Indiana Assistance For Single Moms

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We take a look at how Indiana helps low-income families by providing assistance to single moms and dads.

Indiana Assistance For Single Moms

Lower Your Utility Bill

One of the biggest causes of high energy bills is phantom load. It is the energy consumed by appliances that are on standby mode; examples are TVs, game consoles, and laptops. You can buy ENERGY STAR® appliances which reduce phantom load. Visit the CenterPoint Energy website to know more about saving energy.

Save money for heating and cooling bills by opening your window blinds and shades when the sun is out on winter days to let the heat inside and closing your window blinds and shades at night to keep the warmth inside. It is also recommended to turn down your heat thermostat to 68°F. You save 1% to 3% on your energy bill for every degree you lower the temperature. If you want more ideas on saving energy, visit the HERS website.

Renter Eviction Assistance

If you are facing eviction in Indiana, know your rights as a tenant.

The Coalition for the Homeless is a non-profit organization that prevents homelessness. Call the Eviction Prevention Hotline at 212-776-2039 on Wednesday mornings starting at 9:30 am. To ask for help staying in your home, call Coalition For The Homeless at 212-776-2000.

Help With Food Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides healthy food to eligible households through Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT)/Hoosier Works card. The EBT card is much like a debit card in appearance and function. Call 877-768-5098 or visit the FSSA website to know more.

Telephone Lifeline Discount

LifeLine provides monthly discounts on basic phone services. To apply, fill out the application form and submit it directly to your local phone company.

Prescription Help

The Indiana Drug Card provides free prescriptions to all residents of Indiana. There is no personal information, no enrollment forms, and no qualifications that are required for the program. Any Indiana resident can access the program by obtaining a free Rx card.

Home Heating and Cooling Assistance

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides assistance with energy and utility bills. They also provide weatherization programs to help reduce utility bills. Call 800-872-0371 or visit the IHCDA website to know more about the program.

Free Legal Services

The following organization can help you with civil legal matters like divorce, domestic abuse, foreclosure, and denial of assistance services:

  • Community Legal Clinic – Protective Order Project   812-855-9229
  • Indianapolis Bar Association   317-269-1915
  • Indiana Legal Services – Free Legal Aid Indiana Senior Law Project    317-631-9410
  • Indianapolis Legal Aid Society, Inc. 317-635-9538

Find free legal assistance near you.

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