Alabama TANF – Cash assistance for single moms

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Alabama provides family assistance (TANF), which offers temporary financial assistance to low-income families with children.

How to be a Single Mom with no Help
How to be a Single Mom with no Help

Income should be lower than the maximum benefit for their family size. A family of three should amount to $215 in Alabama.

Alabama’s Work First provides cash assistance to adults required to join the TANF employment program (JOBS). Participating up to 40 hours a week is required for adults, otherwise, benefits will be waived. 

Benefits will stop if there is a failure to comply with work requirements and without a good cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for TANF Alabama?

  • U.S. National, Citizen, Legal Alien, or Permanent resident of the state of Alabama
  • Pregnant or responsible for a minor
  • Underemployed with low-income or unemployed

How much do you get for TANF in Alabama?

The benefits you receive from TANF largely depend on your family’s income and size. A family of three receives a maximum of $215 from Alabama.

Alabama issued an “Emergency Health Preparedness Allowance” as a COVID-19 pandemic response. They raised the benefits to $400 a month for three months for families under TANF.

Application for Benefits

File an application for the Family Assistance (FA) Program at the Department of Human Resources (DHR) in your county.

Visit this page for a map to locate a DHR office in your county

Contact (334) 242-1310 to learn more

Application is available online at OneAlabama, the portal for Alabama’s public assistance. An interview done in person or by phone will determine your family’s eligibility for the program after application.

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