Help for Single Mothers in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of residents and children living in poverty of any state in the United States of America. There are many single mothers that can’t even provide for the basic needs of their families. Residents of the state have the requirement to earn more to cover the cost of living. New Hampshire offers financial aid to single mothers to help ease their financial burdens. This gives them a greater chance of survival. Take a look at the programs for single mothers in New Hampshire.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

New Hampshire’s WIC program assists breastfeeding mothers and single mothers. This service is also available to pregnant women and their babies. Women can access healthcare assistance, nutritional services, and referral services. Call the Agency at 1-800-942-4321.

Rental Assistance Program

Rental Assistance is a federally funded program that’s administered by New Hampshire Housing. The program aims to help low-income families and single mothers who have housing needs. It does this by providing them with rental grants. 

Participants who are eligible will receive copayment benefits for their rental homes. You can contact the NHH office at 1-800-439-7247 to see if you are eligible for this program.

Child Care Scholarship

New Hampshire Department of Human and Health Services designed the Child Care Scholarship Program. To see if single mothers who are working are eligible for benefits, they can apply to the program. To learn more about this program, you can contact their support service at 603-271-4427.

Food Stamp Program

Food Stamps in New Hampshire aims to assist low-income families, single mothers, and other individuals to receive benefits that they could use to buy certain food items from registered retailers. The benefits you receive will be based on your family size and income. Reach the Food Stamp Program by calling their hotline at 603-271-9700.


If you are a single mom in New Hampshire and cannot afford to pay for medical services for your family, you can check if you qualify for Medicaid benefits. This program is for families who fall under the low-income category.

Visit NHEasy between 6:00 AM and 12:00 PM to complete an online application. You will need to provide proof of your household’s income and circumstances.

Electric Assistance Program

EAP offers discounts to single moms who live in New Hampshire. The Office of Energy and Planning can be reached at 603-271-2155 for more information or to begin the application process.

Head Start

The program was created by the federal government of New Hampshire to improve the social, cognitive, and emotional development of children from birth until age five. The program is available to low-income families in New Hampshire and single mothers. Call 866-763-6481 to find a program near your location.

Unemployment Insurance

Single mothers and others who are unemployed without fault can apply for this program. The program allows them to receive financial aid for up to 26 weeks and as much as $427 a week.

You must actively seek employment each week that you receive benefits to be eligible for the program. You may lose your right to benefits if you don’t comply. For more information, call 1-800-266-2252.

Housing Choice Voucher Program

Housing Choice is a program that allows residents in the state to receive reduced rent on housing of their choosing. The Housing Choice Program is different from Low-Income Public Housing in that beneficiaries can choose where to live.

To be eligible for this program, a single mother must fall into the category of low-income and be able to meet the requirements set by the Housing Agencies of the state.

New Hampshire Legal Aid

New Hampshire’s program provides low-income earners with legal assistance, information, and referrals. The program offers support for a wide range of issues, including taxes, evictions, and youth law. It also provides information on foreclosure, domestic violence, and more.

New Hampshire offers financial assistance to single mothers and residents with low incomes. You will receive the benefits if you meet the program requirements.

New Hampshire “Summer Stipend” Program

New Hampshire is ending its participation in the federal $300 per week unemployment program earlier than expected, but it will still offer “Summer Stipends”, which will encourage people to look for work.

Those who file for unemployment benefits, return to work and stay at work for 8 weeks or more will be eligible for the New Hampshire Return-to-Work Bonus. The bonus amounts are $500 for part-time jobs and $1,000 for full-time.

First-come-first-served stipends are available to those who earn $25 per hour or less (the equivalent of $52,000 annually).

Bottom Line: Help For Single Mothers In New Hampshire

There is a big variety to choose from when it comes to asking for assistance. The federal government and nonprofits work hard to support the community they are in, the best that they can. To learn more about other assistance offered to help single mothers in the state of New Hampshire, visit these articles:

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