5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

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15% of married women and 25% of married men have had extramarital relationships. When relationships with no intercourse are considered, the incidence of extramarital affairs is approximately 20 percent higher. On the side note, people who cheated has a tendency to do it again. In this article, we will discuss 5 signs that he will cheat again.

It is difficult to find accurate statistics about how many people cheat in relationships. Looking at a variety of studies it seems that between 27-76% of men cheat on their partners. It doesn’t matter how many, cheating in relationships is a common problem. There are still a large number of cheaters in relationships.

Sexual addiction and compulsive cheaters were found to make up about 10% of the population. This number seems to be rising, possibly due to a better way to report and study this addiction and related behaviors. Most people who cheat, and even those who cheat repeatedly, are not sex addicts .

5 Signs That He Will Cheat Again After He Has Done It Once?

5 Signs That He Will Cheat Again After He Has Done It Once?

Feel Objectified More Than You Feel Loved

As with all addictions, feelings are hidden and difficult to access. Their partner will feel like an object of his desire. It’s like having sex, but not making love. Compulsive cheaters may resort to xrated videos, make-believe and harmful words.

For them, sex isn’t about intimacy. Sex is entertainment and validation. Many women who have been involved in sex addiction claim that they didn’t feel loved or cherished.

This is the opposite of feeling loved and cherished in sex. This means that the man listens to the woman and wants to know her deepest feelings. Love making is another type of communication. It also adds to the feeling of connection.

Feel Off-Balance Instead Of Feeling Stability And Safety5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

Women often describe the feeling of being pulled off their bikes by compulsive sexual activity partners. They feel the need to balance back on their bike. This is because of the lies and double lives men lead .

While men may be very adept at hiding outside activities, their mates are more likely to feel that something is not right. It’s not easy to see the connections between things and women become more sensitive to those behaviors.

If they aren’t compulsive cheaters, most men would like to address the issue. They don’t like being in a double relationship and they don’t like lying. Although it is difficult to learn of an affair, many men are willing to make amends and improve the relationship.

Feel Blamed When He Should Be Taking Responsibility

Like any other addiction or compulsive behavior the addict blames his spouse and doesn’t take responsibility for the problems and misunderstandings.

Feel Blamed When He Should Be Taking Responsibility

A woman might ask a man where he’s been. A negative response from the man can cause him to react negatively and blame the woman for being demanding, inquisitive or controlling. The focus suddenly shifts to her.

The man will often be uncomfortable when a woman lies to him. He then confronts the mistake and takes responsibility. Although it can be difficult for the partner, he will make efforts to change his behavior. It is recommended that couples seek counseling to understand the root cause of the problem. Then, they can work together to fix it. The work done after an affair can often make a relationship stronger.

The Lying And Deceit Go Deeper Than Just The Cheating5 Signs He Will Cheat Again

The woman will soon discover that the man is lying or cheating if he has a pattern. A compulsive cheater spends a lot of time blaming the woman and attacking her with defensiveness that doesn’t allow her to see the full extent of the problem.

A therapist can help you and your partner make sense of what happened. Understanding the reasons and dynamics behind an affair can help you to make sense of it.

It is a way for the man to deal with a problem within his marriage. This is different from an addiction to other partners. It is possible to resolve issues by confronting and resolving misunderstandings, resentments and communication problems. This can make the relationship more positive.

The Dysfunctional Patterns Within Your Home And Relationship Go Deeper Than Just Cheating

Many compulsive cheaters come from families where cheating was a common trait. The family of origin is a role model for hiding the truth. Compulsive cheating can lead to a rigid or permissive childhood. Compulsive cheaters are often victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse. Inside is very lonely and insecure.

Although the one-time affair could have been caused by a lack of emotional or physical connection in the marriage, the family history is more stable and allows for learning and mistakes. This type of environment leads to better chances of recovery for the couple.

Misunderstandings are often more common than society would like. Compulsive cheaters require a daily commitment of honesty with oneself and others.

This is a more complex process that requires you to look deeply at childhood causes. If both partners are open to the process, an affair couple can learn from their mistakes and move towards a secure and rewarding future.

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