Small Business Grants In Oregon

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Are you a small business owner in Oregon looking for financial support to grow your business? Look no further because Oregon offers many grants and programs specifically designed to help entrepreneurs like you succeed.

With the assistance of organizations such as the Oregon Business Development Department, Oregon Small Business Development Center, and Oregon Economic Development Department, you can access grants for expansion, new product development, startups, and even job creation. These resources will help you navigate the competitive business landscape and achieve your goals.

By tapping into federal or state government grants, participating in trade development activities, or leveraging the expertise of the Oregon Small Business Development Center, you can expand your marketing efforts, hire staff, bridge cash flow gaps, and even explore international markets through export grants.

While the application process for these grants may be challenging, the potential benefits make it well worth your time and effort. So, take advantage of the opportunities available to you and propel your small business to new heights with the support of small business grants in Oregon. 

Oregon Business Growth Fund

The Oregon Business Growth Fund is a grant program offered by the Oregon Business Development Department (OBDD) that provides funding for small businesses in Oregon to expand and create new job opportunities, solidifying their role as the backbone of the American economy.

Eligible small businesses with a minimum of $1 million in annual revenue can apply for this grant program to receive financial assistance for their business expansion. The Oregon Business Growth Fund offers various resources and support, including technical assistance, business counseling, and business services.

Nonprofit organizations and qualified businesses, including women business owners, can also benefit from this program. The grant application process involves meeting eligibility requirements and submitting a thorough business plan.

Through these grant programs and financial assistance, small businesses in Oregon have access to the necessary resources to fuel their growth and contribute to the economic development of both urban and rural communities in the state. 

Oregon Innovation Challenge

The Oregon Innovation Challenge is a state-funded small business grant program that aims to support and nurture the growth of innovative businesses in Oregon. This program provides monthly grants to small business entrepreneurs with a unique service or product idea not yet available in the marketplace.

With the Oregon Innovation Challenge, you can make your business dream a reality. To apply for this grant, your business must be headquartered in Oregon and have an annual revenue of less than $5 million. The Oregon Innovation Challenge is administered by Oregon Business Development Department (OBDD), the official government organization responsible for economic development in the state.

By participating in this challenge, you not only have the chance to receive financial support for your business, but you also gain access to valuable resources and assistance with business planning. Don’t miss out on the benefits of small business grants – take advantage of the Oregon Innovation Challenge and take your innovative business to new heights. 

SBIR & STTR Support Programs

The SBIR and STTR programs offer a valuable funding opportunity for small businesses in Oregon. With grant funds specifically designated for research and development, you can access the necessary resources to accelerate your business growth.

The SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) program supports early-stage businesses, while the STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) program encourages collaboration between small businesses and research institutions.

Both programs provide grants that can be used to fund research and development activities, including the creation of prototypes, conducting feasibility studies, and exploring new technologies. By participating in these programs, you can secure funding and gain access to valuable mentorship and networking opportunities. 

Export Promotion Program

The Export Promotion Program is offered by the Oregon Small Business Development Center (OSBDC) and funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration. This program provides trade development activities and export grants for Oregon companies.

To be eligible for these grants, you must meet the Small Business Administration’s definition of a small business, have Oregon-based employees, promote export-ready products or services, and participate in trade shows.

The Export Promotion Program can fund virtual trade missions, international events, and website updates to help you develop your export market strategies. By participating in this program, you can access financial resources to support your international expansion efforts and increase your chances of success in the global marketplace. 

Small Business Internship Grant

The Small Business Internship Grant is designed to support small businesses in their efforts to provide valuable internship opportunities. By participating in this program, you can gain access to talented interns and contribute to the growth and development of the future workforce.

The Small Business Internship Grant is awarded to small businesses, prioritizing women and minority-owned companies and emerging businesses. The grant is aimed at covering a 10-week internship program. 

Along with financial assistance, Business Oregon offers business development activities and business coaching services to support your business’s overall growth.

So, take advantage of this grant and invest in the future of your business. 

Inspiring Diversity Grant

The Inspiring Diversity Grant is a state-funded program that opens doors for underrepresented entrepreneurs in Oregon, allowing them to flourish and cultivate a vibrant and inclusive business community.

This grant is part of a larger initiative to promote small business development in Oregon and foster economic growth.

Business development organizations, along with tribal governments, play a crucial role in identifying and supporting individuals who are often overlooked in the business world.

The Inspiring Diversity Grant aims to fast-track grants for women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups, providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed.

By investing in a wide range of entrepreneurs, this grant helps create a more diverse and thriving business landscape in Oregon, benefiting both individuals and the community as a whole. 

Oregon GrantWatch

The Oregon GrantWatch platform provides a comprehensive resource for entrepreneurs to discover and access various funding opportunities. It’s a valuable tool for small business owners looking for financial assistance.

With a focus on business grants in Oregon, this platform is a valuable tool for small business owners looking for financial assistance. Whether you’re in need of traditional lenders or state-funded small business grants, Oregon GrantWatch has you covered.

This platform offers assistance with business planning and information on economic development organizations and online business loans. By utilizing Oregon GrantWatch, entrepreneurs can explore various business grant opportunities and take advantage of the benefits that come with them. 

