Central California grants for single mothers

Grants for Single Mothers in Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, and Bakersfield

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These cities (Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, and Bakersfield) in Central California provide government assistance to single moms. Therefore, if you a single mother who seeks support to pay your bills and other fundamental needs, read on.

To help ease the financial burden of single parenting, a few non-profits, churches, and government agencies offer assistance. There are also thousands of single moms and others in Central California now receiving help. Therefore, check out the list of options below and see what matches you.

Assistance for Single Moms in Central California

Are you looking for other cities in California providing grants for single moms? You can also follow the links below:

Sacramento Welfare Assistance

Energy and Utility Assistance in Sacramento

HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) provides qualifying individuals and families cash assistance to settle unpaid energy bills in Sacramento. However, access their website for further details.

The Weatherization program supported by the Housing Division also helps people and families with energy-saving programs. The 2-1-1 in Sacramento provides you access to 13 options for utility services and 9 different discount options.

ECIP is an intervention program in California that allows qualifying families and single mothers facing energy crises to save energy.

Medical Benefits for Single Mothers in Sacramento

CMISP is a Sacramento-based initiative that addresses low-income residents’ healthcare issues. Therefore, people that are not eligible for Medicaid Medicare and can not pay for health insurance. Take a trip to their website for more about Sacramento CMISP.

Voluntary Legal Service, Sacramento

VLSP is a system of free legal assistance that offers support to people in Sacramento who could not pay legal consultation. However, visit their site to learn from the whole program.

Other Assistance for Single mothers in Sacramento

A few groups in Sacramento provide various programs in various fields to single mothers. Many of these groups of non-profits include:

  1. Salvation Army Sacramento
  2. Catholic Charities Sacramento
  3. St. Vincent de Paul Sacramento

Assistance for Single Moms in Long Beach, California

Food Assistance in Long Beach

Do you need to have an urgent nutritional requirement? You can check on the 2-1-1 LA database. There are also plenty of services in this file for getting food aid from pantries and soup kitchens.

Cash Assistance for Long Beach

Suppose you live in Long Beach and Los Angeles County in particular. In that case, you could benefit from the General Relief program for people with extreme needs. They also operate a financial assistance system which you can access to give access to immigrant concerns.

Legal Assistance for Single Mothers in Long Beach

You can enjoy the benefits of the Legal Aid Foundation if you live in Long Beach and can’t manage a professional legal consultancy. However, check their site and schedule an appointment at their office in Long Beach.

Weatherization Program

When you live in Oakland and Alameda County, you may need to look at this service scheme. With energy-conserving strategies, including some attic insulation, weather stripping, and essential home maintenance like faucet aerators, window or door replacement, and other utility and energy conservation methods, the whole framework assists low-income families. Please call (510) 881-0300 for more details.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a non-profit group allocating resources in Oakland and Alameda to qualified people and families. They seek funds to address rental expenses and other obligations for low-income households, thus eliminating eviction. The conditions for qualification include proof of late rents, proof of unpaid costs, and proof of income.

Qualifying families or individuals can obtain up to 18 part rent or 3-month full rent payment. You also receive rental, security deposits, energy bills, and other necessary assistance. The subsidized sum is paid to the service provider or homeowner directly. If you need more information, you may reach them at 510-437-9437.

Oakland Assistance and Welfare

Catholic Charities Oakland

This program provides families and individuals in need of one-time cash assistance. They only give aid to fewer eligible individuals, including single mothers, elderly, disabled people, and sick individuals, due to limited resources.

They now start focusing on individuals in immediate need with rough situations or emergencies. Aid comes in the form of medical bills, energy, rent, and essential needs. For more information, contact (925) 825-3099 or visit their website.

East Oakland Switchboard

Here is an organization that supplies relevant caller information. They provide helpful information and connections to local food stores or subsidized housing projects that are accessible. Their key recipients are elderly and single parents. They strictly give aid through referrals.

Bakersfield Aid Programs

Early Head Start, Bakersfield

Head Start is a framework available to single mothers and those in need of childcare. Homes with babies, children aged 3 years and under, and expectant mothers are the beneficiaries. Call their office in Bakersfield at 1-800-701-7060 for further information or check their website.

Fresno Assistance for Single Mothers

Relief For Single Mothers in Fresno

Fresno County operates a relief program that provides single mothers, childless couples, and other qualifying citizens with helpful services and assistance. Consult their website for qualifications and more program information.

Also, they manage a temporary refugee program and a unique temporary service for immigrants.

Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission

Fresno EOC operates an economic program inside Fresno for qualifying individuals and families. Finally, you can access their website to find out their deals and other similar services for single mothers and low-income citizens.

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