Help for Single Mothers in Minnesota

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It is understandable that single mothers may find it difficult to care for themselves and their kids on their own. Minnesota has a number of financial assistance programs and grants. These types of assistance are available to help single mothers throughout Minnesota. Support is available in many forms, including grants, food, housing, mortgages, and energy bills, as well as free health care.

Minnesota single moms would have to apply to all of these programs in order to access them. This page will give you information about some programs to which you can easily apply.

Family Investment Program

This program is for single mothers and families that need help meeting their basic needs. They can apply to this program to see if they qualify for food assistance or cash grants. The MFIP will require that they meet the work and income requirements. Anyone interested can call 651-431-3836.

Minnesota State Grant

This grant is available to single mothers in undergraduate programs who are part of families with low or no income. The State of Minnesota Department of Higher Education offers this grant. You can submit your application online or call 651-642-0567.

Medical Assistance

Minnesota Medicaid is also available to single mothers who meet the eligibility requirements. This program provides medical and dental care coverage for families with low incomes. You can apply for the program by calling 651-431-2670.

Unemployment Insurance

Unemployed single mothers who meet the criteria can apply for unemployment benefits. Unemployed single mothers who are without a job due to no fault of theirs can apply for this program. To qualify, you must have earned a minimum wage and worked in the state for at least 12-18 months. Call 651-296-3644 to apply.

Child Care Assistance

This program allows single mothers with low or no income to receive subsidized medical care for their children. The Division of Children and Families of the Department of Human Resources administers this program. To confirm your eligibility, you can contact them at 800-657-3954.

Energy Assistance Program

Energy Assistance Program is available to single mothers who need help paying their bills or paying the costs of cooling and/or heating their homes. If you meet the eligibility requirements and have a low income, you can apply for EAP benefits. You can contact the EAP by calling their hotline at 1-800-657-3710 to process your application.

Transportation Assistance

Minnesota Access Transportation Services provides free transportation for medical appointments, tests, and treatments. Single mothers have access to these programs, which are funded by the state.

Minnesota Working Family Credit

Minnesota Working Family Credit is a credit that is refundable for individuals and families who earn less than a certain amount. It is similar to the federal Earned income tax credit (EITC).

Complete Schedule M1WFC (Minnesota Working Family Credit) to see if your family is eligible for this state credit. You must submit a Minnesota state tax return (Form 1 Individual Income Tax), along with Schedule M1WFC, to claim the credit. In Minnesota, you can also find free tax preparation services where professional volunteers are trained to prepare your taxes for you.

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP)

Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) is the welfare reform program of the state that helps low-income families to reduce their dependency on public assistance. Cash assistance of up to $641 a month can be provided to a single mother with two children who has no other income. This cash assistance is available for a maximum of 60 months.

Before they can receive MFIP benefits, most people must participate in a Diversionary Works Program (DWP). It is designed to encourage parents to find work and not receive welfare.

Minnesota Postsecondary Child Care Grant Program

The Postsecondary Grant for Child Care Program offers financial assistance to postsecondary students with children aged 12 or younger to pay for childcare costs while they pursue higher education.

You must be in financial need and not receive assistance from the Minnesota Family Investment Program. The maximum amount per eligible child is $5,200 for the academic year. The award amount cannot, however, exceed 40 hours per week of childcare for each eligible child.

Alliss University Grant

Scholarships are available to adults who wish to complete or start a degree. They can receive up to $1,100 per year to enroll in bachelor’s programs within the Minnesota State University System. The process for selecting recipients differs from campus to campus. For more information, please contact the financial aid department at the university that you are attending (or plan on attending).

Bottom Line: Help For Single Mothers In Minnesota

There is a big variety to choose from when it comes to asking for assistance. The federal government and nonprofits work hard to support the community they are in, the best that they can. To learn more about other assistance offered to help single mothers in the state of Minnesota, visit these articles:

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