Help With Bills In Idaho

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Basic needs are often difficult to obtain when you’re facing financial difficulties. Low-income single mothers can struggle to support their families. Therefore, some companies in Idaho have created programs and services that will help with bills to support all their basic needs. A number of Idaho-based organizations offer these services.

Utility Bills Help In Idaho

Idaho Power 

Assists customers in establishing a payment plan to pay their bills. Clients can make arrangements to split the balance into multiple payments. To assist those who are behind in their bills, single mothers, children aged under 18, elders over 62, and individuals with serious health issues, the company offers a winter pay program. The Winter Pay Program is a verbal agreement to make monthly payments so that the account does not fall behind in the winter months.

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association (PNCWA) 

Water for People is a charitable organization. This organization strives to improve the quality of drinking water services available to all. To raise funds for their projects, they organize events. PNCWA is a state association that promotes education, scientific information and endorsement of laws and programs in water resources and related environmental fields.

The Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association Pncwa

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Idaho

The Pocatello Free Clinic 

It aims to provide quality health care for individuals and families who can’t afford it. Through education, prevention, and continuity, they provide services that improve the health and well-being of their community. The Clinic provides free medical and dental care for the uninsured, as well as prescriptions and labs.

Help With Transportation And Food Bills In Idaho

Valley Regional Transit 

Public transportation authority, which manages a range of transportation services such as bus transit, paratransit and park and ride. They collaborate with various government agencies and organizations to create affordable and accessible options.

The Hunger Coalition 

A food pantry is available. They provide food distribution four days per week. Mothers with children who are single and in need of food assistance can receive three weekly food distributions. They also provide supplementary groceries. You do not need to have any qualifying documentation in order to gain access.

This organization strives to provide healthy foods for families and individuals in crisis. They offer nutrient-rich foods that are culturally appropriate, have caloric needs, and have lifestyle considerations. They let people choose the foods that suit their needs.

Household Items And Clothes Help

Household Items And Clothes Help

The Birthright Organization 

They help women who have unplanned pregnancies be supported. Women in need can access a variety of services from Birthright. They offer essentials like baby items, pregnancy testing and housing.

The Guest House 

It is a Free Clothing Distribution Center that helps those in need. Single mothers can get clothing free of charge for their children and babies. You can choose from a range of clothing, shoes, accessories, and purses. 

Each week the clothing distribution takes place once per week. Each person can choose 6 clothes items and 1 accessory. Accessories include shoes, socks, ties and purses. They are available once per month. A request is required to access work clothes, maternity clothing, or sizes that are difficult to find.

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