4 Virginia Fertility and IVF Grants

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There are low-income couples that have difficulty conceiving. The higher costs associated with treatment discourages them from starting a family. However, there are 4 Fertility and IVF grants in Virginia are available to help ensure that financial constraints don’t hinder a successful pregnancy.

If you are in different states, you can find more IVF Grants on our page.

Virginia Fertility and IVF Grants

Infertile couples in Virginia can apply for IVF grants. These grants are available to help them with financial difficulties to cover treatment costs. Grants are also available because Virginia does not require fertility insurance. This makes the treatment more affordable and accessible.

IVF is the best method for fertility treatment. It has also proven very successful for most people who underwent the procedure.

IVF Grants in Virginia – Making the Treatment Affordable

In vitro fertilisation (or IVF) is an assisted reproduction technique. It is a complicated process and requires the following key phrases.

  • Injectable hormones are used to stimulate a woman’s reproductive system. This causes multiple follicles to grow, each containing mature eggs.
  • The eggs are then removed surgically, and sperm is added to a laboratory for fertilisation. The egg undergoes constant analysis and monitoring to ensure a high success rate.
  • The next step is to stable well-nourished embryos through controlled and enhanced fertilisation.
  • The embryo is then placed in the woman’s placenta, growing into a healthy fetus.

These steps all contribute to the treatment costs. In summary, an IVF cycle in Virginia costs about $12,500. However, this does not include medication. It is also difficult to afford infertility treatment in Virginia as there is no mandate for it. The average cost of medication in Virginia’s major cities is:

  • Charlottesville – $14,000
  • Richmond – $13,000
  • Virginia beach – $11,000
  • Alexandria – $12,000
  • Norfolk – $11,000

Infertile couples may still have hope by applying for IVF grants in Virginia. This is the best option, as it covers the cost of treatment.

The Available Options of Virginia Fertility and IVF Grants

IVF is available to couples who are unable to conceive naturally. This procedure involves a series of procedures that can take 6-8 weeks. Hence, it significantly increases the cost. IVF grants are available in Virginia to help patients pay for their expenses.

1. The Race to Parenthood

The Race to Parenthood, a non-profit organization that promotes infertility awareness and education. It also helps couples who are struggling to become parents.

This organisation raises funds to provide financial assistance to people struggling to pay the costs of building a family. The applicant must be less than 40 years old and live within 60 miles of Richmond, Virginia.

However, these grants cannot be used to pay for fertility costs or adoption. For more information, visit The Race to Parenthood page

2. Dominion Fertility

Dominion Fertility assists you in your first steps towards parenthood and offers compassionate care. The organization also offers the most advanced fertility treatments.

They partnered with Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. to offer affordable financing and fertility care packages that can be used to cover the cost of genetic testing or medication. For more information, visit the Dominion Fertility page. 

3. International Council for Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)

INCIID provides a national program called From INCIID The Heart that assists couples and individuals with IVF treatment costs. Couples in need of help are provided with the facilities and services by fertility doctors.

In order to be eligible, interested applicants must first register with INCIID. They must also donate $55 annually to INCIID. The recipient must show proof of financial need as well as meet the criteria for infertility.

Each application is kept on file for two years. INCIID requires that the selected participants raise a modest amount of money. Furthermore, the review of scholarships is at the end of each month. For more information, visit the INCIID page

4. Shady Grove Fertility

Shady Grove Fertility is proud to support the Tina Q. Cade Foundation, promoting infertility awareness. It also provides financial assistance to infertile couples, helping them grow their families.

The Shady Grove Fertility raises over $600,000 to support the Cade Foundation’s domestic adoption and fertility treatment programs. For more information, visit the Shady Grove Fertility page.


IVF is the most popular infertility treatment because of its highest success rates. However, many couples delay IVF despite its success because of the financial burden.

IVF grants in Virginia offer hope for infertile couples and provide financial assistance to help pay for treatment. Individual needs are met by the grant amount. Apply accordingly to cover the expenses.

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