Amber Grant

If you’re a female entrepreneur in Oregon looking for funding opportunities, consider applying for the Amber Grant. This grant is specifically designed to support women entrepreneurs and is administered by the Women’s Net organization.

Here are five key aspects of the Amber Grant that you should know:

Business Development Resources: The Amber Grant offers a wide range of resources to help you grow your business, including access to business coaching services, business accelerator programs, and business classes.

Business Loans: In addition to grant funding, the Amber Grant also provides access to business loans, allowing you to secure the financial support you need to take your business to the next level.

Application Process: The application process for the Amber Grant is competitive, but with the right preparation and a strong business plan, you can increase your chances of success.

Small Business Sector Breakdown: The Amber Grant is available to businesses in various sectors, including technology, retail, hospitality, and more. This means that no matter what industry your business is in, you can apply for this grant.

By applying for the Amber Grant, you’re taking a proactive step towards growing your business and achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – apply today and unlock the potential of your small business in Oregon! 

Oregon Business Development Fund (OBDF)

The Oregon Business Development Fund (OBDF) is a state-funded grant that provides financial assistance to small businesses in Oregon. The OBDF allows small business entrepreneurs to access revolving fund loans with fixed-rate terms. This funding can be used for various purposes like bridging cash flow gaps, purchasing new equipment or machinery, or use as permanent working capital.

From fast-track grants to loans for business innovation, the OBDF aims to foster economic development and help businesses thrive in Oregon.

The application materials for the OBDF are straightforward and accessible, making it easier for entrepreneurs to access the funding they need.

By utilizing the OBDF, you can tap into the resources and support offered by Business Oregon and the Oregon Small Business Development Center Network to propel your business forward. 

Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs

The Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME) provides valuable resources and support for aspiring entrepreneurs in the state, helping to foster economic growth and opportunity.

They offer assistance with business planning, access to state-funded small business grants, and connections to business partners and establishments. OAME works closely with the Oregon Small Business Development Center (OSBDC) to ensure that minority entrepreneurs can access the resources they need for business success.

OAME collaborates with organizations like the Latino Business Alliance and Business Oregon’s Relender Program to provide further support and opportunities for minority-owned businesses.

Whether you need help with funding, networking, or business development, OAME is there to help you navigate the challenges and unlock the potential of your small business in Oregon. 

Eligibility Requirements and Application Guidelines for Small Business Grants

When applying for grants in Oregon, one important aspect is familiarizing yourself with each application’s specific requirements and guidelines. This will help ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria and increase your chances of success.

The application process for small business grants in Oregon can be complex, with various agencies and organizations offering different grants for different purposes. It is important to consult application guides from relevant agencies or organizations to navigate this convoluted system. These guides will outline the application process, including the required documents, deadlines, and any additional information that may be necessary.

It is also important to pay attention to application timelines, as some grants may have specific deadlines for submission. Additionally, when applying for government grants, following the guidelines set by the agency issuing the grant is crucial. This may include providing a detailed budget, demonstrating the need for funding, and outlining how the grant will be used to benefit your small business.

By understanding and adhering to these application requirements and guidelines, you can maximize your chances of securing a small business grant in Oregon. 

How to Find the Right Grant for Your Small Business in Oregon?

Finding the perfect grant for your small business in Oregon is like discovering a hidden treasure chest of opportunities that can unlock the doors to success.

To find the right grant for your business, start by exploring the various resources available to you. Consider contacting business development organizations or business program specialists who can provide guidance and support. Additionally, networking within the business community can lead to valuable connections and insights.

It’s also important to clearly define your business goals and objectives, as this will help you narrow down the grants that align with your business purposes. Remember that different grants may have specific eligibility requirements based on factors such as business size or your industry.

By conducting thorough research and tapping into available resources, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect grant to support your business growth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any specific industries or sectors that are given preference for these grants?

Industries like agriculture, tourism, technology, and renewable energy often receive preference for small business grants in Oregon. These sectors play a crucial role in the state’s economy and have the potential for significant growth and job creation.

Can non-profit organizations or social enterprises apply for these grants?

Yes, non-profit organizations and social enterprises can apply for small business grants in Oregon. These grants can provide much-needed funding and support for their important work in the community. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for financial assistance.

How can small businesses in rural areas of Oregon benefit from these grant programs?

Small businesses in rural areas of Oregon can benefit from these grant programs by gaining financial support to overcome challenges unique to their location, such as limited resources and customer base. These grants provide opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Are there any restrictions on how small businesses can use the grant funds?

There may be restrictions on how small businesses can use the grant funds. It is important to review each grant program’s specific guidelines and requirements to ensure compliance.


In conclusion, small businesses in Oregon have many opportunities to access grants and funding to support their growth and success. With a range of programs offered by the Oregon Business Development Department, Oregon Small Business Development Center, and Oregon Economic Development Department, entrepreneurs can find the much-needed financial assistance to achieve their business goals.

By tapping into the resources and support available, small businesses in Oregon can expand their marketing efforts, hire staff, bridge cash flow gaps, and explore new opportunities for growth. Whether it’s accessing federal or state government grants, participating in trade development activities, or leveraging the expertise of these business organizations in Oregon, entrepreneurs have a wealth of opportunities at their disposal.

So, take advantage of these grants and propel your business toward success in the competitive landscape of Oregon.

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