How to Get Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

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A reliable vehicle is an essential necessity for many people. For those with limited financial resources, it is impossible to buy a car or repair the one that you already have. So, how can single moms and low-income families get free cars?

Organizations That Donate Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families | Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families is the free car division of 1-800-Charity Cars. This non-profit organization accepts donations of vehicles that can be donated to families in need. Oprah, Good Morning America, and People magazine have featured the organization. More than 9,000 cars have been donated by the company.

Qualifications For a Donated Car:

Free Charity Cars donates donated cars all over the United States to people in need such as:

Qualifications For A Donated Car
  • Victims of domestic violence
  • The medically fragile
  • Victims of natural catastrophes
  • Transitioning families from public assistance to employment
  • Families who live in shelters for transitional living
  • The working poor
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Families of military personnel

If you are interested in applying to Free Charity Cars for a car, please complete the form. You’ll have to also be and have the following:

  • U.S. resident
  • 18 years old
  • A valid driver’s license
  • At or below 200% the federal poverty level
  • You have a real need for a vehicle
  • Access to internet and a computer
  • You have the financial resources to pay for tags and title, emissions, insurance, etc.

Cars 4 Heroes | Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

Cars 4 Heroes, a registered non-profit, provides free vehicles for veterans, active-duty military, and first responders, as well as their families, if they don’t have the means. Terry Franz and Mike Van Noy, used car business owners, founded the charity in 1996 with the Cars 4 Christmas program. Six cars were given away that year. 

Through Cars 4 Heroes, the charity gives away between 200-300 cars each year. Every Monday, charity officials announce the recipients of vehicles on FM 101 The Fox in Kansas City. The organization also opens the program to the public at Christmas.

Qualifications For a Donated Car:

If you are interested in applying to Cars 4 Heroes for a free vehicle, please visit the website. The following information is required for the application:

  • Contact information and name
  • Service and military status
  • Honors and discharge
  • Photo of military ID
  • Information about your need

Good News Garage | Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

Good News Garage has donated 5,500 cars to Vermonters and Massachusetts residents since 1996. The charity is expanding to New Hampshire. GuideStar reports that the charity is part Of Ascentria Care Alliance and Lutheran Community Services.

Qualifications For a Donated Car:

In partnership with the Department of Children and Families, the program grants vehicles to Vermont residents and Massachusetts residents through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

Vehicles for Change | Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

Vehicles for Change has been providing 7500+ cars for those in need in Maryland or Virginia since 1999. The charity does not give cars away for free. GuideStar verifies that the charity sells used cars for $700. Then, it offers a low-interest 12-month loan to the family or individual, which helps them build credit.

Qualifications For a Donated Car:

Maryland and Virginia residents must apply for sponsorship and comply with the following requirements to be eligible:

  • Maryland and Virginia residents
  • Referred by one the listed sponsoring agencies
  • Must have a job offer that is verifiable or you will be working at least 30 hour a week
  • Driver’s license in the state where you live
  • Insurance (no DUIs or DWIs).
  • ust not have another vehicle in your household
  • Drug-free is the best policy.
  • Capable to pay fees for taxes, tags and title (approximately $500 additional).
  • Must have children if you are less than 25 years old
  • Your sponsoring agency may require you to meet additional criteria

Wheels for Work/Wheels to Work Programs

Many Wheels for Work programs are available across the country. You can search Google for “wheels to work near me” to find programs in your area. These programs are more likely to connect people in need of reliable and affordable transportation than they are to give away cars.

Qualifications For a Donated Car:

You can search online for local programs to find potential applicants. To determine eligibility, review the guidelines and qualifications for each program.

Other Help to Get Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

Working Cars for Working Families

Other Help To Get Free Cars For Single Moms And Low Income Families

The National Consumer Law Center’s Working Cars For Working Families program provides support for low-income families as well as the charities that assist them with transportation.

How do they help?

  • To stop financial abuse and car sales, it is important to improve consumer protection
  • Encourages non-profit efforts to provide cars and financing for those in need
  • Data and analysis about car ownership and working families.

On its website, the organization publishes a complete list of national find-a-car programs.


The church has been a source of help for many people, and low-income families have found assistance in transportation. Catholic Charities USA offers a vehicle donation program to help those who are unable to afford a vehicle. Some churches offer car repair and vehicle loans.

What are some other faith-based organizations that can help with Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families?

