Single Mothers Assistance in Jacksonville

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These are the companies, organizations, and institutions that are willing to give assistance to single mothers and low-income individuals and families in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville assistance for single mothers

Jacksonville Catholic Charities Bureau

The Catholic Charities, a faith-based charity organization supporting the JEA Neighbor to Neighbor Program that gives cash assistance to low-income qualified individuals (especially seniors, single mothers, disabled). Visit their website or call 904-632-0600 to learn more.

Salvation Army assistance for single mothers

The Salvation Army has a Rent and Utility Assistance Program for low-income residents of Jacksonville. This program is for those with disconnection notice because they don’t have enough money to pay for the bill. The Salvation Army offers this limited assistance on a case-to-case basis. Visit their website or call 904-301-4875 for more information.

Northeast Florida Community Action Agency

The Northeast Florida Community Action Agency offers outreach programs to low-income individuals and families. They support the LIHEAP and pay utility bills for the residents unable to pay. The Weatherization Assistance Program provides assistance to make houses of low-income single mothers energy-efficient. Visit their website or call 904-398-7472 to learn more.

Jewish Family and Community Services

The Jewish Family and Community Services (JFCS) gives emergency financial support to low-income single mothers. They provide monetary help for utility bills, food, rent, and mortgage assistance. They have a Standing Tall Life Skills program to help people have financial freedom. Call United Way at 211 to book an appointment. Visit their website or call 904-448-1933 to learn more.

United Community Outreach Ministry

The United Community Outreach Ministry (UCOM) has outreach programs to help end hunger and poverty in Jacksonville. UCOM’s outreach programs: Meals on Wheels and Emergency Services Center. Visit their website to learn more.

Arlington Community Services

The Arlington Community Services, a charity organization gives limited cash assistance to fund eviction and disconnection notices to single mothers, seniors, disabled, low-income families in need. Call them at 904-743-7402.

JEA Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

The JEA supports the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund that provides temporary cash assistance to those who cannot pay their utility bill. The JEA entertains seniors, the disabled, and those with low-income and distributes benefits through United Way. Through the Neighborhood Energy Program, JEA professionals install energy-efficient equipment and give tips to lower energy bills. Visit their website or call 904-632-0600 to learn more.

Getaway Service Center helps Single Parents

The Gateway Service Center gives food, temporary cash, and refugee assistance to single mothers in need and is unable to pay for their basic needs. An interview and documentation is needed to apply. Call 866-762-2237 for more information.


The Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry, a charity institution by local churches strives help low-income families in beach communities. Those living within these zip codes: 32233, 32266, 32250, 32082, 32224, and 32227, may qualify for the program. Book an appointment and bring documentation during the interview. Visit their website or call 904-241-7447 for more information.

Rehan N. Khawaja Attorney at Law

Rehan N. Khawaja offers free legal assessment to clients unable to pay on time, assessing whether they should file for bankruptcy or go through the difficult process of not filing for bankruptcy. Visit the website or call 904-586-0034 to learn more.

Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic provides health care services, emergency assistance care, and financial aid to those who cannot pay medical bills through extended payment options and discounts. Fill out an application form and provide proof of inability to pay for medical services. Get in touch with Patient Account Services, call 904-953-7323 and 800-660-4190 (toll-free) or visit their website.

Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project helps war veterans and service members that are injured, wounded, disabled, and experiencing PTSD. Their goal is to help them transition back to normal life and ensure they get their benefits. Visit their website or call 904-296-7350 to learn more.

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