental health for grown children. Parents can find the answer relevant to their children’s condition by checking the internet or relevant articles. Parents can read and learn better information from these resources and properly care for their kids.

This article will explain why it is vital to support adult children dealing with these emotional illnesses.

The school dress code as one of the factors influencing the adult child’s Mental Health

Hundreds of studies have looked into how the school dress code negatively impacts children’s mental health. Although there are different schools of thought, the common ones are that a uniform has fostered a sense of pride and improved concentration. 

Human beings are social and tribal. As a result, we love to identify with symbols like uniforms, badges, and flags. It gives us a sense of strength, membership, and identity. Therefore, a school uniform is an easy way to promote all of the above. 

Consider a scenario where children are free to decide what they want to wear that day?

There is a huge chance they would spend precious time deciding what to wear. Apart from this, it sets up innocent children for the perfect bullying and criticism by their peers. When this happens, there will be an unrelenting pressure to fit in at all times or look in a certain way. In a school where some kids are richer than most, the flashy dresses and expensive accessories will only leave other kids yearning for what they know they can’t have at the moment. It will either affect their self-esteem or lead to silent resentment against their parents and other students. 

Mental health

The internet and social media lifestyle children see will further complicate matters.

In adolescence, children manifest their self-expression through clothing. They see other students, and there is a subconscious trigger to either want to compete or cower.  

A school uniform will not solve the issue of poor mental health among children. However, it creates a sense of equality among people of different backgrounds, without the pressure to try to live beyond their means. Apart from this, a dress code sets boundaries and helps students to acknowledge the school as a training ground or a work environment. It also reduces the distractions associated with personal appearance, as revealed by various school dress code essays and also related articles on the internet. Those essays can be useful for students to understand why the school dress code is important, but stressful for many students. 

The desire to live a simple life is the reason why great minds like Steve Jobs, Einstein, and Barack Obama kept identical suits so that they don’t waste their energy deciding what to wear. A dress code underlines the fact that all the children are equal and helps them concentrate more on their work.

Why It’s important To Support Adult Children With Mental Health Problems?

adult children with mental health

To produce a competent workforce

Adult children form a significant demographic of any population. This means that adult children struggling with depression symptoms, anxiety, and other mental health illnesses need help. They will be the employers and employees of the near future. Any society producing young adults that have been riddled with mental illnesses will soon have it reflect on its productivity.

Mental illnesses affect the mind and brain function. These are responsible for the drive and motivation of any human being. Leaving upcoming adults to suffer these terrible illnesses equals reducing the productivity of their minds and output.

Adult children are primarily new to these conditions. They do not know how best to fight them. Society needs to support adult children battling mental health issues. This is because they will form the fabric of its future industrial and commercial endeavors.

Ensure good parenting for the next generation

Adult children are people from the age of fourteen to about eighteen. This age bracket means that they are the very next fathers and mothers. It is important to support these upcoming parents dealing with mental illnesses. This is because an already broken person will always nurture broken children.

Studies have shown that 85% of broken children and adults had broken and abusive parents. This stat predicts that adult children who don’t get help with their mental health issues clearly won’t know how to help their offspring. Adult children with these illnesses should be duly supported to break the chain of failed parenting.

Reduced crime rate

Every criminal is messed up, one way or the other. Adult children are mentally at their central developmental stage, and they get easily influenced by criminal tendencies. An adult child who is not struggling with mental health illnesses is less likely to turn to crime.

Society needs to support them through mental health issues because it will ultimately reduce the crime rate of future youths in any community. Nowadays, there are some Government grants supporting this issues!

support adult children with mental health

Eliminate substance abuse

Studies have also shown that most addicts start the journey of addiction at an early age. The media is filled with many disturbing pieces of advice on battling mental health. Chief among them is substance abuse. If society doesn’t correctly educate adult children on how to combat mental health issues, they will eventually turn to ill advice.

Most mental health patients, especially the tender ones, are not thinking straight. This will push them to use any form of quick relief that is advised or set as an example. This is precisely how substance abuse is conceived and practiced.

This is one of the biggest reasons it is important to support them fighting mental illnesses. Substance abuse also contributes to low productivity, high crime rate, and terrible parenting.

Conclusion About Support For Adult Children With Mental Health

Adult kids play a pivotal role in society and households. It is often a priority to protect their health and ensure that they have a flourishing environment. Also, an enabling environment to explore their potential and carve out a career road for themselves. This piece aims to help parents, health experts, and relatives care for kids experiencing mental health issues to live healthier lives. Different importance that comes with assisting kids has been outlined in this article. It has emphasized the benefits of raising mentally capable adult kids.

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