Connecticut Temporary Family Assistance (TFA)

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Temporary Family Assistance Program (TFA) assists in the basic needs of eligible Connecticut families through monthly cash aids and employment assistance.

Only 21 months of cash aid are usually most families with children are eligible for. Qualified applicants should be participating in Jobs First Employment Services administered by the Department of Labor.

In Jobs First, recipients who got work are to keep their salary up to the federal poverty level along with their cash aid left of the 21 months.

Temporary Family Assistance Tfa

Frequently Asked Questions about Connecticut Temporary Family Assistance

How much cash assistance will I get in CT?

For a family with three members with no income and living in the most populous region, the monthly cash aid is $698 if in subsidized housing and $576 if not.

The Husky program, specifically Husky A, which provides healthcare coverage under Medicaid may accept TFA recipients.

TFA recipients are also eligible for child care assistance until the family’s income reaches 75% of the state’s median income level.

How do I apply for cash assistance in CT?

Pre-screening your eligibility can be done at ConneCT under “Am I Eligible.” You may also apply online for TFA under “Apply for Benefits.”

How Do I Apply For Cash Assistance In Ct

You may request an application through the mail by calling


Do you have to pay back cash assistance in CT?

No. You do not have to pay back the benefits you were eligible to receive. It is required to pay back the excess amount when more cash aid was mistakenly given to you.

Families with medical or other medical-related issues that result in them being unable to work may apply for State Administered General Assistance (SAGA). You can receive up to $219/month if you live in rental housing or $55/month if you live rent-free.

You may apply for two six-month extensions that will give you a total of 33 months if you are eligible.

Visit their website for more information on TFA in Connecticut.

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