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If you’re wondering where to begin your search for small business grants in Minnesota, you’re in the right place. The state offers a variety of grant programs that can provide the financial boost your business needs.

From the Minnesota Job Creation Fund to the Launch MN Innovation Grants, there are opportunities for businesses of all sizes and industries. These grants are not just limited to funding; they also prioritize job creation, innovation, and economic revitalization.

This article will delve into the eligibility requirements and application guidelines for these grants, helping you navigate the process effectively. We will also explore alternative resources available to small businesses in Minnesota, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed decisions for your business’s growth and success. 

Minnesota Job Creation Fund

The Minnesota Job Creation Fund offers financial incentives to new and expanding businesses, providing up to $1 million (or up to $2 million in some cases) to eligible companies to create new full-time permanent jobs and stimulate economic growth in the state.

This grant program is specifically designed to support Minnesota’s job creation and small business growth. It is open to business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for financial assistance to expand their operations and create new employment opportunities.

The Minnesota Job Creation Fund is a valuable resource for eligible businesses, including women entrepreneurs, who are seeking grants to support their business growth and create new job opportunities. By providing financial assistance, this program aims to promote economic development in the state and help businesses thrive. 

Launch MN Innovation Grants

Supporting the growth of innovative projects, Launch MN offers funding opportunities to fuel the development of groundbreaking ideas in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Launch MN aims to support innovative and scalable technology-based small businesses in Minnesota with business grants and assistance programs. 

The grant program provides financial assistance of up to $35,000 to fund research and development, technical assistance, and other direct business-related expenses. The program prioritizes supporting small businesses owned and operated by women, minorities, veterans, and people of color.

Launch MN’s business development program is designed to foster entrepreneurship and drive economic growth in Minnesota, empowering small businesses to thrive and innovate in today’s competitive landscape. 

Main Street Economic Revitalization Program (MSERP)

The Main Street Economic Revitalization Program (MSERP) is a program that breathes new life into local communities and revitalizes their economic landscape. The MSERP aims to support small businesses and nonprofit organizations in rural communities by providing them with grant opportunities, market opportunities, and financial tools.

Focusing on capital improvement for small businesses in commercial corridors, the program offers financial assistance to redevelop, renovate, or repair business buildings and establishments. The MSERP program is focused on helping entrepreneurs in underserved communities. 

Connect2Capital Small Business Loans

Consider leveraging Connect2Capital small business loans to access the financial resources needed to grow and expand your business in Minnesota. Connect2Capital offers a range of loan options and services to support small businesses in the state.

Here are five key benefits of utilizing Connect2Capital small business loans:
– Flexibility: Connect2Capital provides flexible loan terms and repayment options tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.
– Local Support: Connect2Capital has a strong presence in Minnesota, with resources and expertise to help guide you through the loan application process.
– Collaboration: Connect2Capital partners with various organizations and corporate foundations to provide additional support and resources to small businesses.
– Specialized Programs: Connect2Capital offers specialized loan programs, such as the Business and Industry Loan Fund, which focuses on supporting rural business incubators and startup businesses.
– Education and Training: Connect2Capital offers entrepreneur training and resources to help you develop and enhance your business skills, increasing your chances of success.

By exploring Connect2Capital small business loans, you can tap into a valuable financial resource to fuel the growth of your business in Minnesota. These loans can complement other funding sources, such as government grants and trade services, to provide the necessary capital for your business expansion. 

Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) Programs

The Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) promotes economic growth and entrepreneurship in Minnesota by offering various programs for small businesses, including access to flexible commercial loans, professional business consultations, and valuable contract opportunities.

MEDA aims to support disadvantaged businesses, promote economic growth, and create a favorable business climate in the state through its programs. Additionally, MEDA offers small business grants specifically targeted toward Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) businesses, providing them with the financial support they need to thrive and succeed. 

MnDOT Micro Grant

The MnDOT Micro Grant is a program offered by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) that provides financial assistance to small businesses in the state. This grant is specifically targeted toward disadvantaged businesses that are actively pursuing or supporting MnDOT projects and contracts.

The financial grant of up to $3,500 can be used to reimburse various projects that are geared towards the business’ capacity expansion or industry expertise. These projects can include but are not limited to technical training programs, website development, software upgrades, and other business plan-related improvements.

Overall, the MnDOT Micro Grant presents a great opportunity for small businesses in Minnesota’s transportation industry to receive financial support and propel their growth. 

Women Venture Programs

Imagine the possibilities for female entrepreneurs in Minnesota with Women Venture Programs, offering a range of resources and support to help you thrive in the business world.

The Women Venture Programs also provide loan and funding opportunities for eligible applicants, allowing you to secure the financial support you need to expand your business and reach new markets.

Through these programs, you can also access valuable business research, mentorship, and entrepreneur training to help you develop a strong foundation for your business.

With Women Venture Programs, you can also benefit from their extensive network and community access, which can help you establish valuable connections and partnerships. 

Neighborhood Development Center Programs

The Neighborhood Development Center Programs offer access to various resources and support to empower your entrepreneurial journey in Minnesota. These programs focus on metropolitan economic development and provide valuable assistance to individuals looking to start or expand their businesses.

Whether you have a sole proprietorship or are part of a larger organization, Neighborhood Development Center Programs can provide you with the necessary funding opportunities, tools, and guidance to succeed. From helping you develop a long-term business strategic plan to providing access to business capital, these programs are designed to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, you can benefit from their expertise by receiving advice and training on various aspects of entrepreneurship, such as navigating the commercial service and trade services industries.

