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Nevada single moms are constantly fighting for their survival and the care of their children. It can be difficult for single moms to pay their utility bills on time. We’ve compiled a list of organizations and programs that can help them pay their utility bills on a monthly basis in Nevada.

Utility Bills Help In Nevada

The Nevada Energy Assistance 

This program helps residents pay their energy bills. This program covers electricity, fuel, and gas. They work closely with utility companies and credit all eligible candidates’ utility accounts with an amount equal to one year of electric bill payments. You will get a larger benefit the more people live in your home. You must be a Nevada resident to be eligible.

The Nevada Energy Assistance

The Nevada Energy Assistance Program

The Nevada Energy Assistance program is intended to help single mothers and low-income citizens in Nevada. This program is particularly useful when it comes to heating bills, as they can spike when temperatures drop low. Existing participants in other programs, such as Medicaid or SNAP, automatically become eligible.

Call Fresh Project

The CALL FRESH program offers nutritious food from select retailers throughout the state. You can apply for the food stamp if your income is below the income limit, you are unemployed, or if there is a legal immigrant. Program administrators will also consider the size of your household, as well as whether there are any minors in the household.

Healthcare Bills Help In Nevada

Medicaid Program and Nevada Check Up

The Medicaid program caters to low-income families, with a special focus on homes with under-18-year-olds. All hospital stays and doctor visits are covered as long as they are not used for cosmetic purposes. Nevada Check Up is a program that provides healthcare assistance to those who aren’t eligible for Medicaid.

Household Items And Clothing Help In Nevada

Al’s Closet supplies

Al’s Closet Supplies have second-hand clothing available for every age group, even toddlers. This is the perfect place for single mothers to shop for season-appropriate clothing and school supplies. You can also get brand-new school supplies through the program. The items are delivered directly to schools, but there are also thrift shops where people can get all the items they need. Each school receives approximately $1500 of supplies through the AL’s closet aid project.

Als Closet Supplies

Salvation Army

Household items, such as bedding and chairs, are just as important as clothing. They can be expensive, so the Salvation Army has a thrift shop that sells household items. However, priority will be given to those who are in an emergency.

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Lori Pace

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