Single Mothers Grants in Susanville, California

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Single mother residents of Susanville and throughout Lassen County can browse the following resources to know about different single mom grants that are designed to help them in their times of need.

Single mom grants in Lassen County

Cash Assistance

The California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs) provides cash assistance with employment and education opportunities to eligible families. To apply for the program, you may fill out an application form on the C4Yourself website or fill out an application form personally in their county welfare office.

Help with Food

The CalFresh Program is designed to help eligible single mothers to avail low-cost healthy foods. Apply online or go to their Lassen County office to apply personally. 

Help with Shelter and Housing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and programs provides housing for homeless residents of California. Lassen Family Services provides emergency shelter for those who face domestic violence. Spare A Dime provides shelter for single mothers, children, and men. Visit the HUD site to see other rental assistance. 

Help with Energy and Utilities

The Lassen Municipal Utility District has three main programs to help with energy bills: Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), Emergency Energy Assistance Program (EEAP), and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The programs provide energy bills assistance and weatherization programs. Call (530) 256-3531 to apply for LIHEAP. To know more, visit their website.

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Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

Frontier oversees the LifeLine program which helps single mothers pay for their phone and internet bills. Only one discount per year is allowed for each household. To apply, visit their website and download the application form for residents of California.

Help with Childcare

The Lassen Child and Family Resources offers child care assistance for eligible families from licensed child care providers in Susanville. Call (530) 257-9781 or visit their website to apply.

Help with Medical and Dental Care

Medi-Cal provides healthcare assistance for elderly, disabled, pregnant and low-income people. You may apply in your local welfare office or on their website.

Help with Legal Matters

The Access to Justice Center offers legal assistance to residents of Susanville. They can help in legal matters involving child custody, divorce, domestic violence, and eviction. Visit their website to ask for help.

Help with Financial Counseling

Fill out an application form online to receive help with debt consolidation and credit counseling. Visit their website to start your application.

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Help From Other Groups

United Way of Northern California provides assistance like prescription drug discount programs, the Prosperity Initiative for financial stability and tax assistance. Visit their website or call 2-1-1 to ask for help.

Single mothers in Lassen County should know which organizations provide the assistance that they need. We hope that the resources above has helped single mothers find help in their times of need.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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