With Neighborhood Development Center Programs, you can tap into a network of surety companies and access valuable resources to help you achieve your business goals. 

Amber Grant for Women

Explore the incredible opportunity of the Amber Grant for Women and unlock a pathway to success for female entrepreneurs in Minnesota.

Whether you’re starting a small business or launching a complex startup, the Amber Grant program is designed to provide financial support to women entrepreneurs. It recognizes the unique challenges faced by women in business and aims to empower them with the resources they need to succeed.

The Amber Grant program provides funding and emphasizes the importance of a long-term strategic plan for your business. By incorporating this aspect into your application, you can demonstrate your commitment to building a sustainable and successful venture. 

Grant Watch

Grant Watch is a comprehensive database that provides information on various grants available for businesses in Minnesota.

By using Grant Watch, you can access a wide range of grants that can help you with your business research and development. This database is particularly useful if you’re looking to address issues related to metropolitan economic development or if you’re seeking funding for long-term business strategic plans.

Grant Watch also provides opportunities for funding innovative products and projects and grants that can help with the cost of employee insurance. With Grant Watch, you can easily find grants that are specific to Minnesota and discover any additional state-specific requirements.

It’s a valuable tool for small business owners who are looking for financial support to grow and thrive in the state. 

Eligibility Requirements and Application Guidelines for Small Business Grants in Minnesota

To be eligible for these grants, your business must meet certain criteria. For the Minnesota Small Business Grant Program, your business must have fewer than 50 employees and less than $5 million in annual revenue. You must create at least 10 new full-time jobs for the Minnesota Job Creation Fund. You may qualify for the Minnesota Innovation Grants program if you’re an early-stage business developing new technologies or innovative products.

In addition to these general requirements, each grant may have its own set of additional state-specific requirements. It’s important to carefully review these guidelines before applying. By understanding the eligibility requirements and following the application guidelines, you can position your small business for success in securing these grants and fueling its long-term growth.

Remember to consider seeking assistance from organizations such as the Metropolitan Economic Development Association to help you navigate the grant application process and develop a strategic plan for your business’s future. 

How to Find the Right Grant for Your Small Busines

When searching for the perfect grant, consider your small business’s specific needs and goals carefully.

Finding the right grant for your small business in Minnesota can be daunting, but with the right approach, it can be achievable.

Start by researching Minnesota’s various small business grants and determine which ones are contextually relevant to your industry and business goals.

Look for grants that align with your specific needs, whether it’s funding for equipment, expansion, or research and development.

Review each grant’s eligibility requirements and application guidelines to ensure that your small business meets the necessary criteria.

Additionally, consider contacting local business development organizations or government agencies that may assist in finding the right grant for your small business.

Choosing the right grant can give your small business the financial boost it needs to thrive and succeed in Minnesota. 

Alternative Resources for Small Businesses in Minnesota

Consider exploring other avenues of support and assistance available to entrepreneurs in Minnesota, such as local business development organizations and government agencies. These alternative resources can provide valuable guidance and resources for small businesses in Minnesota.

Some options to consider include:

– Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs): SBDCs offer free or low-cost consulting services, workshops, and resources to help small businesses start, grow, and thrive. They can provide assistance with business planning, marketing, financial management, and more.

– Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED): DEED offers a variety of programs and resources to support small businesses, including grants, loans, and technical assistance. They also provide information on other state and federal resources that may be available.

– Local Chambers of Commerce: Chambers of Commerce can be a valuable resource for networking, business development, and accessing local resources. They often offer events, workshops, and mentorship programs for small businesses.

By exploring these alternative resources, you can find additional support and assistance beyond small business grants in Minnesota to help your small business succeed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum amount of funding businesses can receive through the Minnesota Job Creation Fund?

The maximum amount of funding businesses can receive through the Minnesota Job Creation Fund is up to $1 million or up to $2 million in some cases. The program provides financial incentives to new and expanding businesses.

What types of businesses can apply for the Launch MN Innovation Grants?

To be eligible for the Launch MN Innovation Grants, businesses must be headquartered in Minnesota and have fewer than 25 employees. The grants are awarded based on the business plan, project feasibility, job creation potential, and the applicant’s ability to match the grant.

How can small businesses access the Main Street Economic Revitalization Program (MSERP) funding?

Small businesses can apply through their local government unit to access the Main Street Economic Revitalization Program (MSERP) funding. DEED evaluates the application, and a business subsidy agreement is signed if approved. Assistance is provided throughout the agreement.

How can small businesses benefit from the programs offered by the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA)?

Small businesses can benefit from the programs offered by the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) through access to capital, business consulting, and networking opportunities. These programs help businesses grow, create jobs, and contribute to the economic development of Minnesota. 


In conclusion, if you’re a small business owner in Minnesota, numerous grant programs are available to provide financial assistance and support.

From the Minnesota Job Creation Fund to the Launch MN Innovation Grants, these programs offer funding opportunities based on various criteria such as business plans, job creation potential, and project feasibility.

It’s important to carefully review each grant program’s eligibility requirements and application guidelines to ensure that you meet the necessary criteria. Additionally, conducting thorough research and exploring alternative resources such as the Metropolitan Economic Development Association (MEDA) Programs and Connect2Capital Small Business Loans can be beneficial.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, small businesses in Minnesota can access the financial support they need to foster innovation, growth, and economic revitalization.

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