Search for local chapters of these faith organizations and inquire about help with vehicles:

  • United Methodist Church
  • Jewish Federation of North America
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Episcopal Church
  • Knights of Columbus
  • The Salvation Army

Local Car Dealerships

Although car dealerships are not charitable nonprofit organizations, many offer promotional events and give-aways, particularly around the holidays. For someone who is in dire need of a vehicle, these events can prove to be a great success.

Talk to representatives of local dealerships or small car lot owners to learn more about the opportunities they have for community and charitable events, and what cars they are willing to give up in exchange for little money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free Cars for Single Moms and Low-income Families

How can I get a car with no money?

1800FreshStart is a marketplace that offers auto loans. 1800FreshStart offers a high-quality service.

  • Better Business Bureau rating A+
  • APRs start at 1.74%
  • Refinance or buy a car
  • Buyers with low credit or no credit or those who have been through bankruptcy are eligible
  • Get an auto loan in as little as 90 seconds

The best way to decide your car-buying capability is to have a realistic budget. All details such as a trade-in price, credit score, and other factors should be considered. You can read more about this below. To raise funds, you might consider selling unwanted items, such as jewelry and clothing on consignment or household items at a Pawnshop.

How can single moms get a free car from the government?

Some grant programs may be able to help people purchase a car. provides information about government programs that are available to low-income individuals and families. It is possible to get income from certain programs such as child care assistance and it can be used towards a car loan.

Can Goodwill help me get a car?

Low-income people can purchase a car through Goodwill Wheels for Work. They will receive low interest payments and no monthly payments. However, the program is not available to all residents. Those interested should contact Goodwill Industries Headquarters.

What You Should Do If You’re Not Eligible for Free Car for Single Moms and Low-income Families

It’s not as simple as walking into a dealership, picking a car and then grabbing the keys. This is especially true for first-time car buyers. Here are some things to do as you begin the car-buying journey.

1. Determine If You Can Afford A Car.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy a new car, replace an old one, or find a vehicle that fits your needs. It is important to determine how much you can afford to drive a car.

First, you need to calculate your car’s affordability. Take the following into consideration:

  • Monthly payment
  • Deposit payment
  • Your current car can be traded in for a higher value
  • Sales tax
  • Interest rate
  • Payout term length
  • Price of vehicle

Knowing your budget is an important part of buying the car you desire. Consider asking yourself: “How much car loan am I able to afford?” You may also want to consider purchasing without financing, which is a great option for cheaper cars.

2. Get Your Credit Score

The most difficult part of many people’s lives is finding a loan to finance a vehicle. It’s not hard to see that financing a car is both an art and a science. It is a good idea for everyone to check their credit scores regularly, but it is even more important before you start the car-buying process.

Even those with bad credit are able to get a car loan, unlike mortgages and credit cards. Low credit scores will result in higher interest rates and you’ll pay more.

3. Should you finance a car purchase or pay cash?

Deciding whether to finance or pay cash for a car. Think about this: How much cash do you have? Although this may sound obvious, the real question is: Can you afford to buy a car with cash? Even if you purchase a vehicle for $7,000 with no loan, it is possible to spend time and money on repairs and maintenance.

4. Do Your Car Research

Before you visit a dealership or respond to any online ads about cars for sale, make sure you know the exact invoice price for the car(s). The dealer pays the manufacturer the invoice price for the car. Dealerships add thousands to the invoice price in order to make a profit. However, unless you are looking for a new or highly-regarded model, it is possible to negotiate a lower price than what you paid.

These services can help you with your research.

  • TrueCar: TrueCar Price Reports provide information about the prices that other people have paid for the same car in your local area. You can print them out and show the salesperson. It’s free.
  • Kelley Blue Book: This database of vehicle resources can help you price and research the car you are interested in, regardless of whether it’s new or used. allows you to see what other people have paid and gives you an estimate of what you should pay. It’s completely free to search prices.
  • CarFax: Private owners and dealers have a tendency not to disclose the entire car’s history. Enter the VIN number of your car or license plate information and CarFax will give you access to all details, including accident history, services, repairs, recall info, and more. This will allow you to make informed decisions. CarFax reports are sometimes provided by dealers at no charge.

5. How Do I Negotiate A Car Price?

Negotiating the price for the car you’ve chosen can be daunting. These are some tips to ensure you get the best deal on the car you want.

  1. Before you go to the negotiation table, make sure that you have secured an online lender. Once a dealer has made an offer, you can compare your hard budget and interest rates.
  2. When financing a car, make sure to ask about Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). GAP insurance is good for covering any unpaid costs if your car is totaled.
  3. CarFax is a website that allows you to search for used cars, perform background checks on the VIN and offer a price that is 100% negotiable.
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