Pregnant with No Maternity Insurance, What Choices Now?

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Many believe that Pregnant Women are not eligible for Medicaid. The reality is quite different. All US health insurance companies, including Medicaid, cover pregnancy and childbirth. This is for women who are low-income. It is absurd to believe that pregnant women are not eligible for Medicaid.

Pregnant women can also use Medicaid facilities. Even if she applied after she gave birth, her coverage would start when she became eligible for the insurance. These services are covered under Maternity and Newborn Care.

Besides, if she is not qualified for Medicaid, other options will support them in their maternity period and their newborn child.

What are the Criteria for Pregnant Women to Get Medicaid Cover?

What Are The Criteria For Pregnant Women To Get Medicaid Cover

Medicaid is a comprehensive health insurance policy that the US Government backs. Medicaid provides affordable health coverage for millions of Americans. It is available to low-income families, children, pregnant mothers, seniors, and those with disabilities.

However, Medicaid facilities are sometimes not available to pregnant women with no life insurance. These women are not eligible for Medicaid because they do not have enough income to pay for the care of their newborn and pregnancy. This is why most women are confused when trying to access Medicaid after or before their pregnancy.

The Medicaid facility is not available to pregnant women without citizenship or illegal immigrants. These women may be eligible for Medicaid benefits if they meet specific criteria. After reviewing past mistakes, women with high income can apply for the same.

However, no matter what, non-citizenship holders and illegal immigrants should consider applying for emergency Medicaid. They may also be eligible for the charity program available at nearby hospitals.

Non Citizenship Holders And Illegal Immigrants Should Consider Applying For Emergency Medicaid
Non-citizenship holders and illegal immigrants should consider applying for Emergency Medicaid

Women who aren’t eligible for Medicaid or don’t have insurance can get additional assistance through government programs. These programs offer other benefits like food, prenatal care and energy. Private organisations can also provide financial aid to the poor. Moreover, these organisations can provide financial assistance or support for women without health insurance.

What are the options available for Pregnant Women with No Insurance?

Women who are pregnant and do not have health insurance can choose between Chip Perinatal or Medicaid. Chip Perinatal is an American service provided by many states to citizens and non-citizens.

Services Covered Under Medicaid or Chip Perinatal for Pregnant Women

Both programs provide similar services for pregnant women. Here’s a list of the services that are included in these programs.

  • Clinical visits for pregnant women
  • Vitamins and prenatal drugs
  • Services for the labour market
  • Delivery services
  • Regular checkups and tests
  • Additional benefits after delivery

So, you should check the availability of any health plans in your area.

What If a Pregnant Woman Already Has Medicaid or Chip Perinatal?

Pregnant women with Medicaid or Chip Perinatal coverage gets coverage for 60-days after the birth of their baby. However, she will lose eligibility for any other benefits after 60 days. And, she will be notified when her coverage ends.

After 60 days, the authority will contact her via text and phone. They can also enrol in an external Marketplace plan during this time without dropping their coverage. Pregnant women who have Medicaid will automatically enrol their newborns. Both the mother and her baby will be eligible for coverage and benefits for at least one year.

Is Charity Care a Good Option?

Charity care can be a lifeline for women who are not legal immigrants or non-citizens of the US. They can only get Charity Care if they cannot access emergency Medicaid. This service is available at a local hospital for these women. The law states that local hospitals and other healthcare facilities can provide services to those in need, even if they don’t have legal citizenship. Charity Care can provide financial assistance to help them look after their babies.

Pregnant with No Insurance and Don’t Qualify for Medicaid, What Next?

There are many options for pregnant women who do not qualify for Medicaid post- or during pregnancy. There are options if their appeal to the authority for coverage under Medicaid or the Chip Perinatal Program is denied.

For US citizens and non-citizens interested in the Charity Care program, the rules for prenatal care may differ from one state to the next. The Charity Care program is easy to access and does not require additional documents. To cover your pregnancy expenses, make sure you look at the plans available before applying.

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