Grants for Single Mothers in Miami and Jacksonville

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As a single mother who has navigated the challenges of finding financial support in Miami and Jacksonville, I understand how overwhelming it can be. In this guide, I’ll share my firsthand insights into securing grants and financial aid in these cities of Florida. I’ll also provide detailed information on key financial services that have been a lifeline for single mothers like me.

Other cities in Florida providing help to single moms:

If you’re a single mom you might need financial assistance. This is because the money to meet your daily living requirements is hard to come by. You can also consider looking at the supported organizations and grant programs accessible nearest to you; discussed in the following paragraph:

Florida Grants and Financial Aid for Single Moms

For Single Moms Living in Miami

Financial Grants or Assistance

Caleb Service Center

As a single mother who has personally benefited from the Caleb Service Center, I can attest to its invaluable support for struggling families. This center is dedicated to assisting single mothers like me in meeting the financial needs of our children. They offer monetary assistance in the form of direct cash support. You can easily access the application form on their website, making the process convenient for applicants.

Hialeah Service Center

For single mothers and households who need cash, the Hialeah Service Center offers monetary support. Until these families and single mothers can support themselves, the organization aims to give financial assistance. As a single mother or a family, as long as it satisfies the criteria to be registered, you could greatly benefit from this program. Call them at (305) 883-5800 for more details or find them on their site.

Cash Assistance 17

Medical Assistance

Good Samaritan Health Clinic (GSHC)

Having personally utilized the services of the Good Samaritan Health Clinic (GSHC), I can vouch for its importance in the Miami community. This government-certified facility provides essential medical services, including mental and dental healthcare, to low-income Miami residents like myself. To access these free or low-cost medical services, you can reach out to them at (305) 316-7444 or simply visit their website for registration details.

Miami Rescue Mission Clinic

They work with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals’ voluntary efforts. The Miami Rescue Mission Clinic offers free health care to the Miami-Dade community’s vulnerable residents, with robust support and approval from homeless residents as well. At (305) 572-2026, contact the facility or view them on their webpage.

Legal Assistance

Military Legal Advocacy Project

This project will help provide families, people with disabilities, and military members living in the Miami area with sound advice and legal needs. Depending on which of their main offices are nearest to you, you may call them on any of these numbers:

The Monroe County Center: (877) 715-7464.

The Miami-Dade County: (305) 576-0080.

Legal Matters 9

Child Development Assistance

The Head Start Program

I’ve found the Head Start Program, run by a government agency, to be a vital resource for child development assistance. This program provides crucial support, including medical care and financial assistance, to children in low-income households. For more details on how to access these services, you can reach out to them at (305) 438-4161 or visit their website.

For Single Mothers Living in Jacksonville

Rent and Utility Assistance

Elder Source Jacksonville

As a single mother residing in Jacksonville, I’ve personally turned to the Elder Source for assistance. Although it primarily serves senior citizens, this organization has been a lifeline for me during tough times. They offer crucial support, including emergency resources, rental assistance, and help with utilities. For detailed information, you can reach them at (904) 391-6600 or visit their webpage.


Jax BEAM is a non-government program that provides eligible residents of a few chosen beaches with financial support for rentals and utilities. Every 18 months, this service is made open to these people. Call them at (904) 241-2326 or click their page for more.

Food and Clothing Assistance

United Community Outreach Ministry

A Jacksonville-based Outreach Ministry helps provide people with services who are in dire need of food, mostly canned or non-perishable food. To participate in this initiative, dial (904) 396-2401 or you can also go to their website.

Mandarin Food Bank and Clothing Closet

I’ve personally relied on the Mandarin Food Bank and Clothing Closet as a single mother living in Mandarin, Jacksonville. This local organization offers free food and clothing to indigenous families and residents in the Mandarin community. If you’re a Mandarin resident in need of their services, don’t hesitate to reach out by calling (904) 292-1675 or visiting their website.

Christ Church of Peace

As a single mother who has faced financial challenges, I can attest to the support offered by Christ Church of Peace. They generously provide free access to their food store, and if you’re a low-wage earner like me, you may qualify for free meals and other hunger prevention resources. To access their food store, simply reach out to them at (904) 387-2020 or visit their webpage for additional details.

Child Development Assistance

Jacksonville Urban League

Having experienced the support offered by the Jacksonville Urban League firsthand, I can confidently endorse their unique program. This program not only provides children with essential resources, including food and health services, but it also focuses on ensuring proper childhood development. They offer invaluable parental advice and job-finding services for parents like me. For more information, don’t hesitate to reach out at (904) 721-9788 or visit their webpage.

Angel Aid

I know the challenges of raising a child facing a life-threatening illness. Angel Aid is one of the rare services dedicated to supporting low-income families and single parents in such situations. I encourage you to explore their website for more information on the assistance they offer, or you can reach out to them directly at (904) 398-4882.

Speaking from my own experience as a single mother, I understand the challenges we face. However, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Fortunately, there are numerous grants and financial aid programs available throughout the cities of Florida. Reach out to the organizations mentioned in this article for much-needed support and assistance.

Otherwise, call the phone numbers or view the web pages of at least one of the organizations mentioned in this article to get the much-needed support and assistance.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!