How to File for Unemployment

How to Avail Unemployment Benefits

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Who can apply, and how do I even file an unemployment claim? Although being laid off at work may not be desirable, single moms and families on a fixed income may be eligible for unemployment insurance. However, only if they cannot work due to no fault of their own.

On this page, we’ll go through the basics of the program, show you what advantages it can offer, and walk you through the process of submitting a UI claim to qualify for assistance.

Unemployment Benefits Overview:

Suppose you are a single mother who has lost her job due to no fault of your own and meet the state’s eligibility criteria. In that case, the Unemployment Insurance Program will help you.

Both payments paid out as part of an unemployment petition are taxable, which means you must declare all benefits earned as part of your income tax return. You’ll receive unemployment insurance from the state where you worked, and the state will decide whether you’re eligible for benefits and how much you’ll receive.

The number of weeks you will obtain compensation from your state can vary depending on how long you were previously working. Your previous earnings also figure into the number of weekly benefits you’ll get. The UI requirements for staff eligible for assistance are a maximum of 26 weeks.

Unemployment benefits usually s $300 per week, but this varies depending on prior wages. State law seeks to eliminate half of your previous earnings. This ranges from approximately 33.9 percent in Alaska to roughly 54.3 percent in Hawaii.

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How to File an Unemployment Claim:

You’ll need to submit an application for unemployment benefits to the local State Unemployment Insurance Office.

Contact Information:

Using the online locator app, you can find your nearest Unemployment Insurance Office’s contact information.

Suppose you have any questions about Unemployment Insurance Fund compensation. In that case, you can contact the Work and Training Administration of the United States Department of Labor by sending an email to or calling the office at 877-872-5627.

The Unemployment Insurance Program benefits for single mothers are on this list. We hope that this page helps families and single mothers in low-income areas throughout the United States. Unemployment insurance will make the pain of being unemployed a little easier before you can find suitable work again.

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