Grants for Single Mothers in Baltimore

Very recent, in the United States of America, the number of single mothers is on the rise. A staggering 80% of single-parent families are single mothers, as per estimates, of which a third of the demographic belongs under poor living conditions.

The above figures offer a sneak peek at the potential challenges of most single mothers living out there. In this article, we will take a glance at some of the financial assistance offered by different organizations where single mothers could become beneficiaries in Baltimore.

Public Works/Low Income Water Assistance Program

It would be very hard to catch up with paying utility bills such as water bills when the earnings you keep up with are simply inadequate. Due to failing to pay the water bill when required, you may earn yourself a shut-off. Public Works Assistance Programs come to your rescue. They provide programs to help those low-income households get a steady water supply.

You must be a Baltimore resident is one of the needed qualifications for application. You may go to one of the facilities listed below to apply:

  1. Northern Community Action Center, 5225 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212, (410) 396-6084
  2. Southeast Community Action Center, 3411 Bank Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224, Telephone number – (410) 545-6518
  3. Eastern Community Action Center, 1401 East Preston Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21213, Call – (410) 396-9468
  4. Western District Community Action Center, 1133 Pennsylvania Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21217, (410) 396-0893

Salvation Army, Greater Baltimore Area

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization that supports low-income households in Baltimore and gets necessities of life by providing them with food, clothing, resources for rental costs, household products, and so forth. Further, during the holiday season such as Christmas, they give presents to low-income households. For details and more information on how to qualify, ring (410) 783-2920 or check out the official website of The Salvation Army of Greater Maryland at

Baltimore Catholic Charities Assistance Programs

These services cover all financial aid programs provided to Baltimore residents by Catholic organizations, such as the Samaritan Center, My Sister’s Place Women’s Center, Anna’s House, Holden Hall, to highlight a few. All these Catholic services provide financial help starting from granting shelter to low-income earners to food and other necessities and different basic needs. The Catholic Charities, Baltimore website is at or call them for more details at (410) 547-5490.

Funds for Utility and Heating Bills

For households coping with low wages, the cost of heating and electricity may be somewhat daunting. In partnership with the Community Assistance Network (CAN), Baltimore Gas and Electricity (BGE) has made it possible for the people of Baltimore to be able to bear these costs. You may dial (410) 285-4674 to know more about the resources provided by these organizations.

Senior Community Service Employment Program

When it comes to getting a job, those who fall into the age group of 55 and over are barely considered, and this is because they are supposed to be retired or contemplating retirement at that age and are therefore denied work by various companies. The harsh fact is that men and women who belong to this category may still have obligations pressing on their shoulders and would need jobs mostly. Discovering this concern, this community service can help to get them a job. Contact (410) 261-6765 for further specifics about this program.

Free Medical Assistance

It would be almost unattainable for people who earn a modest income to receive the necessary medical treatment without health insurance. Various Baltimore health centers offer Baltimore locals reduced or free medical care. To find a list of those health centers that are providing this program, please check this webpage:

Baltimore Legal Support Services – MVLS

For low-income people, seeking legal counsel or representation may be very costly. Without having to break the bank, with the subsidized benefits offered by these legal assistance programs in Baltimore, people will still get the quality of service. To get more information about how the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service (MVLS) operates, please contact (410) 547-6537.

Baltimore Food Banks

Food isn’t something that anyone should sacrifice despite how small the earnings may be; with the aid of all these Baltimore food banks, this is something that’s ensured of.

Four of Baltimore’s food pantries available for single moms are:

  1. Bethel Outreach Center – (410) 728-2557.
  2. Concord Baptist Church – (410) 367-1117.
  3. Good Shepherd Baptist Pantry – (410) 462-5864).
  4. St Elizabeth’s Church Food Pantry – (410) 675-8260

St Ambrose Housing Assistance Baltimore

This program offers housing-related aid, starting from providing support in the form of rent payments, home repairs, as well as helping pay energy bills. Yes, with the existence of this program, irrespective of how modest your earnings might be, you can manage to pay for basic housing necessities. Dial 410-396-5555 for some more details on how this service works as well as to register. Additionally, at, clients can always use their website link.

With all the financial aid services previously listed, accessible to single mothers and low-income families living in Baltimore, single moms can get additional different forms of assistance that will be beneficial in their everyday lives, that could be very significant in terms of their limited wage.

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