Help With Bills In Hawaii

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Last Updated on January 30, 2024 by Lori Pace

A few organizations offer utility assistance to single mothers in financial distress. These organizations are there to assist families and individuals in financial need. These services can significantly lower the cost of living, and single mothers can enjoy a comfortable life. We will be discussing some of these organizations which help single moms with bills in Hawaii as well as how to access their assistance programs.

Utility Bills Help In Hawaii

Hawaiian Electric 

Many programs provide electrical bill assistance in the form of financial grants to families in need. Low-income single mothers can arrange payment options and other services to help them manage their monthly payments. These programs will help those in greatest need. The service provider has partnered up with businesses and nonprofits.

Hawaii Energy 

Helps individuals and families save money on heating. They teach single mothers how to make the best, most economical improvements. You can also get financial assistance in the form of discounts for materials, equipment, and labor to install insulators. There will be an analysis of your facility free to determine where most energy is used. They can then reduce their electricity bills in a matter of months.

Hawaiian Electric

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Hawaii

Help, Understanding and Group Support (HUGS)

A non-profit organization that helps families overcome the challenges they face. They offer financial and emotional support for those who need it. They assist single mothers in caring for their chronically ill kids. HUGS provides financial assistance, hospital visits, peer support activities and referrals to community resources. It also covers emergency airfare.

Transportation Bills Help In Hawaii

Hawaii Transport Services (HTS) 

They provide door-to-door assistance. They can also assist those who are in a wheelchair or need gurney services. All the necessary safety straps and seat belts are included in the wheelchair- and gurney-accessible van.

Hawaii Transport Services Hts

Food And Meals Help

Aloha Harvest

The non-profit organization collects excess food and distributes it among the many social service agencies that help feed the hungry. These agencies could be food banks, pantries, or any other organization that provides food assistance for Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders.

Household Items And Clothes Help

The Honolulu Habitat for Humanity 

The Honolulu ReStore is a non-profit store that sells home improvements. The store sells furniture, appliances, and building materials. Habitat uses the profits of the store to finance its work to preserve and rebuild homes for low-income, hard-working families. ReStore helps keep the island’s streets and landfills clean by repurposing or reusing used items.

Assistance League of Hawaii 

This non-profit organization conducts philanthropic programs throughout Hawaii. The thrift shop is their main source of financing for all the programs they run. They sell clothes for children, men, and women, as well as shoes and accessories.

The Bella Project 

For underprivileged high school girls, we provide gently used prom dresses and accessories. Donors, volunteers, individuals and corporate partners provide support for the organization. Every year, hundreds of Bella Project girls from military and low-income high schools are helped by the organization. 

Any high school girl is eligible to receive assistance if she is unable or unwilling to purchase her prom dress. Proof of financial need is not required. There are guidelines that applicants must follow.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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