Scholarships For Single Moms Studying Online

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As a single parent, it cannot be easy to balance out your work and home life. However, online studying will give you the flexibility needed to spend time with your children and gain an academic qualification. But how could you afford this? You already have so many other financial responsibilities. Online scholarships for female students and single mothers may be the answer for you.

These awards allow you to get your dream job and provide a better life for yourself and your family. Therefore, securing an online scholarship could be life-changing.

Also, there are plenty of online scholarships specifically for single mothers. Let us help you find the one that best suits you. 

Can I Get Scholarships With Online Study?

Absolutely! In fact, online students may even be eligible for even more scholarship opportunities! Even on some popular platforms like Coursera or Udemy, you can easily apply for financial support.

3 Excellent Scholarships For Women

The Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation Scholarship 

This scholarship is by Patsy Takemoto Mink Foundation, named after the game-changer Congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink. The foundation aims to carry out the efforts of Congresswoman Patsy Takemoto Mink, the first-ever woman of colour to be elected to the United States House of Representatives.

Moreover, Congresswoman Mink focused her efforts on women’s rights, civil rights, economic justice, and peace. (ICONIC!)

Scholarship Amount: 

  • 5 scholarships up to $5,000 annually (non-renewable) 

Scholarships Eligibility:

  • Mother of a child minor
  • 17 years or over 
  • US citizen
  • Have a low-income status (annual family income is less than $20,000 for a two-member family) 
  • Enrolled at a not-for-profit accredited university (Not sure if your university is not-for-profit accredited? Click here to find out.) 

Application Requirements:

  • Transcript
  • Student Aid Report
  • Proof of Admission 
  • Tuition Statement 

Award Criteria:

  • Economic need
  • Academic route
  • Personal and unique circumstances
  • Professional Objectives and Goals
  • Advocate or civic goals

They will give the sponsorship in two instalments for each semester. The awardee also chooses to use the money for their school or living expenses during their time in the academic program. 

Check out the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation’s website to find more information on the scholarship.

Scholarships4Mom’s Scholarship

Scholarships4Moms is a group of women that help other moms achieve their academic goals by assisting financially(we love to see it). Therefore, the founders understand how important gaining a degree to provide a better life for your family is. 

Scholarships4Moms has partnered with the private company Free College Scholarship to grant scholarships valued up to $1.2 MILLION over the past 10 years. 

Scholarship Amount: 

Scholarships valued at $10,000 are given away 5 times a year

Scholarships Eligibility:

  • Mother or an expectant mother
  • 18 years or older when you enter
  • US citizen or the District of Columbia citizen
  • Enrolled in a US college or university
  • Members of the Free College Scholarship and Scholarships4Moms are not eligible to enter. 

Application Requirements:

Excellent Scholarships For Women Study Online

Award Criteria:

  • A mother with interest in furthering her academic future
  • Your professional goals

This one-time sponsorship will be valid for educational expenses that they will award to the verified winner. However, the academically qualified expenditures only include tuition and fees to enrol the awardee to the university or college and course-related material and supplies. 

Check out the Scholarships4Moms website for more information on the scholarship.

Rosefield Injury Lawyers LLC’s Annual Single Mother Scholarship 

The Rosefield Injury Lawyers LLC’ believes in the power of education as it creates more job opportunities that lead to a better life. With this belief, the RIL aims to empower single mothers by helping them achieve their academic goals. (We love an organization that wants to empower women!) 

Single mothers have to carry the heavy weight of many financial responsibilities, and RIL understands how difficult this can be. Therefore, RIL offers two academic sponsorships to help single mothers achieve their educational dreams. 

Scholarship Amount: 

  • Scholarships valued at $1,000 each given to two recipients

Scholarships Eligibility:

  • Must be a single mother 
  • GPA minimum of 3.0
  • Enrolled in the US accredited high school, college, or university
  • Enrolled in a law school and undergraduate program

Application Requirements:

  • 500+ word essay on the advantage of returning to school and caring for your child. (To see more info on the essay requirements, click here.)
  • Agree to have your essay published on the RIL website and social media platforms if selected as a finalist.
  • All submissions and applicable documents are to be submitted via email with the Subject: ‘Scholarship.’ (email address:
  • Submit a copy of your transcripts showing your GPA

Award Criteria:

  • Academic Goals 
  • Essay highlighting gaining an academic qualification while taking care of your child
  • Time management and prioritization skills

RIL will select five finalist essays which they will post on their website and social media platforms. The RIL staff will then choose two winners out of these finalists who will receive the scholarships. 

You can use the scholarship to cover tuition fees, registration costs, and educational expenses. However, applications need to be submitted by December 5, 2021. 

Check out the RIL website for more information on the scholarship. 

Other Online Scholarships For Female Students

Other online scholarships may be more suited to your needs and goals to help you achieve your academic qualification. Therefore, be the strong action-taker you are and find the one that best suits you to increase your chance of winning one.

There are also several scholarships specifically for women.

Alternatives To Online Scholarships For Students

Are you looking for alternatives to online scholarships? There are other options to consider to get your academic qualification affordably. 

Check out other scholarships for single mothers – this may be a more beneficial route for you to consider to achieve your academic goals. Tuition-free degrees may be another option that is more suited to you.

Finally, there are several online tuition-free degrees to choose from; all it takes is a little research which is the first step to working towards a better life for you and your family. 

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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