Top 5 Colleges with Family Housing for Single Moms

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For most single mothers, the thought of choosing colleges can be overwhelming because you also need to consider financial, housing, and daycare implications. Another thing – who will take care of your children while you’re in class?

Now you face the heartbreaking decision of dividing your time between college, work, and their children. And not many single mothers have the option of sending their children to daycare while they’re in sitting in classes.

Luckily, plenty of colleges have single-mom-friendly college housing options for would-be college students. These programs are custom-made for single mothers that need colleges with housing and daycare for their children.

Many experts believe that providing daycare facilities right on campus is crucial to helping single moms succeed. I think we all agree that these experts are correct. 

Here are some universities that might be worthwhile for you.

5 Great Community Colleges with Housing and Daycare for Single Mothers

1. College of Saint Mary 

Are you a single mother with a child between the ages of six weeks and 10 years old and looking to study in Omaha, Nebraska? Then the College of Saint Mary is the college for you. For more than twenty years, the college has offered the Mothers Living & Learning program to students who are also single mothers. 

With this program, you can get access to apartment-style housing. That means that you and your child won’t be staying in the usual dingy accommodation meant for your typical college student. 

And there’s more.

At the College of Saint Mary, you can also get access to free meals for your children and babysitting services. There are also tailor-made training and workshops for parents while working on getting their degrees. 

With this program, you will also find schools, doctors, and legal services for your children. 

2. Endicott College

Are you a single mom between the age of 18 and 24? The Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts, has a long history of providing the Keys to Degrees to single moms just like you. 

On top of offering to house, the program can also provide you financial support and childcare assistance for single moms working on a four-year degree. In addition, you can get scholarships and year-round housing for you and your child. That means you can stay in the on-campus housing during Summer and Winter school breaks!.

Among others, you can get assistance with childcare and babysitting services. Your children will also get free meals and participate in early childhood education programs.

If you join this program, you get an extra $12,500 just for your tuition and college fees. 

3. Wilson College

In Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Wilson College offers the Single Parent Scholar Program. Their support is perfect for single moms who need to take care of two children while studying full-time. 

With this program, there is two-bedroom housing on campus for single moms just like you and your children – you will have more than enough room for the family. 

Just imagine you and your children will get to stay on a 300-acre campus with a farm, a playground, and a creek. There’s plenty of space for your children to play!  

There is also daycare for your children while you take your classes as an extra benefit. That means you can go to class with the peace of mind of knowing your child is being taken care of on campus. 

They also give free meals for your children in the dining hall.

4. St. Catherine University

Imagine working hard to get your degree while struggling to provide the bare essentials for you and your child. Now imagine being able to go to a college that offers all these things and housing. St. Catherine University in Marshall, Minnesota, does just that.

There are all kinds of benefits for single mothers.

  • You can get access to medical care and childcare and transport and food through the Access and Success program. 
  • Single moms have access to childcare grants and childcare resources. 
  • You have access to lactation and study rooms all over the campus grounds.

For your children, there are plenty of activities to participate in, such as an after-school program, early learning programs, study rooms, and a Montessori school. 

5. Mills College

If you require specializing in on-campus family housing, Mills College in Oakland, California, is another excellent option. As a single mom and a student at Mills, you can enrol your child in the Mills College Children’s School, which has been around for almost 100 years.

Also, there is housing, especially for single moms, including the on-campus Underwood Apartments and a parenting lounge. You will also have access to scholarships and financial aid to cover tuition and fees. 

Other benefits from the college’s Student-Parent Support Program include:

  • They provide access to the on-campus food storeroom. 
  • There’s a health and wellness service to ensure that you stay fit and active.
  • You also have access to meal grants and reimbursements for classroom materials.
  • There is even access to emergency funds for when the unexpected happens.

In conclusion

We know first-hand that single-parenting is challenging and that you probably need all the help you can get. Here’s hoping you can get the education you need while having the peace of mind you deserve.

If you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for, you can check out our page with scholarships for single mothers for grants all over the U.S.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!